Bush, Harris Feel Each Other Out in Awkward Moment
by Dood Abides
Bush and Rep. Katherine Harris share intimate feelings in regards to her run for US SenateCLICK TO ENLARGE

Tampa, FL (APE) - As President Bush descended from Air Force One yesterday in Tampa Florida, he was immediately greeted by Rep. Katherine Harris, R-FL, much to the chagrin of the president's brother Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Harris latched on to the president for several minutes and was observed to speak animatedly with him as they both felt each other out over her controversial decision to attempt to unseat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson in the upcoming election. Governor Jeb Bush has gone repeatedly on record stating that he believes Harris should not seek the position because he feels she cannot win.

As Harris maintained a firm grip on the president, he responded in kind in what could be described as a sort of "menage-a-tet". Bush's expression remained grim throughout the encounter, but he appeared to relax significantly and flush appreciably just before the encounter concluded. Harris smiled confidently as she then strode away with her entourage.

Harris has been under severe pressure in the polls for accepting illegal campaign contributions from defense contractor Mitchell Wade, who is in turn linked to convicted former California Representative Randall "Duke" Cunningham, who now in turn seems to be linked to a growing "prostitution for favors" scandal which was based out of the infamous Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC.

Karl Rove gestures to reporters after fielding a question about his possible indictment this week

Later that evening, White House staffer Karl Rove spoke about the encounter to reporters after attending a $1000 dollar a plate formal dinner for Republican candidates. "The president found Ms. Harris to be quite hard," stated Rove, "But there is a natural feel to it, given what she has been through. The President remained equally hard throughout the encounter, but I think he softened quite a lot afterwards and thanked Ms. Harris for her loyal services."

Rove was also asked if there was any truth to the rumor that he is to be indicted later this week by independent prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. In response, he simply gestured to the reporters, saying "No comment." and ended the conference.

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