Jimmy Carter Arrested on Terrorism Charges
by Kamal El-Din
Jimmy Carter Arrested on Terrorism Charges.Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has been arrested on terrorism charges. Carter was apprehended today in front of his presidential library and taken into custody. He is being charged with aiding and abetting terrorists. Carter was apparently making plans to meet with terrorist groups.

"The nation is safe now that this terror supporter is behind bars." Says an unnamed Department of Justice official. "The subject, an 83 year old white male was planning on meeting with members of the terrorist groups Hammas, Fatah, as well as persons of interest from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Israel. We believe we have disrupted a very serious terrorist information nexus."

President Carter has been taken to a secure facility and is awaiting transfer to Guantanamo Bay for further questioning.

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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Yisrael Medad wrote:
I hope to see him next Monday and will ask him about this. ;>)

Ira Eisenstein wrote:
It got my hopes up until I saw that it wasn't real.

In this turned upside-down world of what passes for diplomacy, Carter deserves to be arrested.
Too bad he won't be.

BEZALEL wrote:
make the big switch-release the hero and anti-terrorist-jonathan pollard
lock up the villain and pro-terrorist-jimmy carter

art stam wrote:
i am glad this idiot carter is not canadian.i remember carter's wife said something to him one evening. she whispered in his ear and said. jimmy why dont you do to me what you have been doing to the american people.

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