iPhone Rehacked: iPhone Dev Team 2, Apple, Inc 0
by Kamal El-Din
iPhone rehacked?Unconfirmed sources report that the iPhone Dev Team has rehacked the Apple iPhone after the latest firmware update. The iPhone Dev Team group that did the new hack was lead by Swedish teen wonder hacker Nutzipper. The iPhone Dev Team claims the rehack was accomplished in just 17 hours and was a group effort that included over 100 volunteer coders. The hack is expected to be posted in a few days as the installer app to implement it is completed.

"It looks like round two of the iPhone war is going to the iPhone Dev Team." Says phone expert Olin Pots. "I gotta tell you I'm not surprised. The iPhone Dev Team is a large group of highly motivated people with nothing better to do. They probably outnumber the Apple coders on this project by 4 to 1. I think it is going to be a losing battle for Apple."

The hacker that lead the team that rehacked the iPhone is a real star in the hacking community. Coming out of nowhere last year Nutzipper was behind the DRM Wi-Fi hack that turned the Zune into a DRM free music broadcasting unit. This latest effort accomplished with the iPhone Dev Team proves that he is no one hit wonder. Nutzipper has show that he is cross platform capable and has the skills to make a dent where ever he chooses.

Apple will not doubt redouble their efforts to relock the iPhone and assure that they will still get their piece of the revenue sharing they negotiated with AT&T. It is however a sad commentary on the arraignment when a company must do battle with it's own customers for their business model to work.

Given the will of the hacking community to keep this platform open one could expect that after a while Apple will tire of spending the resources to defend it. And when that happens the functionality of the unit and it's popularity will probably explode.

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Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.

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Camel El-Loco wrote:
This is the WORST website on the net, spreading lies and halftruth news, you should be ashamed of yourself. I hope people aren't that stupid to believe the crap on this site, the Dev Team rumour is another example of crap because the Dev Team never made such a statement and the second unlock attempt for FW 1.1.1 has just started. Oh boy, your site should be closed for spreading such crap, unbelievable.

Chinco Bob wrote:
ah...It's a FAKE NEWS site you dumb ass.

cookooman wrote:
well i can conferm to you that we are still working on hacking 1.1.1 but we are not quite done yet.

so please stop spreading lies

PDisual wrote:
Come on people! Nutzipper? That has to be the funniest name ever! This was a great article, it gave me a good laugh!

david knight wrote:
Our business model is not solely predicated upon making the iphone being locked. It is a prerequisite that was promised to our carrier.

I do not really understand why people continually try to unlock the phone to place applications when she SDK is soon to be released.

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