Boeing Shares Rise on News of Patents on Gravity and Entropy
by Kamal El-Din
Boeing Shares Fly on News of Gravity and Entropy Patents.Unconfirmed sources report that the share price of airplane maker Boeing have soared 23% of the news of two recent patents it has won for gravity and entropy. The two patents were awarded last week and are examples of Boeing's new 'Basic Process' patent strategy.

The 'Basic Process' patent strategy is the amassing of a portfolio of patents covering basic natural and physical forces. The strategy has recently shown success as Boeing forced satellite maker SES to abandon a satellite when the company could not afford to orbit the moon, a business process that is patented by Boeing.

"This new patent strategy is really paving the way for intellectual property in the field of basic science." Says patent expert Guy Wagmen, of The Wagmen Group. " These patents and others in the pipeline are going to be huge sources of income in the future. Boeing is making a long term bet on gravity and entropy and I think the bet is good one."

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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