Vietnam To Send Troops to Aid Bush in Iraq War
by Kamal El-Din
America welcomes Vietnam to Iraq war.In the wake of President Bush's trip to Vietnam it has been reveled that the tiny Asian country will be sending troops to Iraq. The agreement, which was signed secretly during the APEC summit, commits Vietnam to send over 50,000 troops to the Iraq theater with the US military to supply logistic support and transport.

"This is a big development, real big" says White House press secretary Tony Snow. "The Vietnamese have a wealth of experience in this type of conflict. They are experts at this type of warfare and frankly, they now how to win. Their contribution to this struggle will be greatly appreciated."

The Vietnamese forces will be used to back American forces who are in turn backing up Iraqi forces. The additional troops should be in place in just a few months and everybody is anxious for them to arrive.

"I have to say I am a little surprised the Vietnamese agreed to help." Says military expert Buck Hoskins. "I fought in Vietnam and I figured after that mess they still wouldn't want to have anything to do with us, even now. But I am glad they are going to help. They will be able to provide an insight into how we are fighting this conflict. They will be able to analyze our weaknesses in a way we are simply incapable of doing."

The addition of the Vietnamese troops to the American led force has not been welcomed universally, however. There has been much private discussion in certain quarters of the White House about how the 'losers' of the Vietnam war could possible help in the current situation.

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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bi tin wrote:
Hew hew, great great news. It should be so, at last!

Philip wrote:
Vietnamese troops will lose if the Vietnamse Goverment will send them to Iraq
because Vietnamese troops have not had experience to warfare and haven't the spirit to fight.
In 1975, the North troops won the South because they had weapons from Russia and China, while South Vietnam had nothing. This was the reason why they won the war.

Jason wrote:
What did the US government do to get The Vietnamese government to send a big big number of troops to Iraq like that?
Money under the table for the corrupted government? HaNoi must be not be very wise to agree to something like that. The American is going to change the war between U.S. vs Iraq to Vietnam vs Iraq!

Vinh Nguyen wrote:
Iraq is very different from VietNam, especially in the way of warfare. The Vietamese communists won because they used propaganda , dishonest tricks over Vietnamese People. THey won't be able to do them in Iraq, So, they will loose and loose badly.

Me wrote:
Fuck you !

I'm a Vietnammese !

like_loves8x wrote:
That is funny story !
I like it.

Human wrote:
We won in the past because we have the spirit to fight, we have one goal to achieve : that is liberation and freedom of Viet Nam. All Vietnamese people is one whole - not a sum of all. We swear to fight enemy whenever there is still one VN people alive.
So we can infer simply that an enemy can only conquer Viet Nam if and only if it can kill all Vietnamese people. Who can do that ?
Other countries can learn from that. That's what you think in your mind will guide your action.
We respect other countries' freedom and we do not interferre in other countries' business.
Why should we send our troop to Iraq ? Do Iraq people really need our help ?
Viet Nam is now a peace country, a destination for traveler and for business people. Why we have to looking for troubles as well as our new enemies ?
Last thing, We really do not like war.
I think this is a fake news.
Just a question : Do you think about the real purpose behind this kind of news ?

Dang Ha wrote:
i don't know or understang what are u writing? perhaps, i don't know English!
Can you translate to VietNam to me?! i will reply to this news, and say about my detail thinking ?!

John Black wrote:
Look at the domain name? Can we believe this news if it hasn't been comfirmed yet?

Nguyen Hung wrote:
If this news is real, I'm not surprised causes the VNese communist leaders try to collect US dollars as much as they can before this last communist regime disappear on earth. They sell Vnese laborers in all over the world, then why not VNese youths ?.

GiangLuu wrote:
who\'s stand up better in desert, Vietnamese or American?
US Army lost in Iraq because Iraqis have been disarmed...After Vietnam War, nobody had a weapon unless army and police.
They are going to help Iraqis,why not?

TMT wrote:
I think this news is not real. I works for Vietnamese Goverment but i haven't here yet any information like this! One more reason is who is person sign or who is decide this issue? this news is ony like joke.

VIETNAM wrote:
Fuck off!
Vietnamnese always WIN

Ong My wrote:

Thao wrote:
Very funny, someone have sense of hunours.

Vietnamese student wrote:
I don't know why you said that. But I believe that Vietnam always go on the true way. Don't fabricate

Nacolate wrote:
I'm from Vietnam and we want to say that:
We love Peace

capraqua wrote:
fuck, is this news truth ?
this is serious if it's truth. The news must be published.
We are Vietnamese and we all like peace. Enough wars for VietNam.

makvn wrote:
what the hell are you thinking?
vietnam never join Iraq war.
It's the best stupid news i had read.
who is the author of this news? are u crazy?

I was never here wrote:
Smart people read fine prints!!
There's no point of dicussing this news. It's a hoax . Even the writter said it himself. Rwad his disclaimer
well, here it is read it yourself .
In case you didn't get it, none of the stories are real.

It's all fake.
We made it all up.
It's satire.
The people might be real but the quotes are not.
If it gets you mad, get a life.(see first amendment)"

It was fun . something new for a change.
but that's all . FUN FUN FUN

Bangcok wrote:
This is a fantasy news created by a person have nothing else to do. Communist VietNam will never ever sending their troop to Iraq. They did not supported the US invading Iraq from the begining. Therefore, no Vietnamese troop will be enterd in the Iraq theater. That's the end of this hypothetical scenary.

Like Humor wrote:
GOSH! I just can't believe so many people
wasted their time and energy to react to a piece of satire/ parody to the current event as if it WERE REAL !!!

This Website has been making up stories FOR FUN, you got it ? Go to another page and you will see the picture of playful Bush enjoying golf right in a US Vets' cemetery. No one took it seriously, of course.

So, don't believe a bit in what you see on this Website. Otherwise, go to the BBC news,

Lol ;)

alain efstratiou wrote:
The reaction to this story proves that indeed among us there are about 35% who continue to support Bush and have no capacity to recognize a joke.

Anthony Pham wrote:
Viet Communist Army have 3 abilities:
1.- Purchase Post Exchange Goods as Thai and Korea troops before April 75 in VN War.
2.- Connect with Al Qaeda insurgents after US's witdrawal.
3.- Try to be US Citizens then to be spy inside US.

DollarsMy wrote:
Fuk you BUSH !!! mother fucker !!!! Want vietnamese people die for american people. Fuck you to do that BUSH !!! you better send all the troops in Iraq back to HOME, you're not human being...fuck you BUSH

Sam Nguyen wrote:
hehehehehhaahahahaha man, i haven't heard a joke for a long time. hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaahahahahhh

TV256 wrote:
I am Vietnamese. I hate BUSH, BUSH is fucking LOST, then needs help from vietnam. BUSH is fucking Stupid, vietnamese people never do that for fucking MONEY. if you wanna create WAR, go to vietnam, You will lose again. >>>FUCK YOU BUSH

VoThanhLong wrote:
cai lu CS ngu dot, ban nuoc, ban dan, hai dong bao, CS se sup do

Teng Teng wrote:
Tin tuc ma, khong the tin duoc, CS khong bao gio dong y voi BUSH, BUSH ngu dot, di an cuc di

QuangV wrote:
I am fucking lier, but you're fucking lier, too. I am eatting SHIT for living, and you're eatting SHIT, too. I am Stupid, You're stupid to reading this. Fuck you alll

Cong Tu Los Angeles wrote:
VCs love money, they are wiling to sell everything off. If GW asked those VC money hungers, or those Hanoi leaders, they surely send men and women out for money. VCs never feel the kind of shame, nor honor, nor integrity. So, the story makes a real sense in Hanoi. Wait and see... huhu...

Mr NGUYEN wrote:
Vietnamese troops will win if the Vietnamse Goverment will send them to Iraq
because Vietnamese troops have had experience to warfare (Cambodia,...)and have the spirit to fight.
In 1975, the North troops won the USA because they had been determinated, while the USA had nothing. This was the reason why they won the war.

Le Quang Liem wrote:
Du Ma George W. Bush. This is FAKE. Vietnam will not sacrifice their men for the Captialist pigs!!

Xao Pa Co wrote:
this website is Con Cac!

Viet Pride!

Hoang Tuan wrote:
Nhung thong tin nay theo toi la chua chinh xac.

Tommy Thai wrote:
I'm a student. I live in Saigon, Vietnam. What a surprised news!
If this news is real, i have nothing to say about our Government. I can't believe it! They push Vietnamese Youth go to the hell of WAR! Thousands of Vietnamese people will be die... and TERRORISTS will come to Vietnam! OH MY GOD!

No more WAR... No more shed blood!

Zesta wrote:
The Vietnamese communist solders today are not well trained at all. They are bunch of young kids who have no experience TO FIGHT ANY WAR ! After their basic training ... what do they do daily ? Grow vegetables or do the type of work in the military factories so the VN communist REGIME could have money to feed the 3 millions of them in the .. so call forces. How about the millitary high ranking officers ? or those who control the government ?There are so much corruptions in this communists regime in the last 31 years . The "top guys" , Each has 500 to 1000 millions (US dollars) . Some even have 2-3 billions dollars ! Where are the moneis come from ? While their yearly salery .. average only around 5 to 6 thousands dollars !!! People under this communists regime, make 2 dollars or less a day !
United States of AMERICA left Viet-Nam (the South) in 1973 and the "Viet- Cong" invaded the SOUTH in 1975 . The SOUTH goverment had 16 tons of GOLD in the NATION banks , where are they now ?
The communists "BOSSES" devided among themselves... long time ago !!! AND until today (Nov of 2006)they control everything in the whole nation of his poor VIETNAM !!! There is NO freedom whatsoever !! They control your speech , your thinking , your religious , your movevement , your press , your gethering . etc...
Back to ...Viet Cong to go fighting in IRAG !!! LOL !!!!
Guess what .. from the time they walked
in the South of VietNam the saw a "paradise" >> good food , good liqueur, good beer, good clothes , beautiful.. beautiful girls !! BIG chance to make monies (illegal) because everyone is so scare of them .
SO the whole communist system from the top down are freely rob the people !!
SO, the rich/the power is getting richer AND ... the poor , the citizens of this 60 years controled by the communist are getting no where in this world !! The so call "SOLDERS" are no better ! The "Viet-Cong" today is NOT the same as the former "Viet-Cong" 35 years ago . The baster HochiMinh pushed the young "V.C." (as young as 13 years old)to SOUTH save the "country" from the hairy hands of the "USA guys" ? So the young "V.C." had the reasons (SPIRIT) to go and kill the "G.I." ! But where are those young "VC" now ? About half of million was dead young , the one who survived are now too old . Those in current command are very much in corruption to have a good life , to be rich like their boss . These are not the V.C. 35 years ago ! The IRAG sand fields are wide open compare to the thick jungles in VN ! G.w.BUSH ... do not be foul by the V.C. again !

le van wrote:
Vietnamese communist killed their people. They will kill Iraqi people easy.

nguyenhoangminh wrote:
Toi cung co the tin,vi nhung gi bay gio My muon cs vietnam deu xin theu,tien ma cs kiem duoc o nhan dan,phe dang cua ho giau roi nen can my giup,va cs so nhung nguoi VN song luu vong duoc My ung ho,nen cs phai dang truoc,cung phai lam nhu vay de the gioi hieu VN bay gio la dong minh cua My trung cong khong dam lan chiem con nhieu chuyen o trong,va giup cong san bo dang cs tot dep hon.

Nguyen Ky Phong wrote:
With all due respects, but I do not think the writer/ informer of this news know what theheck he's talking about. He does not realize how big is a 50,000-man force is. You just don't move five divisions across an ocean like that. Yeah, this is why we call this an "unconfirmed" source. A Hoax, man!

Hoang Mai wrote:
Viet Cong fought for the international communist party, and the modern weapons form all communist around the world supported to kill south Vietnameses until the South without the weapons. US cut all supports for the South even gun, bullis, that means they tied the hands the south to send to Communist.

Now all the American enemies around the world coming to Iraq to fight to kick the Us congress then US army get out of Iraq very soon. The strageries looked alike Vietcong in Vietnam in 1975.

Vinh Hang wrote:
My can thi cong san lam, va khi trung cong danh thi co My dung giua. Viet cong dau co thuong chi dan Viet dau. Bon Viet cong chi can tien va con cai chay qua My va cac nuoc phuong Tay song cho suong, con dan doi, dan ngheo thi bon chung de dau, de co.
Ngay ca Bac si Ky su, luat su nhu Ls bui bi nhot trong nha thuong dien. Lust su o My to nhu ong ke, dam nhot ho vao nha thuong dien a? Cung co the 50 ngan quan VN se di danh Iraq cho My chu sao khong. Hang 100 ngan phu nu con nit ban ra ngoai khong phai la co roi sao. Ngay ca o cambodia co 30 ngan dua con nit di lam di tu 5 tuoi hay sao. Co gi ma Viet cong khong lam duoc. Viet cong dau co luong tam thi lam sao ma khong lam.

Ten viet cong nao do noi la han ta thich hoa binh, that ra han chi la con tep trong guong may cong san ma thoi.
Du me, may ten viet cong vo nhan dao do co viec gi ma chung no khong lam.

Disclaimer wrote:
In case you didn't get it, none of the stories are real.

It's all fake.

We made it all up.

It's satire.

The people might be real but the quotes are not.

If it gets you mad, get a life.(see first amendment)
Some definitions of satire

witty language used to convey insults or scorn; "he used sarcasm to upset his opponent"; "irony is wasted on the stupid"; "Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own"--Johathan Swift

A literary work which exposes and ridicules human vices or folly. Historically perceived as tending toward didacticism, it is usually intended as a moral criticism directed against the injustice of social wrongs. It may be written with witty jocularity or with anger and bitterness. Sidelight: Satiric poets often utilize irony, hyperbole, understatement, and paradox, as in Pope's An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot . (See also Burlesque, Goliardic Poetry, Hudibrastic Verse, Lampoon, Mock Epic, Parody, Pasquinade) (Compare Antiphrasis)

the use of ridicule or scorn, often in a humorous or witty way, to expose vices and follies

A mode of writing which exposes the failings of individuals, societies or institutions to ridicule and scorn. Its tone varies from tolerant amusement to bitter indignation (as in Sassoon's war poetry). V

An amusing exposure of folly and vice, which aims to produce moral reform.

a work of art, literature or music that mocks or ridicules a popular idea or public figure by reduction to absurdity.

A work that blends a critical attitude with humor and wit as well as with the intention of improving human institutions or humanity.

Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

Vietnamese wrote:
Vietnamese goverment is not so stupid to send troops to Iraq. A bad bad fake news.

Viet wrote:
Very stupid news! VN communists have never accepted to do that because they won't have enough army to protect their country from China, and from human right leaders in their country. Just a joke!

Pol Pot wrote:
Tin moi nhat:

Trung Uong Dang CSVN moi dua tin chinh thuc D/C Nong Duc Manh la con roi, con rung cua Chu Tich Ho Chi Minh, vi cha gia cua dan toc VN va cung la thang bo dam duc cua D/C ho Nong.

Dieu nay la mot niem hanh dien cua Trung Uong Dang CSVN, boi vi tu bay lau nay...khong dam tiet lo bi mat quoc gia so toan dan ca nuoc vao lang Bac ma quat mo Bac va dem di ....bam cho chuot cong cua 36 pho phuong Ha Noi an.

Nay...nhan dip Bac G.W.Bush di du Hoi Nghi A Chau, san dip...tat ngang ghe VN choi, Trung Uong Dang CSVN ben tiet lo tin nay de cho ...

- Truoc nhat, bay to long thanh that voi De Quoc My ve su an nan hoi han vi da....danh cho My cut Nguy nhao 31 nam truoc day.

- Ke den, bay to long thanh that va ta loi voi nhan dan sau 52 nam (1954-2006) gian doi, bi oi, lua bip, de tien, hen ha, luu manh, xao quyet, diem dang, mat dzay, man ri moi ro, rung ru, khon nan, cho ma, cho de, ngu si, dan don, suc vat, tan ac (den do uong mau...we` cung khong biet tanh).

- Va sau cung, la de toan the cho the gioi thay rang...Dang CSVN tien phong di truoc tat ca cac dan anh Trung Cong, Nga Xo, Cuba, Bac cac dan anh Dong Au cu~ (nay da di ban muoi, sau khi khi buc tuong Ba Linh sup do 1989) la` Dang CSVN bay gio thuoc... Loai Vuon tien bo...bay gio da biet noi that, hoan toan lot bo xac Khi Dot, cung voi The Gioi Dai Dong tien nhanh tien manh tien vung chac len Chu Nghia CS.

Qua that, day la tin mung vi dai...mung hon ca chuyen Bac Ho doi mo song lich su chung minh rang, phai mat di hang trieu nam, hinh dang suc vat tren qua dia cau moi thay doi va bien dang. Ma bay gio, chi trong vong 52 nam (1954-2006) ma toan Dang toan Quan....tu Du Kich Xa Vam Co Dong den D/C Tong Bi Thu vi dai kinh yeu da tu loai Khi Dot...Duoi Uoi...bien dang tha`nh...Dau Vem...than Duoi Uoi...duoi Chon...

That qua la mot thanh qua vi dai cua Trung Uong Dang CSVN. Cac nha khoa hoc tren toan the gioi deu da gui dien chuc mung va da cho nguoi sang tan Ha Noi de nghien cuu va tim hieu...sao ma Dang tai tinh den the !

Tu tiet lo bi mat Quoc Gia nay, Dang CSVN tai ba se tro tai tiet lo tat ca nhung bi mat Quoc Gia khac...chang han nhu....

- Ho Chu Tich la vi Cha Gia...(duong nhien la vi dai roi) la dam duc, diem dang, xao tra nhat nuoc.

- Cac Dong Chi dang tri vi lanh dao Quoc Gia cung la con roi con rung...cua cac Dong Chi Vo Nguyen Giap, Van Tien Dung, Pham Van Dong, Vo Van Kiet, Le Duc Anh, Do Muoi, Nguyen Van Linh, Le Duan, Mai Chi Tho, Le Duc ngay ca dong chi Bui Tin ben dong chi Tran Do (da di ban muoi) v..v...

- Tat ca cac Ma' cua cac Dong Chi dang lanh dao dat nuoc da bi " cho di gap Bac "...sau khi cac dong chi Khi Dot duoc neu ten trong danh sach phan tren " luoc " cho toi ben. Day la mon nghe so truong cua cac Dong Chi Khi Dot theo dung cham ngon cua Bac day - "Luoc cho toi ben ...roi cho di doan tu voi Bac ".

....Va con nhieu tin tuc nong hoi khac nua ma nhan dan toan the gioi chua duoc biet den.

Tren day la phan tin nong hoi va chinh xac nhat tu Hang Chon Pac Bo va Lang Ba Dinh cua nha xuat ban Su That (Pravda) va Quan Doi Nhan Dan...Co Quan Ngon Luan chinh thuc cua Dang CSVN .

Xa-Va- Na-Khe't 2006 .

VNese wrote:
Pol Pot la thang vo hoc nhat ma toi tung thay, trong dau may toan shit thoi a :(

BeReal wrote:
Can't believe how many idoits are out there to actually believe this shit is real. Get a life people and do some real stuff for your country.

Nguyen wrote:
Viet cong ma sang Iraq se tham bai vi VC truoc nam 1975 chua biet su sung suong la gi, chua biet nha lau, xe hoi, gai dep, song cung chang co hy vong gi cho cuoc song dep rau non coi. Bay gio vi tham nhung nen giau co, neu chet thi tien tai, biet thu, cung quyen hanh de lai cho ai day ?
Rat mong chuyen VC sang Iraq la su thuc.

Tran Hung Dao wrote:
Sao het cho noi,VN khong bao gio la linh danh thue cho Meo ca.Thang nao ngu lam linh danh thue cho no thi rang ma chiu,Thay bai hoc Panama,Chili,Phillipine va bay gio toi Iraq do.Hom nay la ban My ngay mai la thu may hoi.Saddam la mot dien hinh.Dung tuong bo choi dao co ngay dut tay,Choi voi My cung vay ma thoi,hay coi VNCH kia,choi voi tui no co ngay no da dit cho ma xem,tat ca vi quyen loi ca ma thoi,deo co tin thang cho nao het la yeb chuyen OK

H Minh Quyền wrote:
Whether this news is real, I think the U.S. certainly wants Communist Vietnam to send its troop to Iraq, and Communist Vietnam also wants to do that!

'Cause Communist Vietnam really wants to be friend with the U.S. rather than with Communist China. Moreover, that's because of money and the future of group of Vietnamese Communist leaders.

They were and are selling labors around the world, why they don't sell the troops, also?

kingkong wrote:
I'dont belive that news.

Harry Potter wrote:
Junk! This is fake !

Viet Pride wrote:
This news is a fake! Only supid people will beleive it.

If it were true, it shows how low and desparate America can be: accepting help from the people who chased them running like chikens in 75. I like this joke because it really shows how americans are: low and cheap. American is nobody's friend. F Y BUSH F Y America, the super power in the world. Hope you will be rotten in Irak

Ngoc Nguyen wrote:
Dear all.
VC always win! why? because they can kill the parents like TRUONG CHINH, They can sell the country's land, sea. allows women, kid to do like slaver in other country, so that VC can do what ever they want. Vietnamese die, not them.
Indeed, they are taking money from all sources while asking people work more for country's future!
they can kill all Iraqis for winning.
It is right? son, Ho Chi Minh

Le Hu`ng wrote:
Ky` na`y Quan Doi Nhan Dan Anh hu`ng nha` ta sang Iraq thi` Khung Bo se het duong chay roi !!! chac chan cuoi cu`ng bon khung bo roi cung se chay sang USA de xin lam nguoi ti. na.n ( refugee)thoi !!!

Joke wrote:
I hope this' true!
Only Communist can defeat Terrorist!! h h

Cha-u Ba-c To^n. wrote:
Ngo' to+'i ngo' lui...Toi thay la~o Polpot noi dung nhat.

La~o lay tin duoc tu Hang Chon Pac Bo voi Lang Ho Li Tinh Ba Dinh sao ma ta`i that.

Phan tich ra bai viet cua la~o... toi nghiem thay that chi ly....Cu ngoi ma nghi cho ky...cac lanh tu Cong San ...tu Dong qua Tay...tu Nam ra Bac...chang bao gio co mot tieu su nao ma nhac den Cha Me cua ho ca !

Vi vay bai viet cua Polpot da chung minh cho chung ta thay la SU CHINH XAC va TUYET DOI CO THAT cua bai viet nay.
Mot lan nua...Xin hoan ho Polpot da gui bai viet gia tri nay len mang cho anh em doc.

De nghi Polpot tiep tuc gui len cho ba con hai ho bon ben...tam phuong tu huong...doc nhung tin tuc " nong hoi va xot deo " nhu vay deu deu.

Khong biet Polpot na`y co di'nh da'ng den Polpot " Mo.i " cua thuo nao khong....chu toi thay la~o hay qua'....Phu.c la~o na`y sa't da^'t !!!

Cu~ng xin duoc vai dong den Mi't-to'` VNese :

Khong biet la~o na`y thuoc lo`ai na`o...gio^'ng gi`....o'? dau chui le^` sao no'ng ti'nh the^' !!!
Ban phai nho rang ...Polpot khong phai la nguoi Viet Nam...vay ma anh ta da co co^ng sa(n lu`ng tin tuc cho chung ta biet den nhung su that....trong sach va tha^`n tha'nh cua Bac va Trung Uong Dang CSVN.
Dang le~ anh VNese phai cam on Polpot moi dung....da vay cu de dau Polpot ra ma chui....Xin nhac nho anh vai dieu :

1. Anh lam nhu vay con anh em tuong anh la ca' me` mot lua voi Bac va Dang benh nhau thi bo? xu'` !!! Nguoi ta se bao anh la " co' tat thi` giat minh " day ! Lam vay chang khac nao anh lai nhap bon chung Duoi Uoi Khi Dot, Cho^`n Lu`i Li Tinh...thi thay me ! Neu anh muon LA`M NGU'O'`I thi` phai dung ve phia Polpot.

2. Khi viet y kien tren mang...ta khong nen co thai do hung hang hay han hoc chui rua ke co y kien hoac dang bai vo khong cung voi y kien cua minh.
Polpot la nguoi tot...Polpot chi dua bai vo len mang cho anh em' sao VNese lai chui boi Polpot nhu the !!! Nen nho Polpot khong phai la nguoi cho la nguoi Mien di....the thi tai sao Polpot khong vao mang cua...Mien dang bai vo cho anh em Mien lai vao chon cua Mit minh lam chi cho no ton cong !!!!
Do la chua ke viec Polpot co cong phai danh....rat nhieu thi gio dich bai tu tieng Mien ra tieng Viet cho anh em doc !!!

3. Sau cung, toi thay su nong tinh cua anh VNese khong co loi chut nao...Lau lau moi co duoc nguoi ngoai quoc tot bung nhu Polpot....Anh lam vay....Polpot do^~i ma` bo? di cho^~ kha'c...khong them ghe mang nay de cung cap bai vo cho anh em doc thi`.....anh em tren mang nay gian anh lam day !
Do la chua noi den chuyen khi VNese nong len... giun...lai...gioi bo trong nguoi no lan ra chet het thi...nguy hai den suc khoe vo cung....(Viet den day, anh lam toi lo cho anh !!!).

Thoi...dung chui rua nua nhe....
Hay de cho Polpot lam viec !

Cha'u Ba'c To^n.

Dude Nude wrote:
Yes ! Only communist can defeat terrorist ! You're right, buddy. Because communist is also terrorist. They understand each other.

Nguyen wrote:
Viet Cong truoc 1975 tra tron voi dan chung, khi chung cam sung thi la VC, khi khong cam sung thi chung gia dang lam thuong dan nen quan doi VNCH rat kho phan biet ai la dan, ai la VC. Hon nua, VC vua tuyen truyen vua de doa lam cho dan chung so hai khong dam hop tac voi quan doi VNCH. Neu sang Iraq thi VC dau con nhung loi diem vua ke, trai lai VC se hoan toan la linh danh thue thi nam chac phan that bai. Nhung dieu quan trong doi voi bon VC la dola. Vo vet duoc nhieu dola cho lanh tu la muc dich toi hau cua bon CSVN.

DarkOne - 2nd generation VNese refugee wrote:
If it's true, then the VC is out to make more $$$ by selling off the precious life of the Vietnamese youth as they have previously, before, during and after the Vietnam war. i.e

1. before the war, they murdered their fellows countrymen from different political parties, who were fighting the french for an independent vietnam.

2. during the war, they murder millions, including those who will not join their cause. to conquer the free n rich south. war vietnam, see millions of youth especially the female, are sold overseas as sex slave, the middle east included.

If it's true, the corrupted, un-humane regime is again willing to sell the life of the Vitenamese for a mere merge $ many more sons does VN have to lose...all those poor peasant family who will be conscripted to die, the bloody hand of the VILE, corrupted regime will once again get rich and fattened on the blood of the Vietnamese peasants.

Eric Truong wrote:
Iraq is very different from VietNam, especially in the way of warfare. The Vietnamese won because we have fight for our country, we fight for the Unification and Independence. We won't be fighting for the same cause in Iraq. I think we just come to Iraq to serve as a Consultant, to teach the Americans how to fight a Guerilla war.

Charlie Nguyen wrote:
The Vietnamese will win!

Saigonese wrote:
Vietnam will win easily.

Before 1975, the Vietnamese troops won the war is because the puppet Saigon government doesn't have the respect and the support from the Southern people. So, even thought they had weapons from the Americans, while Vietnam had nothing, except some old weapons from Russian and China. But the fighting experience of the Vietz people was the reason why they won the war...

No Name wrote:
This news was not true.Do you all see the name of this web: "unconfirmed soures" ? Why are we spending time for this problem?

GOD_SENT wrote:
YOU GUYS ALL HAVE BEEN TRICKED!!!!!!!!! This is a hoax. Someone want you guys to come to this website often so that they can make money on their Google ads by creating controversial issues. Don't pass this link anymore guys. This is stupid stuffs.

Vietnamese/American boy wrote:
If it is true, who care. money talk
bullshit walk. Just don't under estimate
the VC. I was born Da nang/Hue during the 60, they overan the US & South VN
army and take control of the city for 2 months, fighting from building to building corners to corners with US the marines, I think they do ok. VC solders
not like others, they accomplish their
mission before they worries about pussy.

Tuanssovvo wrote:
The Vietnamese army were trained to fight in jumgle war. Their doctrine, tactics and equipment were designed to engage in jumgle battlefield.Not an desert Iraq theater opponent. There training and mindset during the Vietnam war was base on north vietnamese communists propaganda.
With all due respects,I do not think the writer had any back ground of military or do any research at all......
Mr:writer !!! please do some research for your next story.50,000-man is five divisions.To move five division from Vietnam to Iraq and retrain them to fight in the desert war is inpossible,especially Vietnamese military today have no supply of logistic support and transport to fight other then there own country man.

Dang Cong San Viet Nam wrote:
Forever the Vietnamese Communist Party! The People Revolution!..Thang Cong Hoa Loyalist la Cho !

bomb_hanoi wrote:
Polpot is number 1 the one and only.
We all love you.
Keep sending good stuffs.
We all want to know the truth.

noname wrote:
day la trang cua thang vo van nao ma dua nhung thong tin bo lao the nhi???? neu mat khong mu thi chac ta cung diec

Nixon wrote:
Who the fuck is " Dang Cong San Viet Nam " ...????

Oh yeah....I remember now....

1. They're a bunch of monkeys morons...who used to be born and grew up in the deep jungles in Vietnam and now they run the country with their own jungle law.

2. Because they're animal that's why they're suck blood out of the Vietnamese Human and fuck each other like crazy no matter they're related each other.

These animal still exist only in Vietnam, China, Cuba and North Korea.
The rest was wiped out in Europe 1989.
Soon those rogue named above animal will be turn.

Their time is counting !

Then the earth will be clean....very clean.

Dang Cong San Viet Nam wrote:
I am sorry to hurt you and I deeply feel regreted that I very dumb hurt the people with my comments.

I totally agree with Nixon that we are - all the communist - including myself - disgusting animal and stupid dump monkeys.

Please help me...I want to be an human and a real good one. I'm sicken tired to be a monkey.

Please help me.

Anybody ?

Nixon wrote:
Tao chui cha may thang Viet cong dlafjlajfafl;a du ma tui may dlfjaljdfkl;ajlfjafl;jfl; fuck all of you ldjafl;jd;falj jdlafjdfl;jlf dl;fadl;

Nixon wrote:
I'm so stupid. My mom is stupid. My dad stupid. My whole family are stupid. And I need uncle Chanh to help me.

Viet kieu chong Cong wrote:
Face it people, we all are stupid. We betrayed the Vietnamese people, we also betrayed our motherland. We love money, if you guys give us money, we would do anything, include killing our people, betrayed our country.

We are just like animals that is about to be extinct. That when the world will be clean.

PS. Our "capital" is in Little Saigon, Bolsa, Orange County, California, USA.

Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam wrote:

Dang Cong San Viet Nam wrote:
STOP... STOP... STOP......People !!!

It's all about my fault and my beloved monkeys Communist.

I only want to confess to all of you that I am a dirty dumbed asshole monkey, because I belong to the Communist.

But now, I want to be an human...just an human...a dumb stupid CUNT is OK to me ! As long as an human.

To be a communist monkey is fucking hard....because we all eat only SHIT....Any SHIT....Sometime we run out ...we have to eat our own SHIT.

But I tell you guys....Our SHIT I do not like it....I prefer HUMAN SHIT, especially from the American.

We Communist, love it with all our heart... Sometime, we killed each other just to get a little bit of Great American SHIT.




The Real Nixon wrote:
Hey, hold on here. I'm the real Nixon here. I'm still stupid and I really need to fuck a My den, um, right now.

Meh, I admitted people, I'm gay and has a crush on Mr. Ly Tong and Mr. Nguyen Huu Chanh. 2 greatest Freedom Fighter of our monkey, uh no, dog generation.

Anti Vietnam wrote:
We are dogs, we are so guilty. We are no different then animal. So we don't deserve to live.

Anti-Hanoi wrote:
We are like an animals.

You know, so don't take us seriously.

chong Cong = my a$$ wrote:

Thang chong Cong stupid nao tuyen truyen am i zay?

Dang Cong San Viet Nam wrote:
Fuck you " chong Cong = my a$$ "

You help me...or not ???

I just wanna be an human...Not fucking dumbed dirty cunt bastard Communist monkey !!!

Stop fighting....Help me !

I Hate Hanoi Government wrote:
We are so stupid, we need help.

Dai Dien Chong Cong wrote:
Chung ta la nhung con cho dien, face it, we are ridiculous angry dogs that bark at our country.

Ca the gioi khinh bi chung ta nhung chung ta van co gang giu vung lap truong quoc gia chong Cong cua chung ta.

Nixon wrote:







Thay Mat Chong Cong wrote:
Fuck all of you stupid "chong Cong" mother fucker. Du ma tui may do ngu dot.

Viet Cong Danh Chong Cong Chet Nhu Con C wrote:
Bon chong Cong tui bay suot ngay tru treo chui boi ko met ha cac con.

Dang Cong San Viet Nam wrote:
Tui may(Cong Hoa) la Con De! Con Cac!
Tui Tao La Nguoi Viet! Tui May la Cho De!


He Who Hate Cong Hoa wrote:
The facts is that Viet Cong won the war and that is that. So Cong Hoa need to shut the hell up because they are the losers, they weren't patriotic enough to fight. They only rely on the Americans while the Viet Cong rely on themselves to liberate the motherland. **** Cong Hoa Pigs!

Viet Kieu Ko chong Cong wrote:
Vietnam won the war, the Vietnamese people won the war. The Americans loss the war, now they went back to to apology and make friend with Vietnam. Why do the "Cong Hoa" still bitter? Look, the Americans loss, and you guys ran and follow the Americans to the United States, you guy follow them like dogs.

So just STFU and maybe the old dad (USA) will pity you n give you a bone. Punk a$$ lu tan du Cong Hoa.

an anonymous in VN wrote:
Oh oh, many Vietnamese Communists came here ah!?

We the Nationalists should go out. Vietcongs are talent of arguing, propaganda and great liar!

Now they cannot receive supports from Soviet and China, so they have to rely on U.S. dollar. Ha ha...

=> sooner they will be thrown down by the people who gradually know what democracy is.

Non Communist wrote:
I'm not communist. There are NO communist here. I'm a proudly Vietnamese non-Communist. And I think the Vietnamese government has done a great job manage the country. I also think that all the Anti Vietnamese government people should just shut the phuck up ok.

A truly not Communist wrote:
o^oh, funny h! now Communists become the normal people!

How the language of VC! 'fuck, shut up, and...' hm, 'cause they used to use police force to solve everything!

What the shame!

Now, I can't proudly be an VNese like you! Happy with your dictator government! :-)

But please be kind and polite with my people, ok!

Chong Cong wrote:
Fuck all of you commie, shut the fuck up you mother fucker Commie bitch.

FreedomForVN wrote:
I will fuck all of you Vietcong ass.

NTD wrote:
Toi,Thu Tuong Nha Nuoc XHCNVN xin tran trong xac dinh nguon tin tren gan dung su that, boi vi con so 50,000 hoi cao so voi con so ma Nha Nuoc da cam ket.
Day la bi mat quoc phong nen toi khong the dua ra con so chinh xac .
Nhung loi tuyen bo cua Tong Thong Bush ve viec du hoc cua cac con toi tai Hoa Ky va nguon tin con toi lap gia dinh voi mot Viet kieu o My la dung. Tuy nhien loi nhan xet cua Tong Thong Bush khong duoc chinh xac vi ngoai gia dinh toi con co rat nhieu gia dinh cac Dong Chi tai to mat lon khac cung da chuyen ngan va dem con cai qua My hoc va dau tu. Ngay xua Hoa Ky la thu dich cua CSVN nay da tro thanh ban thi viec giup do nhau co gi la kho khan !
Viec dang dat dai cho Tau Cong va nhuong mot phan bien Dong cho bac Trieu chi la chuyen nho, tha gi viec dem thanh nien sang Iraq chi la mot chuyen binh thuong, mot hon da giet hai con chim , thu nhat thanh nien nhu nhung hang ngu dot ech ngoi day gieng toi lay thi du nhung ten viet may loi phe binh benh vuc dang mu quang tren day chang han qua du thua, toi ngay an nhau, that nghiep dai dai, thu hai viec nay dem lai mot loi nhuan rat lon cho ngan quy phat trien kinh te cua Nha Nuoc ta , hang hoa trao doi mau dich thi thuong bi hoan tra lai vi thieu tieu chuan ve sinh, con thanh nien thi chac chan se duoc thong qua. Nha Nuoc thuong ap dung cau cham ngon : " Song chet mac bay, tien thi Dang dop ! " Toi nghi rang day la mot mon hang trao doi mau dich dau tien cua Nha Nuoc khi VN duoc chinh thuc thau nhan lam hoi vien cua WTO.
Mot loi nhan cuoi cung den nhung Viet kieu hai ngoai la quy vi : " Dung nghe nhung gi Thieu noi ma hay nhin ky nhung gi CS lam ! "

VNCH wrote:
Du me may tui CS mat day cho de cho de. Tui tao se xin ong Bush ve giai phong dat nuoc. Viet My muon nam!

Cha-u Bac To^n Lu`n wrote:
...Ba^?m 2 cu Mac Le...

...Ba^?m cu Lennin...

...Ba^?m Ba'c Ho^`...

Ca'c vi co linh thieng...mac du cac cu dang o Hoa vui long nin chut thi gio (di nhien la phai xin phep Qui Su...chu khong thoi no danh bo me !!!!) giai quyet chuyen con chau cua cac cu no dang gio tro mat dzay tren mang nay.

Xin cac cu ve gap, bon con chau Phan Van Khai, Nong Duc Manh....bay gio vo cung mat dzay....mat dzay hon ca cac cu gap tram ngan lan....

Cac cu mau mau ve bop giai cho no chet me cai lu Cong con ....cho chung no chet qua dat nay bot gioi bo, khi dot va Vem....

Con xin het.

Cha'u Bac To^n Lu`n.

tin hin wrote:
mot lu? cho' ma' ko biet cai lin` gi` thi cam cai mom cho' di

tin hin wrote:
chung may chi? gioi vuot duoi meo~ thoi. ve^` nc' tao gap. tao nhet cut vao trong mom ay

Dang Cong San VN wrote:
Xin ca anh em dung chui nhau nua...Toi la "Dang Cong San Viet Nam", da keu gao rat nhieu lan de xin duoc giup viec may thang Cong San nhu toi, thuoc cac giong Khi Dot, Duoi Uoi, Vem, Gioi Bo....

Nay, xin phep...muon duoc " LA`M NGUO`I "...mong duoc anh em tren mang nay giup do...
Do la chung toi, toan Dang, toan Quan... phai AN CUT CUA MY, vi` chi? co' CUT MY chung toi moi la`nh be^.nh.

Chung toi va cac bac cha chu...Le Duan, Pham Van Dong, Phan Van Khai, Nong Duc Manh, va ngay ca Cu Ho kinh yeu....bay lau nay an cut Nga Xo, Trung Cong, Cuba, Bac Han riet roi khong thay THA`NH NGUO` ngo' toi ngo' lui....dang la VEM lai bien thanh Gioi Bo, Khi Dot, Duoi Uoi....tu bao nhieu nam qua ...nay da ngot gan mot the ky.

Nay toi dai dien Trung Uong Dang CSVN. ta.m lay ten " Dang Cong San Viet Nam " tren na`y, xin cac anh em giup do, nhat la cac anh em o Hai Ngoai, viet thu kha^?n den Toa Nha Trang , van xin Tong Thong va Nhan Dan My kinh yeu..." no^'i duo`ng o^'ng cua he thong cut dai cua toan nuoc My " da^~n tha+?ng ve^` VN "... va` ... " PHUN TRUC TIEP VAO MOM CAC VI LANH TU KINH YEU CUA TRUNG UONG DANG CSVN CU`NG DAM GIOI BO CA'C CA^'P NHU CHUNG TOI " .

Xin anh em o Hai Ngoai giup do chung toi. Co nhu the chung toi moi co hi vong tho'at kho?i kiep Gioi Bo, Khi Dot, Duoi Uoi....

Dang va Nha Nuoc se ta on va den on boi hau cong lao cua qui anh em, khi qui anh em ve tham que nha.

Nay kinh thu.

Dang Cong San VN.

Hie^.p Si~ Cu+-u Ve.m wrote:
OK, Dang Cong San VN.
Duong ong da^~n cu't da'i cua toa`n nuoc My da~ duoc lap rap xong va sa~n sa`ng hoat dong.
Chu'ng ma`y, toa`n bo^. Trung Uong Dang CSVN ha' mo^`m ra....nho+' la` cu+' tu+` tu+` ma` nuo^'t .
Kho^ng vie^.c gi` pha?i da`nh nhau ca?
Du+'a na`o cu~ng co' pha^`n ca? .
Cu+'t My~ la` nguo^`n ta`i nguye^n vo^ ta^.n ....

+Du+`ng so+. ca.n .

Cu+' tu+` tu+` ma` nuo^'t.
Hie^.p Si~ Cu+'u Ve.m

Democracy Movement for VN wrote:
Du me may thang Cong San cho. Fuck all of you.

neu tin nham nay la dung, thi lan nay cs lai co dip(ho-hao)vi no com am ao cho dangcsvn,nen danh phai buoc long ky bang (giao-uoc) voi ke cuu thu xua ma lam nghiavu-quocte .Thi day cung la 1lan nua de on lai(noi cong)von da bi phan hoa tu suot 31 nam qua chua bao gio xai den,lan nay ma xuat chieu lai chac la phai e am lam .Chuc thang loi nghe cai lu con do khat nuoc!!! ua quen khat dollas !!!!!!??????????????

Cac ban tre vn oi!hay can-dam len nhe,dung so-hai vi neu van bat dac vi ky nay phai di IRAG de lam anh hung sa mac cuu nguy cho nhan dan IRAG,cac ban phai that sang suot va linh hoat lam moi co the(giai phong)duoc khungbo vi bon chung cung khong thua gi quan,thay cua cac ban dau nhe hay can than day dung de d/c DU..thatvong nhe thong bao khan cap:"send him a massage DU.DU.DU dont let it happened likely TET OFFENSIVE 1968 ONEC AGAIN,we must win ,before you go" bac se phu ho cac anh nho tro ve som hu!hu!hu!kiep con bo(cow)

Tran Dzan Tien wrote:
It is not joke. Everything may be happen!
Hope that Vietnam have enough force to do any thing like that!

Nguoi Viet wrote:
Du Ma May Tien

Nguoi Viet wrote:
it is people like you(Tien) that why our country is poor and corrupt. Imperialist assholes

Democracy for Vietz wrote:
Yah our country is poor and corrupt because of the stupid mother fucker Hanoi gov. Son of a bitch. Du ma may thang Vem. Tao danh chet me be lu Vem. They kill Americans in Vietnam right now. Hehe

Ong Tin wrote:
Will you just shut the fukc up "Democracy for Vietz" you and your pro-american propaganda! Don't you remember all the brutal and cruel things the US did to the Vietnamese people??!! you traitor!

Tony wrote:
Chinese said: "Vietnamese people is like a "bag of sand".

Sa-t Co^.ng wrote:
Du me Nong Duc Manh

Du me Phan Van Khai

Du me Nguyen Tien Dung

Chu'ng ma`y la` loa`i gio`i bo.

pha?i bi. tie^u die^.t cho qua? da^'t na`y du'o'.c se~ .

Du me toa`n bo^. bo.n Co^.ng Sa?n VN.

Bo.n chu'ng ma`y thuo^.c loa`i man ri mo.i ro'. kho^ng da'ng so^'ng .

Sa't Co^.ng

Viet wrote:
Du di may Sa-t Co^.ng
Don't talk shit about Nong Duc Manh

Sa-t Co^.ng wrote:
Tha*`ng Vie^`y a*n cu*'t cu?a

tha*`ng ho. No^ng

ne^n ma`y hu`ng ho^? be^nh no' qua'
va^.y con !

Du? me? ma`y luo^n...tha*`ng co^'t

do^.t !

Sa't Co^.ng

fuck all of you. Bhahahahahahah

Commie Killer wrote:
Bitch ass hole

shut up mother fucker.

Viet wrote:
Cong Hoa are hyprocites, traitors, dogs!
Have some gut and face the Communists! Stop hiding behind Americans!

Thuy Linh wrote:
"In 1975, the North troops won the South because they had weapons from Russia and China, while South Vietnam had nothing. This was the reason why they won the war" ---> Idiot and know-nothing !!!

Viet wrote:
uh stupid, the Soviets and Chinese only lend weapons and supplies to the North(NOT TROOPS!!) MEANWHILE SOUTH VIETNAM HAD AMERICAN TROOPS/WEAPONS/$$$/TANKS/AIRPLANES AND YET THEY STILL LOSE THE WAR!! DUMB SHIT!

Le Loi wrote:
Quang Trung wrote "SHIT" only....

None of the motherfucker understand ....YOU DUMB SHIT !

Quang Trung wrote:
shut up Le Loi

Andyt714 wrote:
Can anyone atleast read this address of this website"" does anyone know what is mean??is mean everything in this web is not yet to be confirm and is not 100% truth. So why fighting? More likely the Viet Cong Gook Will collect the U.S Dollas and Spend it and then give a middle finger to President Bush said! you fucking Redneck we just stole your money. But i think is really funny if I see a Viet Cong Gook carrying weapon and running around Iraq desert more likely a little midgit trying to go around and find the IE or Bomb and take it back to Vietnam and Sell it hahahah

Andyt714 wrote:
-Du ma' tao nghi tui vietcong thieu khon tien bac cho nen muon dem 50,000 quan qua iraq -de an cap' may trai bom roi thao no ra dem ve vietnam ban' thi co' kekeke...Hopefully i kill some of the Viet Cong Gook if I see them in Iraq, I'am Segeant U.S marine and still serving in Iraq right now..I will kill all Viet Cong Army and report as a friendly Fire....hahahahaha

Andyt714 wrote:
all of you are fucking stupid..the reason that pres. Bush went to Visited Vietnam it's because United State Of America Want to Created attention to make North Korean Jelousy and desperated for food and trading.

CanBoGiaChuaChet !! ma- tui may !! wrote:
cong nhan may thang vnch mat day thiet. so di tui may that hoc la tai vi tui tui may rat la kho' tri , cho nen trong 70 nam qua khong co mot nguoi , hoac la mot che do dan chu tu do nao ma cai tri cai lu tui may duoc, la vi cai lu tui may sinh ra la pha hoai ,khong ton trong doi song nguoi dan. cho du nguoi dan deo' co cai gi ,tui may cung chang co cho nguoi dan duoc cai deo' gi het TUI MAY HAY CHET SOM DI , DE CHO THE HE SAU NAY TOT HON

CanBoGiaChuaChet !! ma- tui may !! wrote:
31 nam qua , tui may lam gi duoc cho nguoi dan trong nuoc , goi duoc 10 ty dolla ha ? cai' ma~ cha tui may !! 10 ty dolla la cua nhung nguoi yeu nuoc , chu' tui may lam gi ma goi duoc 10 ty !! deo' me !! nuoi cai than luu vong con khog noi, bai dat noi la goi ve vn 10 dolla TUI MAY CHETTTTTTT HETT DIIIIIIIIIIII !!!

Sa-t Co^.ng wrote:
Hello..." CanBoGiaChuaChet " !

Truoc het....Doc ca'i ten cu?a ma`y chu'ng tao bie^'t`y la` tha+`ng KHI? +DO.^T ....gio`ng gio^'ng cu?a tha*`ng Ho^` Li Tinh cu?a hang cho^`n Pa+'c Bo' nha` ma`y !

Cha+?ng qua, lu~ Ve.m chu'ng ma`y chi? la` loa`i gio`i bo. su'c sanh ne^n to? ra ghen tu+'c vo+'i nhu+~ng con ngu+o+`i VIE^.T NAM CO^.NG HO`A nhu+ chu'ng tao.

Ha~y nhi`n xem tha+`ng bo^' Ngue^~n Tie^'n Du~ng cu`ng mo^.t ba^`y KHI? +DO^.T BA+'C BO^. PHU? chu'ng ma`y la.y lu.c tha+`ng My~ +de^? +du+o+.c...." la`m hue^`" vo+'i +De^' Quo^'c My~ ....

+Du? me? chu'ng ma`y......Cu+'t i?a ra ro^`i quay la.i a+n la^'y a+n +de^? ....+Du? me? chu'ng ma`y kho^ng bie^'t nhu.c` sao gio+` na`y co`n chu+?i bo+'i la+ng nha+ng ????

+Du'ng la` bo.n ma`y thuo^.c loa`i KHI? +DO^.T BA+'C BO^. PHU? ne^n cha+?ng bie^'t NHU.C la` gi` !

Ve^` vo+'i bo.n KHI? +DO^.T cu?a ma`y....+Du+`ng ba hoa chi'ch cho`e nu+~a ....

To^'t nha^'t la` ca+'m +da^`u xuo^'ng cu+'t ma` che^'t +di....THA+`NG LO^`N !

Sa't Co^.ng

unknown wrote:

Common Sense wrote:

Andyt714 wrote:
-Du con di me. tui vietcong an lo qe an thi du bu mao bay khong biet la thang vua roi tao buoc' ve^\ vietnam cong long lon\ tao no bay pho phut' o Ha Noi, Cong long lon tao no bay phoi phut' o sai gon...cong long lon\ tao no bay pho phut' tren cai lang cua thang Ho Chi Minh...du ma' tui bay co' ngon thi dung toi cong long lon\ cua tao, tao goi phone qua my~ kieu thang my den ban trai tao ve vietnam quanh tac cai' nuoc vietnam cho tui bay xem...du ma tui bay...lon ma' tui bay co' kinh krkkrkr

chip wrote:
that's not real..because Vietnamese always love peace..

Free Vietnamese wrote:
Vietnamese Communist Government will be victim of US Imperialism like the Republic of VN before 75 .
"Rather to be US' ennemy than to be its friend".
But the actual corrupt regime in VN may do the stupid thing like this news .

hateeverything wrote:
According to me , firstly we have to send all the bribery traffic police to Iraq so that they can take money from the alquaeda terrorist hehehe !!! Secondly the bribery officers to rule the terrorists too hihihi. Thirdly , the VNmese population 's too high , there must be some reason to low this rate officially .

love peace wrote:
unconfirmed news. No comment

Viet Pride wrote:

Kamal El-Din wrote:

BANMAI wrote:
Du ma chung may ! Chung may biet cai lo^`n gi` ma` no'i ! Co' gio?i ve^` VN ma` chu*?i ! Ha ha ! De'o da'm ! Chu'ng ma`y chi? la` nhu*~ng con cho' kho^ng ho*n kho^ng ke'm ! Chu'ng ma`y lie^'m lo^`n lie^'m cu*'t be^n My~ ro^`i xa? nhu*~ng thu*' ba^?n thi?u va`o Vie^.t Nam ! Chu'ng ma`y cho^'ng ma('t le^n ma` xem ! Vie^.t Nam dang thay doi tu*`ng nga`y ! Dat nuoc tuoi de.p hoa` bi`nh ! Da?ng Co^.ng Sa?n Vie^.t Nam muo^n na(m !

QUOC HAI wrote:
Nhan Dan Viet Nam muon nam. Dang cong san Viet Nam muon nam. Bac Ho kinh yeu MUON NAM. Dan toc Viet Nam muon nam.
Suc manh cua dan toc Viet Nam la VO HAN. Dat nuoc VIET NAM mai mai truong ton.

Vinh wrote:
Cac ban VN. Neu muon phan doi thi vui long dung tra loi. Hay tay chay cai giong dieu ngu dot nay. Cang tuc toi tra loi thi cang trung ke. Hy vong day la comment cuoi cung cua chung ta.

Dave Hanson wrote:
My opinion is this: I am married to a Vietnamese woman and myself am an American vet. a former Marina...I was to young for the Vietnam war though.
My father in law and myself talk frequently about this very situation as he sent me this article!
My father in law provided information and tranlation to the American troops in the Vietnam war. They then escaped in mid late seventies and came to America.
I am happy that the Vietnamese tropps could priide strong back up to the Iraqis and Americans during this troubled type of war.
From what I have understood, the VC are experts in gorrilla warfare and have a fierce sense of fighting...I do not condone communists however, if this will assit in a successfull withdrawel of American troops, GREAT!!
The VC needs the $$ and I would like to see the doors to Vietnam open up to western civilization....I do not like the Chinese people let along the 10 cheers for the Vietnamese gorvernment on THIS only and 10 cheers for America!!
So, scew all you people who think this people can kiss my ass.
I also have a high respect for the south vietnamese as a quality people!

dang thi thuy tram wrote:
That is stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you think that!!!!!!!!!!!!

truc wrote:
ranh qua ha! di lam di

Budish son in VN wrote:
Why there are so many commies on this? They all said that they love VN. You let Taiwaneses sell Vietnamese women on the web. You let Korean buy Vietnamese women like the cows. Wake up all commies, you guys will be collapsed soon.

mẹ my wrote:
man...that's stupid

kệ tui hỏi mẹ g wrote:
sooooooooooooo dumb

no name wrote:
QUOC HAi...u r right...exactly right

to cha thang can bo gia chua chet wrote:
cai thang can bo gia chua chet chac chan la tu nho cha me no da bo no o trong dong phan bo roi vi no xau hon quai thai nua.xau ho cho cha me may qua di,sau nay neu may co sanh con thi con may cung toan la lu quai thai,con trai thi di lam ma co,con gai thi di lam diem,vo may thi di theo trai,ca dong ho nha may lam an may an xin ngoai duong ma chua chac duoc ai cho mot dong,may coi chung ra duong bi xe tong bep dau,di tam bi chet duoi,di xe lua thi bi trat duong ray,di bo thi cho can,o nha thi nha sap.

Gia Cat Khong Minh wrote:
it's a joke....

HungNguyen wrote:
Fuck you ! I'm a vietnamese !

Lenin wrote:
Stupid's a joke...


Ho chi minh wrote:
Let 50.000 soldies die in Iraq, then Vietnam will have more 50.000 " gia dinh liet si" ....

trong tai wrote:
tui may im het di lu~ sau bo co ngon thi dau voi nhau bang vu~ luc di cu' ngoi noi' nhu vay hay lam sao do cho' an cut'

Hello wrote:
Vietnamese troops can get weaponary from the U.S. The communist government send them to Iraq as mercenaries (soldiers who fight for money). In this case, they die of fighting but money go to the corrupted government. Poor those men.

Que Me wrote:
Fuck you BUSH !!! your mother fucker !!!! Do you Want vietnamese people die for american people? Do you want do that BUSH?!!! You better let all the troops in Iraq back to them belong.

miss- u wrote:
This news should be confirmed as correct news and publicize it

All what I can see is that you guys WASTE OF time on an unconfirmed information.


Finally I do agree with Quoc Hai.

No matter what happens, I'm still Vietnamese and I do love my own country.

@ NGUYEN CAO CUONG : Are you Koo-Cuong? If so - Nice to see you here, anh Cuong ! :)

VietNam No1 wrote:
Dit me fan dong ha? ma`y
I'll ddos your site
Viet Nam No1

That's such a good idea, VietNam No1 :)

siuchicken007 wrote:
you waste a lot of time that you can do the better thing like that !
Whhy dont you try to stop to confirms this mother fucker notice ? And do something that your heart say .
I'm Vietnamese , and i love my country . Vietnamese people even never think that we will attend will be appeared again in our country , our in another one . :)

Visitor wrote:
He he , con cho bi nguoi ta danh , chay ra xa ma sua . Nguoi ta moi doa lai chay cong duoi , sua to hon...Sao giong cai bon Viet Nam Cong Hoa thua tran chung may the khong biet :-)

Visitor wrote:
VNCH cua chung may ngon thi den Dai Su quan Viet Nam o My ma treo co Ba que cua chung may len . Ngoi chui rua chuyen trong nuoc thi tui tao cung xem nhu cho sua , nguoi di ma thoi :-)

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