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"For some black satire on Fallujah, see Unconfirmed Sources which has some fun with my Weblog."

-Juan Cole of

"You know, you shouldn't believe political satire as being truth:"

- Richard Hutnik

"Some good election satire."

-Carolyn Hanson Mayer of the Weekly Wazzup

Well! I'll be damned! Ha! I do try not to waste my time on such sites...See how easy it is to accept without question that which we would like to hear?

-Robert Clifton (He who missed the disclaimer.)


"Take a look at its good for a laugh and we need one."


"Speaking of "gullible nitwits," do you actually *believe* this supposed press release?"

-Julian D. (In response to another person who missed the disclaimer)



"thumbs up!"

-The KGB(Stumbleupon Member)


"Unconfirmed Sources reports (with tongue firmly in cheek."

-Edward Still of


"Check the series about Ashcroft declaring war on satire sites and nuking The Onion. Plus a report that the Fox News Channel has called the election for Bush."

-The News & Observer Publishing, Raleigh NC


"And by the way, isn't all that funny a site."

-unnamded blooger


"This is pretty well done I thought;) :cool: :D"

-g1lgam3sh-- blogger at Major Geeks


"That is too funny. Good find!"

-The1God, blogger


"LOL :D Good stuff!"

- Dgoldfish-- blogger at Major Geeks


" ...some long overdue vindication of pure and unadulterated righteousness, absolute truth and unblemished honor."

-Major Tom at News Hounds


"Thanks for reminding us that the radical right wing in this country 1) is stupid, 2) can't read & 3) has no sense of humor."

-Nancey at News Hounds


"You're a lair! I won again."

-Erik at New Hounds


"I think you have a fantastic site..."

-Keith Gill of


"This is probably the best alternative to the liberal media on the liberation of Fallujah."

-Eric Blair


"I can't believe the stuff that comes out of their mouths either. I'm surprised they don't spontaneously combust or something."

-Anonymous New Yorker

"Good fiction - just like the rest of the heap that Bush would like us to believe about the war."

-TelcoGirl at


"Don't let this distract any of us from serious matters here at home!!!"

-GroundZero at


" If you took it seriously you should probably cut back a bit on the weed."

-Buzzby at


"Either you're gonna like it or you're gonna just despise it."

-Bernt-Pancreas, Stumbleupon

Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.