John McCain "Grand Theft Auto 4 is a sin against God"
by Walid
McCain: GTA is bad for America(Straight Talk Express) Ucs News-- Arizona Senator took aim today at the worlds most popular video came. In a speech to Christian conservatives McCain blasted the games publisher Rockstar Games. "I don't care how good it is for the economy, teaching kids to steal cars is wrong."

The Senator called "Grand Theft Auto IV is a sin against God" . He also said that he feared the game would distract the nation from the War in Iraq, gas prices and the looming economic crisis.

"GTA IV" publisher Rockstar Games, predicted that with 6 million preorders worldwide, the game will bring in more than $400 million. Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser Stated "We didn't invent car jacking, we just figured out an honest way to make it pay."

"Making it pay" is exactly what Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of "GTA IV" publisher Rockstar Games, is doing. According FBI statistics The yearly earning of the GTA franchise is worth twice the value of cars stolen in the US.

Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser stated, "I'm disappointed with Senator McCains remarks regarding Grand Theft Auto. " Houser an accomplished business man was a longtime supporter of McCain until the Arizona senator attacked his firm.

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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Anal-Sex-With-Jesus wrote:
Ahuhuhuhuhu....GTA rules.
Fuck off stupid christian,no one cares about your opinion.

-Rape religion

Loot wrote:
fuk yea GTA is off the hook man..who is this christian person??kno 1 likes him he loves the cock..

bruce wrote:
McAin is a moron. ALways has been, always will be. Idiot.

Wilson wrote:
Well hell normal Americans need this game to "forget" about the price of gas and Iraq and all this fucked up shit that is going on in this world. If we hadn't elected a fucking republican we wouldnt be in this shape. Now that I know Mcain is Anti-GTA, republican, and an old fucker gives me even more reason to vote Democrat.

Relax its just a game. Fuck u McCain. wrote:
Please read all of this and repost it where ever people are bad mouthing GTA 4!!!
This game is the best video game ever made. people need things extrememly entertaining like this to take them away from how negative relalitycan be, it gives them happyness and joy and a great past time. And any way its just a game, people who take it way to seriously and are offended or scared of its content are just stupid. Fuck u!! and its not like when we play this game its the 1st time we have ever seen voilence or car jacking. People know all about stealing and violence including kids like me!! and we are not going to go steal a car because we see it in this game, this game is a chance to escape from reality and do thing we "WOULDN'T" ever do in real life. If someone plays the game and then decides to steal or murder because of it, then they obviously have something very mentally wrong with them, and Rockstar have no responcibility or worry for people who are that stupid and if they would be influenced by a game that easily, they will also easily be influenced as easily by movies and real life ect. SO stop fucking blaming the game!!
Thanks you so much Rockstar keep em comming!!!

INFECT wrote:
FUCK him. GTA 4 is the best. Dam cock lover. keep the games coming Rockstar.

MarkHitman06 wrote:
Damn American politicians giving out about games. Nothing about the amount of guns on the streets in the US only give out about games. Get a grip...and ask why a country that invades anyone who finds oil have to give out about a computer game...get a grip, who's to say god does'nt like games, you cant talk for him.

stoke wrote:
Um, perhaps he point is that if you stopped accepting that you need to "get away from the bad things", and instead started rallying against moronic governmint decisions, then you could do something about the crap that's going on together.

But, using a game as a stage to send the message on religious lines is lame lame lame!

Andrew wrote:
I'd just like to point out an error in your article. Grand Theft Auto 4 isn't the most popular game in the world. It's dwarfed by both World of Warcraft and The Sims.

WoW subscription numbers, 16 million plus:

The Sims broke 6 million copies sold 6 years ago and it and it's sequals are still bestsellers today:

Just becuase a game like GTA4 has massive hype and controvesy surrounding it does not make it the most populat game ever.

Andrew wrote:
I'd just like to point out an error in your article. Grand Theft Auto 4 isn't the most popular game in the world. It's dwarfed by both World of Warcraft and The Sims.

WoW subscription numbers, 16 million plus:

The Sims broke 6 million copies sold 6 years ago and it and it's sequals are still bestsellers today:

Just becuase a game like GTA4 has massive hype and controvesy surrounding it does not make it the most popular game ever.

Andrew wrote:
(sorry for the double post, I didn't think it had gone through)

TJ wrote:
Stop supporting dumbass conservatives.

tomas wrote:
it is indeed wrong to teach children to steal cars, but who is doing that? im sure thats not what McCain seriously believes, he's just trying to rally people to stand behind stupid thoughts which are totally incoherent.

yeah, fuck that, rather have gta4,5,6 than mccain to lead usa into the next mandate period. honestly, what the fuck 'the war in iraq'? is this not very old news, its not a war omg omg omg... there never was a war. if i went to a country and declared my idea of right and wrong as universal and with violence it shall be as I have spoken. Im invading and im doing so fanatically, its batshit insane and you godamn conservatives fucking know that.

dj lollipop wrote:
mccain is an ass an he lives in lala land where the the rest of those cultist who believe in a fairy tale play pretend they are better. Clear case of pandering to the choir and as for GTA it fuckin kiks ass and maybe if mccain had any stick skills he would know the difference between the real world and one made in a console. He wants us to think about the war, well I have and how bout we get the fuck out of there since it has done not a damn thing for us except
1. throw us into recession
2. kill more real people than I could ever kill fake people in gta
3. made gas almost 4. a gallon
5..shall we keep thinking....
6. the dollar's value is plummeting ...oh but Mccain doesn't know economics, its not his strong suit
7. Will continue to fight an endless war with no point'
8. enter into war with Iran for no reason, take a look at Teran and tell me if that city doesn't look just like one of ours
9. Amidinijad is not the ruler of Iran he has no real power he is just a talking head kind of like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Ried
10. fuck off you fuck.. I ll never stop thinking because you fucks are always trying to rape us.

Jesus Freaks Fail wrote:
God is perfect. He created everything. Everything is perfec... er wait...

mark wrote:
god created man, man created gta, GOD CREATED GTA!!! i proved it.

oh and also, whats worse a game where you get to kill people and steal cars. or sending our troops and my friends to foreign soil to lay waste to more than a million iraqi citizens, most of whom are innocent. and take the lives of 4000 american soldiers who you duped in to thinking are "protecting" america. FUCK YOU.

Rikstah wrote:
Mccain opposes the extension on the assault weapon ban, pretends that he knew the war in Iraq was going to be a costly one when he said time and time again it was gonna be easy like every other idiot and now dares to call GTA a sin against God?

Mccain: Your mother concieving you was a sin against God you pile of shit

john wrote:
wow...hilary and mccain are both against gta 4. i guess us gamers should band together against politicians in general.

john wrote:
wow...hilary and mccain are both against gta 4. i guess us gamers should band together against politicians in general.

Ty wrote:
I can't wait till these Conservative Christians are raptured away, I want my Earth back!!

Better to steal virtual cars than real ones.

Own wrote:
Maybe you guys should base what you think of a presidential candidate on a little more than what he thinks about a video game.

betterthanyou wrote:
Uh...the story is fake morons. Do you have any idea what website you're reading?

Reflection-s Shadow wrote:
...just more of the same, let's bash the popular violent game that I know nothing about. If he played videogames he know it was mundane and not all to interesting as a game nothing but fetch quests for 40 hrs. Mortal kombat was whipping boy in the 90's but it certainly wasn't because it has a great fighting engine(like ex:samurai shodown) but it did have fatalities and public eye. Violence attracts people, not me, but people who condemn it like these politicans or news people.They always need something "juicy" for the news reel and that makes them the sickos. I honestly can't watch the news because of all the real horrors.

However games needs popularity on top of the violence because nobody is trying to get no more heroes or ninja gaiden 2. They don't review or anaylze gta they just give out polls and state what is already known(it's violent sure but what of the game?)

I like videogames and I love to experience stories like in Earthbound or Beyond Good And Evil it is just like any other medium to express ourselves. They don't notice those games no they talk about how gta made school shootings happen, made children loss their innocence, blah, blah, blah. It was popular in the first place because it was a first in it's kind with creating what is known as sandbox game. However you don't see Jack Thompson chasing Saints Row, do you?

Sat Knight Fever wrote:
OK, so does anyone have any conformation that McCain said this?
Sounds about right for a far right zealot, though McCain seemed smarter.
I'd love to find the speech where this was said... Anyone find/wright a transcript?

luccas jonas wrote:
quick question to any1 that knows the answer. can i play poker on gta 4?
when i see it on the tv i thought you wud be able to play it later on in the game. if you can the where the fuck is it.

Not you, thankfully. wrote:
Most all of these posts sound like they came from a 15-year old kid.

Although some make some good points, you sound very inarticulate and like good talking points for the msm to quote as video games making people talk like stupid fucking children.

Keep it up. You make me look better. I use periods, whatnot.

voice of reason (lol) wrote:
To: Not you, thankfully
They sound like posts from 15 yr old children because they most likely are. How many people above the age of 18 are going to bother to post on a site like this. But, yeah, go ahead and make yourself feel better moron. Not only did you not post about ANYTHING relating to the topic, but you have to trashtalk people that will never reply? Oh Bravo! Moving on, if that is a true statement, then what the hell? Everyone else said it right, How many other thousands, no scratch that, millions of sources for violence, such as car-jackings are there? TV, Internet, Video Games, REAL LIFE!?!? If video games like GTA4 are the number one problem for ruining our children's conscious,or lack of, then they are overlooking a lot of other, more important issues...Seriously though, sin against god? Where do people come up with that sh!t.

Hmm wrote:
The bible says if you think of killing someone you might have just do it anyway.

You all really do sound like your 5 years old. I think im going to stop playing before I end up like all of you.

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