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Dominus Noster

Dominus resides near 36.175N 115.136W

Dominus Noster 's Stories

2011-02-17     Congressman Dean Heller unveils anti-Sharron Angle campaign ad

2011-01-22     Sharron Angle blasts Harry Reid for giving John Ensign Viagra

2011-01-09     Sharron Angle launches Tea Party PAC fundraising bid

2010-12-27     Dominus Noster launches the Draft Satan Sharron Angle and Satan Sarah Palin PAC

2010-12-20     Idiot Michele Bachmann lands slot on intel panel

2010-10-31     Congresswoman Dina Titus blasts Las Vegas tourism industry

2010-10-23     Sharron Angle calls work theft

2010-09-03     Congresswoman Dina Titus hates people

2010-08-31     $1,000,000 reward offered for capturing Sharron Angle

2010-08-07     Sharron Angle: The Biblical case against women serving in the U.S. Senate

2010-07-30     Sharron Angle fulfilling her patriotic duty

2010-07-25     Sharron Angle says unemployed have outlived their usefulness

2010-07-14     Sharron Angle declares candidacy against Robert Bennett

2010-07-12     Sharron Angle pledges to crack down on illegal immigration

2010-07-09     President Barack Obama and Mayor Oscar Goodman make up

2010-07-09     U.S. senatorial candidate Sharron Angle to debate herself

2010-07-05     Angle: 'I'm not Sharron Angle'

2010-07-02     Karl Rove to investigate Vice President Al Gore

2010-06-27     Osama bin Laden endorses Sharron Angle

2010-06-08     Sue Lowden to buy U.S. Senate seat

2010-05-27     Nevada senatorial candidate Sue Lowden condemns actor Tom Cruise

2010-05-17     Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian, Sharron Angle, John Chachas, and Bill Parson weigh in on brown people control

2010-05-10     Danny Tarkanian proposes supporter barter with Sue Lowden

2010-04-30     Senatorial candidate Danny Tarkanian proposes new policy: 'Rodent bartering' with the IRS

2010-04-01     Nevada Republican Party to field candidates in phantom districts

2010-03-05     Robert Uithoven, Sue Lowden's campaign manager, launches new GOP consulting firm

2010-01-02     Congresswoman Dina Titus urges constituents to print their own money

2009-12-17     Ben Bernanke bails out Time Magazine

2009-11-25     Recovery.gov breaks Google Maps with fake Congressional districts

2009-11-12     Nidal Malik Hasan hired by Department of Veterans Affairs

2009-11-05     Ft. Hood gunman Nidal Malik Hasan accused of practicing psychiatry

2009-09-07     President Obama, does healthcare plan cover breast implants?

2009-06-26     Mark Sanford denies allegations of being a politician

2009-06-25     Republicans hold press conference to admit adulterous affairs

2009-06-19     USS John McCain in battle with USS Barack Obama

2009-04-19     Dallas Federal Reserve Bank President Richard Fisher asks China to buy U.S. toilet paper

2009-02-20     New York Governor David Paterson to tax sex


2009-02-03     FDA to regulate toxic assets

2009-02-01     T. Geithner arrested for peddling junk bonds

2009-01-24     Ben Bernanke vows to make inefficiency clear the market

2009-01-23     Unconfirmed Sources wins bailout money

2009-01-14     Federal Reserve Tycoon: the game

2008-12-31     Governor Rod Blagojevich can't appoint Burris says Ben Bernanke

2008-12-17     Global warming strikes the United States

2008-12-14     Bernard Madoff appointed Commissioner of Social Security Administration

2008-12-11     President-elect Barack Obama vows to save money by spending more

2008-12-07     Barack Obama vows to crackdown on the Amish

2008-12-06     Unconfirmed Sources asks Congress for a bailout

2008-12-03     Ben Bernanke admits to being influenced by sim video games

2008-12-01     Lori Drew fired from Unconfirmed Sources

2008-11-30     Congress to fix economic crisis by outlawing poverty

2008-11-30     Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson: $20 trillion more or NorthCom will nuke a city

2008-11-28     My love letter to Ben Bernanke

2008-11-21     President-elect Barack Obama urges bailout of horse and buggy industry

2008-11-10     President-elect Barack Obama vows to enslave white people

2008-10-18     Ben Bernanke: 'Economy is recovering'

2008-10-02     Senate passes bill to bailout rescue Las Vegas gamblers

2008-09-24     Treasury Secretary Paulson announces porn industry bailout

2008-08-22     Department of Veterans Affairs hires Hiu Lui Ng's nurse

2008-08-15     Al Qaeda releases Alex Jones video

2008-08-15     President George W. Bush vows to ensure 'no election fraud'

2008-08-15     Know a possible al Qaeda sympathizer? Turn them in!

2008-07-08     2008 presidential election results leaked

2008-02-22     John McCain denies allegations that he is a politician

2008-02-21     Raze their homes, President Bush

2007-12-26     Ron Paul polling very low

2007-11-26     Secret Service-FBI raid Second Life's HQ, seizing all Lindens

2007-10-07     Ron Paul detained by Homeland Security, launches new phase of fundraising

2007-09-15     FOX News explains gayness and lesbianism

2007-07-23     President George W. Bush signs Executive Order, freezing his own assets

2007-07-18     UCS editors unanimously conclude: 'bin Laden is a wind-up doll'

2007-07-18     Iraqi government announces Iraqi troop withdrawal from Iraq

2007-07-16     Bush administration to use loyalty oaths

2007-07-13     President George W. Bush signs the J.D. Hayworth Suicide Prevention Act of 2007

2007-07-11     Vice President Dick Cheney: 'I run the Supreme Court, too'

2007-06-25     President George W. Bush creates policy to dishonorably discharge everybody against him

2007-05-23     Letters to the Editor

2007-05-17     Rudy Giuliani admits to hearing voices: "That's why I said all that to Ron Paul"

2007-05-11     Paris Hilton confesses to rigging polls for Congressman Ron Paul

2007-04-29     Randall Tobias nude photos released by D.C. Madame Deborah Jeane Palfrey

2007-04-20     American Pedophilic Association accused of practicing psychiatry

2007-03-17     Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confesses to everything; Hoffa murder solved

2007-03-02     Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Responds to Herself

2007-01-15     Soylent Green BioFuel Co. wins Arlington National Cemetery maintenance contract

2006-10-15     Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs James Nicholson gives accolades to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

2006-10-08     House Speaker Dennis Hastert probed Mark Foley in 2001

2006-10-07     Dennis Hastert to be Waterboarded for answers

2006-10-06     Dennis Hastert: 'Foley scandal is the fault of liberals'

2006-09-09     Ann Coulter: 'I have AIDS'

2006-06-29     New study: High IQ linked with sedition and 'terrorist' leanings

2006-06-16     Why we're winning the war in Iraq

2006-06-09     Stop being a liberal, President Bush

2006-06-08     President George W. Bush says he has good idea where WMDs are

2006-06-01     President George W. Bush announces plan to help veterans

2006-05-25     President Bush to impose lobbying reform on the Republican Party

2006-05-21     Centers for Disease Control Director Julie Gerberding has plan to 'save' us from 'bird flu'

2006-05-21     President Bush to divert veterans funding to 'Scholarships for Taliban' program

2006-05-20     Entire U.S. Government in state of emergency due to rapidly spreading STD from Jeff Gannon

2006-05-18     Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld responds to Pentagon video of him streaking

2006-05-17     Pentagon video shows Donald Rumsfeld has streaking problem; Senators call for action on 'streakgate'

2006-05-17     Pentagon releases video footage proving Donald Rumsfeld is a streaker

2006-05-15     President Bush to militarize the border; ex-Stasi chief is very happy about decision

2006-05-13     Confessions of a heretic

2006-05-13     President George W. Bush says Ex-VA Secretary Anthony Principi is 'proof' the economy is sound

2006-05-08     President Bush starts White House on fire while burning the Constitution

2006-05-06     President Bush to classify entire government as 'top secret'

2006-04-18     Secret White House memos leaked: President George W. Bush to trade hostages for arms with Iran, and invade Nicaragua

2006-03-26     Beltway Boys non-shocker! Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke come out of the closet, admit to homosexual relationship

2006-03-25     Charlie Sheen responds to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: 'I'm simply saying the emperor has no clothes'

2006-03-24     Governor Schwarzenegger to Charlie Sheen: 'You lack moral authority to speak about 911'

2006-02-21     President George W. Bush mistakes IROC racing with Iraq

2006-02-21     U.S. Ambassador in Iraq accuses Bush of 'meddling'

2006-02-20     Condoleeza Rice arrested for Bush crimes denial in Austria

2006-02-16     President Bush Replaces Michael Chertoff with Harold Hurtt

2006-02-11     President Bush Gives Presidential Medal of Freedom to James Frey

2005-08-16     Bush to Cindy Sheehan: 'Bring it On!'

2005-08-16     George W. Bush: 'Cindy Sheehan is a Thought Criminal'

2005-08-14     Bush and World Leaders 'Condemn' Cindy Sheehan's Protest

2005-08-14     Bush 'Mulling Options' for War Against Cindy Sheehan

2005-08-13     World Bank's Paul Wolfowitz Says Bomb Cindy Sheehan

2005-08-12     Bush to Send Cindy Sheehan to Abu Ghraib for Torture


Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.