Lieberman Considering Offer to Appear in Next Star Wars Film
by Dood Abides
"Meesa say L am for Leebeeman"

Hollywood, CA (O! Online) - Lieberman campaign officials this weekend confirmed that talks were underway with LucasFilms inc. to have the Connecticut senator make a transition to the big screen should he fail in his August primary election bid and his subsequent independent quest to retain his US senate seat. Lieberman would have a starring role in George Lucas' latest addition to the Star Wars family of films, a prequel remake to his two previous successful trilogies which is entitled: "Revenge of the Menacing Phantom Left-Wing Blogs".

"Scary bad things happen when weesa changin direction"

Lieberman would play a re-vamped character named Joe-Joe Finx, a comic relief to the evil emperor who has appeared throughout the series. Many right-wing extremist Republicans in power currently in Washington have leveled criticism at Lucas for what they perceive as blatant and unpatriotic parodying of the current Bush administration throughout his popular series of films.

"Deesa Emperor heesa notso bad guy"

Lieberman campaign headquarters cautioned Connecticut voters against reading too much into the negotiations at this point, stating that Lieberman has every intention of sweeping past opponent Ned Lamont in the fall primary and retaining his seat. "We could not help but notice how successful the senator's former running mate Al Gore has been with his own venture into Hollywood," said a campaign spokesperson. "Just look at what "The Terminator" did for Governor Schwarzenegger in California. This is just a sort of hedging of bets, and it may well pay off with more sympathetic name recognition even before the election."

"Meesa havin bad feelin deesa fightin..."

The Lieberman campaign scoffed at the notion that the proposed character bore an uncanny resemblance to Jar-Jar Binx, whom Star Wars fans have dubbed as one of the worst failures from the creative mind of George Lucas. "This will work," a spokesperson stated, "There's a huge difference here... the senator is a funny guy, he's got a great sense of humor."

"Meesa no surrenderin! Meesa no surrenderin!"

The role, however, does not seem to be a done deal for Mr. Lieberman. Two dedicated groups of "fringe element" Star Wars fans called "Friends of the Gungans" and the "Anti-Gungan Defamation League" have already begun circulating a petition demanding that Senator Lieberman withdraw his name for consideration for the role, stating that his appearance in the film would create an irreparable rift in the fragile alliance between the minority Jar-Jar Binx supporters and the majority detractors.

LucasFlims refused comment for this piece.

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