NASA Mistakenly Beams Dead Heads for Obama Concert into Deep Space
by Dood Abides
NASA deep space array antennae hacked preempting Beatles' "Across the Universe"

Pasadena, CA (UPSI) - An embarrassed NASA JPL spokesperson early this morning admitted that they had apparently been hacked last night. Their planned transmission of the Beatles famous "Across the Universe" into deep space was preempted by a live feed from San Francisco of the Grateful Dead's resurrection concert in support of Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign. The concert in its entirety left the outer fringes of the solar system within hours of it's transmission late last night.

"We strongly suspect that this may have been an inside job," stated NASA head of security Dewey Tazem. "When you have thousands of disgruntled scientists upset over seven years of political suppression, things are bound to happen. No one is talking right now, but we will get to the bottom of it. We are in communication with the White House, and we have been authorized to use "extreme interrogation techniques" if needed."

"I was disappointed when I couldn't get tickets," waxed Ima Trippen, a longtime Grateful Dead fan and Obama supporter from Seattle, "but I found out that this was going to happen over the Internet and tuned in. The sound quality was incredible! So much better than a lot of the bootleg stuff that I used to listen to in my day. It was like you were really there, and you could feel the electricity. It's like the kids nowadays say, Obama so rules!"

A NASA spokesperson who wished to remain anonymous admitted that there was probably very little damage done by the prank in the eyes of whatever beings may exist in deep space."Where's the harm in the fact that "Truckin" has taken the place of "Across the Universe" in a long strange trip."

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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HumboldtHead wrote:
The Grateful Dead are as American as you can get...Hopefully there were some aliens spinning to the music as much as we were at the Warfield!

Max wrote:
Jerry would NOT have approved - he thought the band should be above endorsements of any kind, especially political endorsements.

rob wrote:
max is 100 percent correct garcia was a personal friend of mine and he would despise phil and company for this and the rest of their bull@#$%

Debra wrote:
Actually I was Jerry's best friend....if he was alive and witnessed how the Bush administration has attempted to ruin our fine free country he would have gladly been on stage with the rest of the boys....

Gregg Abbott wrote:
Right on Debra!! My thoughts as well!!
Jerry would not stand by and get tred upon!!

preemptivelove wrote:
well, i knew jerry too. no joke. and he would have LOVED this. the dead did plenty of concerts for causes. they took plenty of stands on issues...they and jerry just didn't talk from the stage about their politics. they let the music do the talking. jerry would have been totally in to this election, and he would have been behind obama. i will add that tipper gore was a huge dead fan and the band had the entire gore family on stage at shows in DC. max is wrong, sorry.
_______________________________ wrote:
Jerry would've stood shoulder-to-shoulder with his musical brethren, or should I say amp-to-amp. Jerry was always on the side of anarchy and if he felt he could help take this country into the uncharted realm of true change, I do believe his playing would have been inspired that night at the Warfield.

Kenny wrote:
I bet that antennae picks up a return message: "MORE!"

GRTUD wrote:
Way out! That's where fun is! Way out!

sherm town wrote:
hope they did a jammin space

gusty crosswinds wrote:
kinda gives a new meaning to "Space" now doesn't it??? Hopefully they send us back a 90 minute maxell tape! (ha ha ha remember those?)

WWJD2 wrote:
Jerry supported causes, but would not pick individual politicians to support. His wisdom on this issue rises above many of those who wrote the comments above. I am sure you will think you are correct, because I am sure God is on your side, think about it, Dylan did

WTF wrote:
I loved Garcia as much as any fan, but the manner in which he died early is evidence that he wasn't the icon of wisdom that some of us would like for him to be...

Politics is the control of wealth and power and is inherently a process of evil and the only choice we have ever had is to choose the lesser of evils. If we don't choose that lesser, we get the greater, as witnessed in 2000.

Unfortunately, Jerry is gone and his "opinion" on this issue is the product of self delusion by the people who think he could have one.

I don't think Jerry's opinion on the issue is any more discernable than what Jesus would think. Perhaps we should let the living decide who leads us for a change.

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