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Ed E. Druckman

The one and only Ed E Druckman.

Ed E. Druckman 's Stories

2010-03-12     Jihad Jane Claims On Terrorism: "It was performance art."

2010-02-26     E-E-T: Health Care Reform on TV...At Least, Sarah Palin Goes NRA and Restricted Airplane Bathrooms.

2010-02-18     Tiger Woods Moves Press Conference To Playboy Mansion

2010-02-10     E-E-T News: Obama TV, Sarah Palin Drinks the Tea and George Bush Is Back?

2010-02-05     Toyota Hires Mel Gibson As Prius Spokesman

2010-01-29     Biden To Obama: "Yes We Can?"

2010-01-22     E-E-T News: Health care reform DOA. John Edwards Goes Haiti. Tiger Woods Sex Addict.

2010-01-15     Pat Robertson To Replace Simon Cowell on "American Idol"!

2010-01-08     White House Report Shocker: Al Qaeda Recruiting Using "The Three Stooges"

2009-12-18     Sarah Palin: "Santa Claus a Socialist!"

2009-11-13     Sarah Palin Denies Audio Version of "Going Rogue" For "Illiterates".

2009-11-06     E-E-T News: Unemployment Rises, Sarah Palin Silent and Mom Janine Lindemulder

2009-10-30     E-E-T News: Obama Ruled American, Priests Against Health Care, Sarah Palin Won't Use The "R" Word

2009-10-23     E-E-T News: Dick Cheney keeps speaking, Sarah Palin keeps blogging and Joe Wilson Exiles His Wife

2009-10-16     Obama Administration To Use ReCAPTCHA To Fund Healthcare

2009-10-09     Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize. Rush Limbaugh's Head Explodes.

2009-10-02     Sarah Palin: Letterman Extortionist To Be Commended!

2009-09-25     E-E-T News: Joe Biden Talks "Turkey" While Barack Obama Gets Mad at Iran-Kinda

2009-09-18     Glenn Beck Denies "Affection" For Rachel Maddow.

2009-09-11     Joe Wilson To Become Spokesperson For Tourette Syndrome

2009-08-28     Edward "Ted" Kennedy: "Top Shelf" Or Just "Bargain Basement"?

2009-08-21     Pope Benedict Moves To Make "Saint" Bill Clinton.

2009-08-14     The Health Care Debate: Is that goose steps I hear?

2009-08-07     Twitter Crashes. People Forced To Actually Talk To Each Other!

2009-07-31     E-E-T: Obama's Keg Party, AirLines Bare It All and Health Care Still A Dream

2009-07-24     Barack Obama Arrested In Cambridge

2009-07-17     Sarah Palin: NAACP Racist

2009-07-10     E-E-T News: Sarah Palin cashes in. Monkeys Pass on McDonald's. Healthcare in a Congressional Coma.

2009-07-06     Sarah Palin: Role Model? The answer is more than just a punch line.

2009-06-26     Mark Sanford and Eliot Spitzer To Form Bi-Partisan Independent Party

2009-06-19     Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Hires Karl Rove As Consultant In Iran Election

2009-06-12     E-E-T News: Mr. Chastity Bono, Madonna Goes Native And Miss Kalifornia

2009-06-05     David Carradine's Death Increases Rope Sales At Adult Shops.

2009-05-29     E-E-T: Southwest Bags Children, Michael Bloomberg Apologizes (Kind Of) And Google Waves

2009-05-22     Cheney: "Waterboard Me." Obama: "No, Waterboard Me!"

2009-05-15     New York City: Jail Is "Recession Insulation"

2009-05-08     Pee-Wee League Player Suspended For Illegal Substance Use

2009-05-01     Piglet Banned From Disneyland Due to Swine Flu

2009-04-24     I Twitter. Therefore I Am?

2009-04-17     Paris Hilton Challenges Ashton Kutcher To Twitter Un-Follow

2009-04-10     Disney "Pirates of the Caribbean" Take Hostages

2009-04-03     Why Madonna Should Adopt Me

2009-03-27     Obama Afghan Strategy: Bin Laden Twitters AIG Advisors

2009-03-20     Bowlers And Special Olympians Protest Obama "Tonight Show" Joke

2009-03-13     The Ten Things Bernie Madoff Will Have To Remember In Prison

2009-03-06     Obama Introduces "Auto-Erotic" Tax At White House Health Forum

2009-02-27     Universe Ends. Dow Jones Rises 50% On News.

2009-02-20     E-E-T NEWS: A-Rod Knows Tic-Tacs, Middle School Beat Down More Than Dow Jones And Amy Fisher Advises Kids

2009-02-13     Madonna To Auction More Nude Pictures For Obama Stimulus

2009-02-06     Michael Phelps To Endorse Dunkin' Donuts And Raid

2009-01-30     Obama To Wall Street: Bonuses To Be Paid In Pennies

2009-01-23     George Bush Inks Book Deal With Crayola

2009-01-16     E-E-T NEWS: Ann Coulter v. Michelle Obama, Inauguration Day Luau, Paris Hilton's Golden Globes

2008-12-19     The Top Ten Reasons Santa Is Downsizing This Year

2008-12-12     Obama Economic Plan: Auction Congressional Seats On eBay?

2008-12-05     Santa Claus To Congress: "One Trillion Dollars Or No Christmas."

2008-11-21     Attorney General Mukasey, faints. The last casualty of Bush administration?

2008-11-14     Bush Denies Support Of Fake "New York Times" Iraq War Ends Story

2008-11-07     Obama To Address Rising Unemployment With REALLY Big Cabinet

2008-11-03     Ed-E-torial 28: "Survivor" John McCain. Mr. Sulu A Pain in Captain Kirk's Asteroid?

2008-10-31     Republican Sources: A Palin-Plumber Ticket In 2012

2008-10-28     Ed-E-torial 27: Maxim's "Hot" Politicians. John McCain Short On Hair And Cash!

2008-10-17     Sarah Palin proclaims: "Saturday Night Live is funny!"

2008-10-15     Ed-E-torial Scoop: John McCain Last Ditch Debate Ad Move

2008-10-14     Ed-E-torial 26: Miss Piggy Bi, Lynne Spears Mom of the Year And Richard Gere Goes Bollywood

2008-10-03     Sarah Palin: A Vice President Men Can Finally Get Excited About

2008-09-23     Ed-E-torial 25: Meet The "Other" Two Girls One Cup Girl

2008-09-18     After Sarah Palin Yahoo Hack, McCain's Gmail A "Snoozer".

2008-09-12     John McCain Blog: Britney Spears VMA Comeback Like Iraq Victory

2008-09-09     Ed-E-torial 24: Amber Colt--A Girl And Her Top(less)

2008-08-15     John McCain: Lindsay Lohan, not about being gay, but dating Jews

2008-08-13     Not Britney, not Paris Hilton...But Amber Colt New Co-Host Of Ed-E-torial!

2008-08-08     John McCain To Paris Hilton, "Cosmo, bayatch!"

2008-08-01     Jamie Spears: Britney To Donate Eggs For Darfur

2008-07-25     John McCain Gives Thumbs Up To Miley Cyrus Breakout

2008-07-18     John McCain's Dark Knight Is Dirty Harry

2008-07-11     John McCain's iPhone 3G Blog

2008-07-03     AP NEWS: Paris Hilton On Global Warming. Amy Winehouse Not A Racist. Oprah Not God. And The McCain Cougar.

2008-06-27     Paris Hilton Donates Income To Children's Hospital From Mini-Me Sex Tape

2008-06-20     Angelina Jolie and Madonna Compete For Adoption of Jamie Lynn Spears' Baby

2008-06-13     Hillary Clinton Witch Rumor Denied By McCain Camp

2008-06-06     Hillary Clinton Suspends Campaign With A Nod To Lou Costello

2008-05-23     John McCain To Join Game Show "Survivor"

2008-05-16     Bush Declares Obama Stance On Hummus: "Simply Misguided"

2008-05-09     Obama and Clinton Go For "Obvious" Strategy

2008-05-02     White House Claims: Bush Disapproval Rating Still Lower Than Playboy Bunny IQ

2008-04-17     Ed-E-torial 23: MTV's The Hills Goes Country. And Teen Executions in Florida

2008-04-16     Eighty Year Old Forced To Smoke Pot?

2008-04-10     New Movie Hit: George (Bush) and Dick (Cheney) Go To Jordan

2008-03-25     Ed-E-torial 22: Paris Hilton says, "No more Greeks." Britney Spears Gets Donald Trump's Hair.

2008-03-14     Al Gore At New York Auto Show: "Global Warming, a bunch of hot air!"

2008-02-29     Ed-E-torial 21: Wheelchair Bob Answers Your E-mails

2008-02-19     AP News: Vice President Britney Spears and Paris Hilton Humanitarian?

2008-02-12     Ed-E-torial 20: Lindsay Lohan Terror Alert! Michael Vick Hires Karl Rove.

2008-02-01     Britney Spears Released. Elvis Rumor Confirmed

2008-01-29     Ed-E-torial 19: One Girl Three Boobs? Meet Amber Colt.

2008-01-24     Romney "Holiday Card" Gets Bin-Laden and Hefner Endorsement

2008-01-09     Ed-E-torial 18: Ed Spanks The Monkey While Lindsay Lohan Goes Playstation

2008-01-07     A Little Late But...Happy 2008! or Happy 2008?

2007-12-20     Ed-E-torial: Rob Zombie Does Shirley MacClaine. Dick Cheney Goes Postal.

2007-12-18     Bush: "Put Santa on Terrorist Watch List!"

2007-11-14     Ed-E-torial Will Soon Be back. Tough Luck!

2007-11-12     Saint Paris Hilton Of "The Simple Life"

2007-10-31     Paris Hilton's Rwanda Trip "Food For Models"

2007-10-25     Lindsay Lohan Declares, "Screw It! I'm Getting Sh*t Faced!"

2007-10-19     George Bush, "Hannah Montana... Iraq Victory Model!"

2007-09-05     Flip-Flops and September 11th

2007-08-27     Alberto Gonzales To Be Replaced By Magic Eight Ball

2007-08-21     Ed-E-torial Number 17: Adopting Machine Angelina Jolie. H'Obama in 2008?

2007-08-04     Ed-E-torial Number 16: Dr. Monica Lewinsky? Paris Hilton Mingles With Seamen.

2007-06-28     Ed-E-torial Number 15: Bobby Brown Cracks Up. Barry Bonds Floats. Britney Spears Gives Her Head To Obama.

2007-06-05     Paris Hilton's Jail Survival Guide...the celebutante's guide to having a good time while you're doing time.

2007-05-31     Ed-E-torial Number 14: Britney Spears Meets Elvis. Karl Rove Outs The Bush Twins. German Antisemites?

2007-04-05     Ed-E-festo: Video 3.0: New Media Warlords of the 21st Century Unite!

2007-03-05     Ed-E-torial #13: Paris Hilton Vows Celibacy. Lindsay Lohan Trips On Her Ass. And George Bush Trips On Abortion.

2007-02-19     Ed-E-torial #12: George Clooney Still Sexy. Tom Cruise Still Short. Britney Still Commando.

2007-02-02     Ed-E-torial #11: Britney Spears Belching. Paris Hilton Sucking. Dane Cook Gets Dissed!

2007-01-19     Ed-E-torial Number 10: George Bush Talks Iraq In A Mall! Bill Clinton Goes O.J.

2006-12-22     Special Ed-E-torial: Britney Spears Wants A Shoulder To Cry On. Try mine!

2006-12-13     Ed-E-torial Number 8: Meet Pete the Superhero

2006-11-27     Ed-E-torial Number 7: Kim Jong Il-in, John Kerry Tries Again and A Superhero for the New Millennium

2006-11-17     George Bush Gives Thumbs Up To Neuter Sweet

2006-11-10     Ed-E-torial Number 6: SpongBob Goes To Pot, John Mark Karr Comes Clean and Paris Hilton Is A Narcissist?

2006-11-03     Dick Cheney Dog Parts Store (Possible Stem Cell Pickle)

2006-10-27     Bad Product Ideas: Tom Marvel Birth Control Ice Cream

2006-10-20     Rumsfeld's E-Z Lite Music Terrorist Tape...Another Crisis For George Bush?

2006-10-10     Four Year Old Sam Adams Called Terrorist By Bob Woodward

2006-10-06     Mark Foley's iPod Has Inflate-A-Mate Sex Ad

2006-09-27     Ed-E-torial #5: George Bush and Homey Vladimir Putin, A Hunting Cheney Goes and Vioxx Still Kills!

2006-09-21     Britney Spears' New Baby? George Bush Sends Troops To Pakistan? Suri Cruise? Today, It's About Ed E. Druckman.

2006-09-14     Ed-E-torial #4: Wheelchair Bobby Talks About Bert and Ernie's "Man Love"

2006-09-09     Paris Hilton To Endorse The Friday the 13th Diet

2006-09-06     Michael "MySpace" Jackson? George Bush Goes Nuclear. And Britney Spears Does More Than Belch.

2006-08-30     Ed-E-torial #3: Britney Spears Says, "No Anal." Jenna Jameson Gets Searched. And Barry Bonds Authors "Game of Steroids".

2006-08-24     A Year After Katrina, George Bush says, "It was bad."

2006-08-16     Ed-E-torial #2: Jessica Simpson Blogs. Ken Lay Is Still Dead. Fashion By Osama?

2006-08-09     Paris Hilton Vows Celibacy. Mel Gibson Apologizes For It?

2006-08-03     Ed-E-torial #1: George Bush Goes Playboy. TomKat's Suri Cruise and Michael Jackson? And Karl Rove is Back!

2006-08-01     Mel Gibson Latest To Jews: Crucify Me Already!

2006-07-27     Ann Coulter Calls For The Death Of Ann Coulter?

2006-07-19     Britney Spears Production of Bush Speech Hot iTunes Download

2006-07-12     President Bush Trumpets Improved Deficit Figures with "We're Less Broke!"

2006-07-05     Britney Spears Declares Sean Preston THE Face of Fast Food

2006-06-28     George Bush on New York Times Finance Leak: "This is why I don't read."

2006-06-21     New Pictures of Shiloh Cause Major Concern For Angelina Jolie

2006-06-14     Dixie Chicks To Kick Off 2006 Summer Rendering Tour

2006-06-07     Paul McCartney Rewrites Yesterday To Get Heather Mills-McCartney Back Today

2006-05-30     Merck and Philip Morris To Merge

2006-05-23     And now for something completely different...

2006-05-19     Britney Spears Denies Rumor: "I Dropped Sean Preston for Google!"

2006-05-15     Pope Benedict Beatifies George Clooney In Answer To Da Vinci Code!

2006-05-12     At First Press Briefing, Tony Snow: "I have no answers, just this great ass!"

2006-05-09     Mom To Be Britney Spears Tells George Bush: "Give Peace A Chance!"

2006-05-02     Katie Holmes Denies Anal Bleaching. Tom Cruise Turns The Other Cheek.

2006-04-27     Tom Cruise Converts From Scientology To Existentialism

2006-04-25     White House Introduces Its Version of Monopoly: Iraqopoly

2006-04-20     Mel Gibson: Tom Cruise's Baby, "Suri, The Ant-Christ"

2006-04-18     Paris Hilton's Advice To Donald Rumsfeld: "Don't quit. You're Hot!"

2006-04-13     Zacarias Moussaoui Dreams of George Bush, Tom Cruise's Virgin Birth and Britney Spears Is A Mother!

2006-04-11     Statue of Liberty Walks In Protest to House Immigrant Debate

2006-04-06     Tom Cruise in "Daddy Dearest", Lindsay Lohan's "Full Moon" and George Bush leaks

2006-04-04     Howard Stern To Hire Cynthia McKinney As Bodyguard?

2006-03-29     Sculpture of Jessica Simpson Passing Gas To Rival Britney Spears Sculpture Giving Birth

2006-03-28     Lindsay Lohan Announces Her Own Line Of "Hair" Extensions

2006-03-23     Fan Site Alleges Jessica Simpson Affair With George Bush. White House Denies Charges.

2006-03-21     South Park's 'Chef' is back. It's George Bush!

2006-03-16     Jessica Simpson's "No" Bigger Upset Than Iraq To George Bush

2006-03-14     Google Refuses Judge To Turn Over Data--George Bush Enraged, Gary Glitter Relieved

2006-03-10     Dick Cheney Has Heart Problems, John Roberts v. Iran, Muslims Claim Racism Over Port Deal And Osama Bin Laden's Niece Gets A TV Show?

2006-03-09     George Bush to GOP on Blocking Dubai World Ports Bill: "Call me Democrat!"

2006-03-03     George Bush insults Hitler, Lindsay Lohan peek-a-boob and Michael Brown whines

2006-02-28     Lindsay Lohan Now Fixates On Arianna Huffington Over Angelina Jolie

2006-02-24     George Bush says, "No Shiite", KFC has a secret, Mardi Gras Parade Floats REALLY float and Lindsay Lohan is a teen ween!

2006-02-15     Tom Cruise Still Gay in Love, Dick Cheney Shoots Straight, The Diary of Linsday Lohan

2006-02-13     Dick Cheney Accidentally Shoots Britney Spears

2006-02-10     Britney Spears and Michael Jackson To Write Parenting Book

2006-02-09     Syrian Cartoon Claims Lindsay Lohan Muslim. U.S. Six-Year Olds Riot!

2006-02-01     Lindsay Lohan's "teabag", Britney Spears' Breasts and George Bush's State

2006-01-31     Bush to Al-Zawahiri in State of the Union: "...missiles will smoke your ass"

2006-01-26     George Bush to Hamas: "No one topples governments. That's our job!"

2006-01-13     MandMs Cited In Corruption Of Minor Lawsuit

2006-01-09     Tom DeLay To Form PAC With Ahmed Chalabi

2006-01-03     Bush Defends NSA Wiretaps With Abbott And Costello Precedent

2006-01-02     McDonald's To Open In Baghdad By Summer 2006

2005-12-29     Stephen Hawking: "Call me rap master Steve-E-STEVE."

2005-12-21     Ashton Kutcher and George Bush to Saddam Hussein: "You've Been Punk'd!"

2005-12-13     Jessica Simpson Offers Trailers To Katrina Victims

2005-12-08     White House Flatly Denies Barbara Bush Is Gay

2005-12-02     More US Citizens Believe In Santa Claus Than In Bush Iraq Victory Plan

2005-11-24     Jessica Simpson Reveals Split With Nick Lachey Was Over Saddam Hussein

2005-11-15     Bush Approval Rating Lowest Ever. White House Remains Delusional.

2005-11-08     George Bush: "We don't torture. We outsource."

2005-11-03     Howard Dean Chooses Michael Brown and Lewis Libby For Dems 2008 Hope

2005-10-28     George "Sulu" Takei Chosen By Dick Cheney To Replace Lewis "Scooter" Libby

2005-10-26     Scott McClellan Explodes Over Bush Question At Press Conference

2005-10-20     Britney Spears Arrested For Houston Courthouse Tom DeLay Protest

2005-10-20     Mark Burnett Makes It Official--2006 Survivor is New Orleans

2005-10-17     Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Overhauls FEMA

2005-10-13     Bill O'Reilly's Letter To The Citizens of New Orleans

2005-10-07     Topless MILF Iraqi Protestors Sign with Vivid Video

2005-10-03     George Bush eBay Fanatic

2005-09-28     Britney Spears To Hold Protest For Tom DeLay

2005-09-27     Paris Hilton To Eat Ice Cream Cone!

2005-09-21     Tyra Banks Confesses: 'Breasts Are Real. But I'm A Man.'

2005-09-21     George Bush Gets A "D",Britney Spears Gives Relief,Ray Nagin Loses It--Again!

2005-09-17     Britney Spears' Placenta On Auction at eBay!

2005-09-16     The Man Who Really Puts The Words in George Bush's Mouth

2005-09-11     WWE--Vince McMahon Announces Special Death Cage Match For Katrina Relief

2005-09-06     George Bush To Perform In Musical For Katrina Victims' Relief

2005-09-02     Al Qaeda Takes Credit For Katrina. President Bush Concerned.

2005-09-02     Madonna To Play Cindy Sheehan on Lifetime

2005-08-22     Bush To Cindy Sheehan: "I know how Cindy Sheehan feels. I'm a mother too."

2005-08-15     Jessica Simpson Explodes At 37,000 Feet

2005-08-10     SpongeBob NRA Partnership Ends In Tragic Shooting

2005-08-06     Jessica Simpson's IQ--150!

2005-07-24     Britney Spears--Mother To Be Is Author Too

2005-07-09     You ARE reporting for duty--John Kerry Activated

2005-07-02     $ign Of The Times: Rolex By Hezbollah

2005-06-26     Lindsay Lohan Cast In Jessica Simpson Role As Britney Spears

2005-06-18     George W. Bush Reveals 'Radical' Social Security Reform

2005-05-23     Donald Rumsfeld: "Yes, I AM Funny!"

2005-05-02     Porter Goss Reveals the Osamalogues

2005-04-11     It's Official: George W. Bush Is A Robot

2005-03-28     Rumsfeld Reaches Autistic Toddler

2005-03-14     KKK O.K. with Minority Members


Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.