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Dood Abides

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Dood Abides 's Stories

2008-09-10     Sources Admit Charismatic Leader May Have Died and Double in Place

2008-09-09     McCain/ Palin take Umbrage at "Lipstick on a Pig" Comment

2008-09-07     White House Forecloses on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

2008-09-07     Gal Pals Lohan, Ronson seen with Palin in New York

2008-09-03     Peggy Noonan Detained by Fox Security

2008-09-03     Palin Goes "Northern Exposure" in November Playboy Issue for GOP

2008-09-02     Chrome Downgraded to Topical Storm Prior to Projected 6 PM East Coast Landfall

2008-09-01     GOP/McCain Chase Gustav: "Straight Talk Express" Rechristened "Storm Track Express"

2008-09-01     McCain/Palin Campaign Confirm 17 Year Old Palin Daughter Bristol Pregnant

2008-08-28     Republican Convention to Use Doric Columns in Stage Platform

2008-08-28     Camel Spider Man Terrorizes New Yorkers

2008-08-23     Official Obama/Biden Campaign Poster Released

2008-08-22     "Paris" Text Messaged to Millions of Obama Supporters as VP Pick

2008-08-20     McCain Weighs in on Debate to Lower College Drinking Age

2008-08-19     "Epic Blunder" Destroys Ballot Box Office

2008-08-05     Cindy McCain takes Miss Buffalo Chip at Sturgis!

2008-07-01     Highway to the Danger Zone

2008-04-01     History of April Fools Day Revealed!

2008-03-30     Obama Supports Continued Clinton Campaign Despite Bankruptcy

2008-03-26     Clinton Campaign Announces Endorsement from Tonya Harding

2008-03-20     Latest Bin Laden Offering Most Desperate and Controversial to Date

2008-03-17     McCain Narrowly Avoids Shoot Down Over Baghdad Green Zone

2008-03-16     Paris Hilton Announces Alexandra Dupre as First BFF Contestant

2008-03-15     Horton Says, "McWho?!?"

2008-03-13     Spitzer/Dupre FBI Sex Tape Leaked

2008-03-11     Clinton Offers Photographic Proof of Crossing Commander in Chief Threshold

2008-03-10     Spitzer Pledges to Re-earn New York Trust by Tackling Water Problem

2008-03-06     NY Police Announce Arrest in Times Square Bicycle Bombing

2008-03-06     Bush Endorsement of McCain as Made Late

2008-03-04     McCain Campaign to Release Transcript of Recent 3AM Phone Call from Clinton

2008-03-02     Scientists Tackle Bacterial Infected, Drug Resistant Storms

2008-02-29     Bush Elevates Homeland Security Risk over Las Vegas Ricin, Chastens Democrats

2008-02-27     Clinton Rejects Endorsement from Cincinnati Talkshow DJ Willie Cunningham

2008-02-25     Obama Photo Circulated Sporting New Flag Lapel Pin

2008-02-24     Surprise Newcomers Sweep 2008 Oscars

2008-02-24     Nader Pledges Carbon Neutral Presidential Run

2008-02-21     Lindsay Lohan Premiers Remake of Paris Hilton Sex Tape on Hustler Online

2008-02-20     Clinton Mounts Attack to Free All Delegates

2008-02-18     Bush Visits Ghana, Meets Musharraf Seeking Asylum

2008-02-15     Putin Claims Russia has Shot Down Wayward US Spy Satellite

2008-02-14     McCain Endorsed by Romney, Saved by Huckabee

2008-02-12     Microsoft Yahoo Service Pack 1 Leaked by Hackers

2008-02-11     Berkeley Unrest Silenced with Marine Invasion

2008-02-10     Shuster Resigns from MSNBC over Comment, Signs with MTV

2008-02-10     London Scientology Protest Threatens to Turn Violent over Tom Cruise Assault

2008-02-10     Rove Joins McCain Campaign, Wrecks Straight Talk Express Bus

2008-02-07     Hillary Clinton Seeks Donations to Avoid $20 Million Hostile Takeover Bid

2008-02-07     Ronald Reagan Announces Presidential Exploratory Committee on 97th Birthday

2008-02-06     Britney Files Restraining Order Against Osama

2008-02-05     Fox News Declares Super Tuesday for Clinton

2008-02-05     NASA Mistakenly Beams Dead Heads for Obama Concert into Deep Space

2008-02-04     Bush Laptop Federal Budget Crashes Windows Vista

2008-02-03     Belichick Admits to High Tech Spying on Giants on Superbowl Gameday, Demands Immunity

2008-02-02     US Reveals Identity of Predator Pilot Who Killed Al-Qaeda #3 Man

2008-01-31     Britney Released From Hospital Following Successful Tom Cruise Intervention

2008-01-31     Miley Cyrus Downplays Internet Underwear Pics

2008-01-30     Edwards Withdraws, Will Run With Obama

2008-01-29     Giuliani Drops Bid, Pledges Connections to McCain

2008-01-29     Final Bush State of the Union Speech Responsible for 21 Deaths Nationwide

2008-01-28     The Fuck It List

2008-01-26     Scientology Issues Statement Condemning Anonymous

2008-01-26     Stallone Endorsement Prompts Bonaduce to Step Forward for Romney

2008-01-26     Snakes on a Campaign

2008-01-25     Stallone, Norris Agree to Steel Cage Match over Respective Candidates

2008-01-23     Thousands Stream Across Border as Miles of Walls and Fences Destroyed

2008-01-22     Thompson Drops Out, Detained in Florida

2008-01-22     Tony Soprano Named Head Coach of Dolphins

2008-01-18     Huckabee Attacked by Disgruntled Squirrel over Views on Confederate Flag

2008-01-14     Romney Announces Michigan GOTV Effort in Conjunction with Daily Kos

2008-01-14     Bush Concludes Mideast Visit in Egypt with Light Saber Rattling

2008-01-10     Nano Nose Bra Makes For Bodacious TATA's

2008-01-09     MSNBC Premiers New Show Featuring Matthews and Tucker

2008-01-07     Dr. Phil Charged with Attempted Hostage Taking in Britney Hospital Incident

2008-01-04     Hillary Vows to Meet Obama Campaign Head On after Iowa Loss

2007-12-30     Disinherited Hilton to Star in New Fox Series "The Trailer Life"

2007-12-29     Jamie-Lynn Inks $10 Million Deal with Fox for Exclusive Live Delivery Room Coverage

2007-12-28     Twas the Day After Christmas...

2007-12-24     Norad/Google Santa Tracker goes Horribly Wrong

2007-12-23     Hillary Dumps Bill for Huckabee in Campaign Shocker

2007-12-20     Jingo All the Way: New Christmas DVD Starring Bill O'Reilly

2007-12-19     Jamie Lynn Spears Blames Sister for Pregnancy

2007-12-18     Christmas Threatened by Global Warming

2007-12-13     CIA Whistleblower Kiriakou Rendered at Guantanamo Bay

2007-12-12     Hayden Admits CIA Destroyed Mitchell Report in Closed Senate Session

2007-12-10     Bolton Listed as Putz in Declassified CIA Document

2007-11-30     NEW YORK, NEW YORK

2007-11-28     Mr. Bush's Peace Talks: Available on DVD 11/27/07

2007-11-26     Fred Thompson to Offset Declining Campaign Funds with Commercial Appearances

2007-11-20     McClellan Taken into Custody by CIA

2007-11-20     Bush Pardons National Turkeys After Confessions

2007-11-19     Novak Charged with 'Source Planting' in Latest Spat between Clinton and Obama Campaigns

2007-11-15     FBI Justifies Three of 17 Blackwater Shootings in Iraq

2007-11-14     People Magazine Names George Bush As 2007's 'Stupidest Man Alive'

2007-11-13     Bush Challenges Democrats over "American Express" Card

2007-11-08     College Students Mob Wal-Marts Nationwide in Quest for Aqua-Dots

2007-11-08     Rosie Signs on to Co-Host Fox O'Reilly Factor

2007-11-07     Writers Strike Hits Fox News

2007-11-06     Bush Awards Total of 11 Medals of Freedom for 2007

2007-11-02     Blackwater Employees to Fill Iraq Diplomat Positions for State Department

2007-11-01     Bob Vila to Help NASA Repair and Flip Space Station

2007-10-31     Amy Fisher Sex Tape Eclipsed by Latest Classified Hilton Sex Video

2007-10-27     No Diplomat Draft for Iraq Needed, State Department Now Says

2007-10-25     Chinese Lunar Probe Missing: China Lodges Formal Complaint with NASA

2007-10-24     Bush Surprises Southern California with Early Visit and Fireside Chat

2007-10-22     Larry Craig to Play Dumbledore in Final Two Harry Potter Movies

2007-10-19     Colbert Pushes for Inclusion in FOX/GOP Presidential Debate in Miami

2007-10-17     Senator Craig Creates International Washroom Incident with Dalai Lama

2007-10-16     Police Release Composite Sketches of Suspects in Randi Rhodes Assault

2007-10-15     Bush Rapes Democrats on Spending Bills

2007-10-10     Ann Coulter Reveals Her Own Alien Abduction to National Enquirer

2007-10-10     Condoleezza Rice Named as "Person of Interest" in Ongoing Marion Jones Steroid Investigation

2007-09-28     Limbaugh to Receive Congressional Commendation for Identifying Phony Troops

2007-09-28     Bush Announces New Amercan Energy Source at New York Conference

2007-09-25     BREAKING: Bush Authorizes US Attacks on Myanmar

2007-09-24     Brady Bunch Jan and Marsha Lesbian Encounter Still Photo Surfaces

2007-09-24     Iranian President Arrested Outside Ground Zero

2007-09-21     Congress Condemned With Second New York Times AD

2007-09-19     Dan Rather Tasered by CBS Security Outside New York Studio

2007-09-19     BLACKWATER

2007-09-17     Bush Loses Iraq War Funding on Season Premier Deal or No Deal

2007-09-16     PostSecret Site Shut Down Over National Security

2007-09-14     Bush Announces Bill Belichick as New Attorney General

2007-09-13     President Addresses War Weary Nation

2007-09-12     "Leave Petraeus Alone" Video Surfaces

2007-09-10     Britney, Bin-Laden Comebacks Flop: Collaboration Rumored

2007-09-07     Bush, Putin Wrestle over Arms at APEC Summit

2007-09-06     Nude Vanessa Hudgens to be Featured in High School Musical version of "Hair"

2007-09-06     Bush, Rice Strengthen Relations at APEC Summit

2007-09-05     iPod Touch Hacked Within Hours of Release

2007-09-04     Senator Craig Comes to Defense of Jerry Lewis

2007-09-04     Bush Begins Bringing Troops Home from Iraq

2007-09-04     Google Inks Content Deal with Fifth News Service, Unconfirmed Sources

2007-09-01     Chupacabra DNA Testing Results Partially Human!

2007-08-30     Michael Vick to Star in Remake of Old Yeller

2007-08-30     Gonzales to Intervene in Kenneth Foster Execution

2007-08-29     Bush Announces Craig as Pick to Replace Attorney General Gonzales

2007-08-28     iPhone Hacker Hotz Taken from Dormitory by ATT Security

2007-08-27     Idaho Senator Larry Craig to Enter Sexual Rehab

2007-08-27     Acting Attorney General Gonzales Arrested Attempting to Flee Country

2007-08-27     Spectacular Lunar, Martian Moon Eclipse Visible Tonight

2007-08-24     Castro Undead at 81

2007-08-24     "Apackolies Now" Set for Release Nationwide on 9/11/07

2007-08-23     Putin Visits Flood Ravaged Midwest

2007-08-22     Michael Vick Receives Presidential Pardon

2007-08-20     Calderon Returns to Mexico to Prepare for Hurricane Dean

2007-08-20     Rove Signs on With Clinton Campaign

2007-08-18     "Knocked Up" a Summer Hit at White House and in DC

2007-08-17     White House Announces Wedding Surge

2007-08-14     China Recalls Mattel

2007-08-13     Rove Resigns!

2007-08-09     Nude Britney Pics Prompt State of Emergency in Pakistan

2007-08-09     Switzerland Sues Johnson and Johnson over Red Cross

2007-08-09     President Bush Rushed to Hospital with Recurrence of Lime

2007-08-07     Michael Vick Chew Toy Recalled for Possible Lead Contamination

2007-08-07     Bush, Karzai: Fast Food to Help Afghans Fight Terror, Drugs

2007-08-06     Lohan, Hilton, Spears, Ritchie to Star in New Bratz Movie

2007-08-06     Bush Awarded Key to Domestic Spying

2007-08-04     Bush Visits Site of Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

2007-08-03     O'Reilly Continues Attacks on Daily Kos

2007-07-28     NASA Seeks to Question Current and Past Space Station Occupants Over Alcohol Consumption

2007-07-26     Death Cat Begins Gonzales Vigil

2007-07-25     British Suspects Detained in "Cheese Bomb" Training Run

2007-07-24     Lohan Blames DUI Arrest on Ankle Bracelet

2007-07-24     White House Pushes a Newfound Confidence

2007-07-20     Hillary Clinton Arrested following Rebuke by Pentagon, more Arrests Rumored

2007-07-19     Former President Bush on Suicide Watch in Philidelphia

2007-07-19     Larry Flynt, Hustler to Feature Cover and Center Spread on David Vitter

2007-07-17     Prince Charles Comments on US Senator Vitter

2007-07-17     Bin Laden Video Displays Al-Qaeda Technical Savvy

2007-07-17     Harry Potter Surprise Ending Revealed through Theft of Original Cover Art Piece!

2007-07-16     Worlds Biggest and Smallest Together

2007-07-13     Bush Apologizes, Dismisses Plame as Tit for Tat

2007-07-12     Potter Mania Sweeps the White House

2007-07-11     Chertoff Rushed to Guantanamo Bay Cuba

2007-07-10     Apple Introduces Nano iPhonecard

2007-07-10     Giuliani Stands by Southern Strategist David Vitter after Confession in DC Madam Opening Salvo

2007-07-09     Bush Receives Chilly Welcome from Public and Returning Congress

2007-07-08     Redeemer and Ruins Added to List of the Seven Wonders of the World

2007-07-06     Bush Pardons DC Madam before Phone Records Released

2007-07-03     "Scooter" DVD Released Today

2007-07-02     Cheney Pays Libby's $750,000 Fine in Wake of Presidential Commutation

2007-06-30     Pelosi Announces New Defections in The War on The White House

2007-06-28     Cheney Bags First Bald Eagle after Bird's Removal from Endangered Species List

2007-06-28     Obama, Clinton Campaigns now Demand Apology from Coulter

2007-06-26     Coulter Offers Endorsement to Edwards Campaign

2007-06-26     Final Installment of Washington Post Article on Cheney Leaked

2007-06-22     Guantanamo to be Reopened as Branch of Walter Reed

2007-06-20     Newly Independent Bloomberg Signs on with Connecticut for Lieberman Party

2007-06-19     Rove, Mueller: 140,000 RNC Emails Disappeared by Botnet Spammers

2007-06-15     Gonzales Appoints Newly Available Nifong as US Attorney

2007-06-15     Convicted Perjurer I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Reports Early for Imprisonment

2007-06-14     Breaking: International Space Station Rescued

2007-06-13     Iraq to the Future (a commentary)

2007-06-12     Lifted Bush Watch Surfaces for Sale on eBay.de

2007-06-12     Bush Administration Declares Paris Hilton Enemy Combatant over Jailhouse Religious Conversion

2007-06-11     Sopranos Creator David Chase Executed Gangland Style over Final Episode

2007-06-11     Bush Participates in Nude Cycling Protest in Albania

2007-06-08     Bush Misses Final Morning of G-8 Summit due to Stomach Virus

2007-06-07     Paris Hilton to Serve Sentence at Home Joined by Scooter Libby

2007-06-07     Stan Lee Inks Deal for Disney Makeover

2007-06-05     Gonzales Denies Responsibility for Guantanamo Setback

2007-05-31     Apple Responds to Microsoft Surface Coffeetable PC with ctBook

2007-05-30     Limbaugh Denies Involvement in Alleged Lohan OxyContin Addiction

2007-05-30     Whales Reappear Briefly off Golden Gate Bridge

2007-05-29     Vast New Oilfield Discovered in Darfur, Bush Seeks Sanctions on Sudan

2007-05-25     Bush Warns of Bloody Summer for Reporters' Children

2007-05-24     Reid Missing after Democratic Capitulation on War Funding Bill

2007-05-22     White House Releases Dates for further Political Theatre

2007-05-21     Bush Attends Pirates World Premier in LA

2007-05-19     America's Favorite Smelly Ogre Loses Magic

2007-05-18     Bush Appoints Rumsfeld to Replace Wolfowitz at World Bank

2007-05-14     The GOPranos

2007-05-13     Apple Exploits iPod Pacemaker Interaction, Announces New ekgPod

2007-05-09     Cheney Solidifies Oil Sharing Deal on Surprise Baghdad Visit

2007-05-05     Hilton Insists on Early Incarceration

2007-05-04     Commander Guy

2007-05-02     Rice Reveals Topless Britney Photos are Fakes

2007-05-02     Britney Receives Lap Dance from President During Comeback Performance

2007-04-30     Rove Implicated in DC Prostitute Scandal

2007-04-29     Tenet Calls Cheney "A Dirty Little Pig"

2007-04-28     Rice Assumes Responsibility for Randall Tobias: "Mistakes Were Made"

2007-04-26     No Clear Winner in First Presidential Debate

2007-04-25     Bush Signs War Funding Bill: Withdrawal Date Set

2007-04-22     White House Threatens Crow with Lawsuit on Behalf of Rove

2007-04-19     Bush Receives Favor in Ohio, Calls for Impeachment Erupt

2007-04-18     Fox Exclusive: McCain Issues Gun Control Manifesto

2007-04-18     Wolfowitz and Gonzales Resign

2007-04-17     Georgie and Bert, an American Folk Opera

2007-04-15     Tours Extended for the Deceased in Iraq

2007-04-12     Breaking: Imus Inks Deal with Fox News for Morning Show

2007-04-09     Breaking: DNA Results Rule Out Birkhead and Stern as Father, Danni Lynn Cloned

2007-04-08     Al-Sadr Tours Open Air Market in Downtown New York

2007-04-07     Mega Church Claims Chocolate Jesus Has Risen

2007-04-05     Romney Off to Utah for Easter Hunting Trip with Vice President

2007-04-04     White House Addresses "Lurking Cheney" Incident

2007-04-04     Gonzales Tortilla Painting Sells for over $50,000

2007-04-04     Gonzales Prepares Testimony with Sanjaya Malakar in Fight for His Job

2007-04-03     Windows Vista becomes Worldwide Consciousness after Animated Cursor Security Update

2007-04-02     Clinton Wins Early Money Primary, Receives Surprise Endorsement from Bush

2007-04-01     Chocolate Jesus to be Sacrificed during Mega Church Easter Sunrise Services

2007-03-28     Bush Cites Iraqi Bloggers as Proof for Surge Success and Immediate Congressional Funding

2007-03-28     New Harry Potter Cover Capitalizes on Recent Publicity

2007-03-26     Mein Hämmer: Tom Delay Promotes New Book and Musical Comedy Movie

2007-03-25     Gonzales Adds Name to Growing List No longer Trusting Attorney General

2007-03-24     Mel Gibson Rips Beating Heart from Apocalypto Critic

2007-03-23     Brain Injury Demonstrated to Affect Moral Judgment

2007-03-22     American Idol Fan Ashley Ferl to Accompany AG Gonzales in Series of Appearances

2007-03-21     Vivica Fox to Host New ABC Series, "DUI With the Stars"

2007-03-19     Cheney Rushed to Hospital with Clot

2007-03-19     Breaking: Gonzales Resigns, Bush Appoints Brother as New Attorney General

2007-03-18     Angry Emma Watson Shaves Head, Refuses Role in Final Two Harry Potter Films

2007-03-18     Bedtime for Gonzo

2007-03-17     R2-D2 Collects Mail, C-3 PO Goes Postal

2007-03-15     Chanel Unveils New Line of Lipstick/Fragrances with RJR's Camel No. 9

2007-03-14     Gonzales Reveals Khalid Mohammed Confession led to US Attorney Purge and FBI Surveilance

2007-03-13     Rod Majors Rises to the Defense of Peter Pace

2007-03-13     Bush Cleanses Administration With Mayan Sacrifice

2007-03-12     Bush Response Eclipses Protestors in Guatemala

2007-03-11     Hagel Announces Bid to Challenge Hillary, Obama in 2008

2007-03-09     Giuliani Admits Current Affair with Gingrich Ongoing During Clinton Impeachment

2007-03-08     Gates/Buffett Make Forbes List Again

2007-03-07     U.S. Mint Apologizes for "Godless Dollar" Coin Release

2007-03-05     Blood Clot Migrates to the Vice President's Heart

2007-02-28     Hilton Arrest Photos Surface on eBay: Hilton to Enter Rehab

2007-02-27     Bush Administration Blames Market Plunge on Chinese Plot: The Manchurian Columbidae

2007-02-26     Cheney Unhurt in Bombing: Receives Medal of Honor

2007-02-25     Surprise Visit: Cheney Encourages Musharraf to Hunt Taliban

2007-02-25     Taco Bell to Combat Rat Infestation with Resurrected Ad Campaign

2007-02-24     Condoleezza (with apologies to the late, great Nat King Cole!)

2007-02-22     Bush Promotes Ethanol for Nation's Problems

2007-02-21     Critics Astounded by the Success of Ghost Decider

2007-02-20     Blair Vanishes Prior to Brit Troop Withdrawal Announcement

2007-02-19     Resurgent Al-Qaeda Rumored as Potential Buyer for Chrysler

2007-02-19     Clinton Shaves Head in Support of Britney Spears and Campaign Hire

2007-02-15     Tearful Boehner Pledges to Adopt Nicole Smith Cause

2007-02-14     When You Fish to Win a War

2007-02-13     Mahdi Army Insists All Sadr Still in Iraq

2007-02-12     Viagra Valentine Campaign Goes Worldwide

2007-02-11     John Howard Accuses Dixie Chicks of Aid to Al Qaeda

2007-02-09     Stephen Colbert Steps Forward to Claim Anna Nicole's Baby

2007-02-07     Bush Rallies Support for Pork Initiative

2007-02-07     5000 Year Old Couple Declared Gay

2007-02-06     Haggard Disappointed over Public Response to Snickers Super Bowl AD

2007-02-05     Iranian Diplomat Beheaded in Iraq

2007-02-04     Bush briefly surveys Tornado Damage in Central Florida

2007-02-03     Hadley Calls Civil War Inadequate Description of Iraq

2007-02-01     Poxuponye Dick Sees Shadow: One More Year of War for America

2007-01-31     Potter to Live after Final Book released in July says Rowling

2007-01-30     David Hasselhoff detained as Germany hands down 13 CIA Related Indictments

2007-01-30     Harry Potter Stars Pose Nude

2007-01-28     Iranian President Apprehended in Massive Iraqi/American Combined Raid in Baghdad

2007-01-25     Libby Trial Leads to Cheney Arrest

2007-01-24     White House Installs New Military Ray Gun

2007-01-23     Wesley Autrey Repeats Act of Bravery at SOTU Address

2007-01-22     French Nuke Escapes Police Roadblock on Branscombe Beach

2007-01-22     First Lady and Barney Sign on With Senate Republicans Seeking to Stop Troop Escalation

2007-01-20     Lame Plots Keep Callin' for More Dead

2007-01-18     Colbert Receives O'Reilly Campaign Endorsement and Contribution

2007-01-18     Microsoft to Sue Apple over iPhone

2007-01-17     Fitz Fired! Caught Up in Bush Administration US Attorney Purge

2007-01-17     Doomsday Clock Goes Nuclear

2007-01-15     Castro Accidentally Decapitated, Doctors Say Improving

2007-01-14     Bush Announces Aggressive Iraqi Public Education Initiative

2007-01-11     Tearful Bush Recognizes Air Force Sergeant's Sacrifice with Medal

2007-01-10     Bush Declares War on Iran

2007-01-08     Gates Announces Collaboration with Toyota on Operating System

2007-01-04     Al-Qaeda Number Two Urges Surge in Somalia

2007-01-03     Cash Dropped on Democratic Bound Republicans in Washington

2007-01-02     Stewart/Colbert '08 Campaign Denies Releasing Giuliani Playbook

2006-12-31     Dood Poet's Society: A Limerickal Look at 2006's Top Stories

2006-12-28     SADDAM MISSING!!

2006-12-27     Bush Administration Places Polar Bear on Enabled Species List

2006-12-26     Defiant Bush Hits After-Christmas Sales

2006-12-24     Bush Sends Christmas Greetings to Troops by Phone

2006-12-21     Mexican Troops Killed Fighting Hybrid Marijuana Plant

2006-12-21     Representative Goode Elaborates on Anti-Koran Message in Minneapolis

2006-12-17     Barbie and TMX Elmo Insulted by Hot New Christmas Toy : Boratz

2006-12-14     US Army Calls Up 3.2 Million Wii Controllers Recalled by Nintendo

2006-12-13     Mel Gibson Expelled from Iranian Anti-Holocaust Conference, Briefly Detained by Ahmadinejad

2006-12-11     Bush Reaches out to Media Figures for Opinions on "New Way Forward"

2006-12-10     Rumsfeld Joins Iraqi President Talabani in Rejection of Iraq Study Group Recommendations

2006-12-07     Bush Meets with Blair, Pledges to "Stay the Way Forward"

2006-12-05     Bush Administration Supports NASA Moon Landing, Denies Desire for Hardened Bases on Moon

2006-12-04     Cheney Joins Rumsfeld, Bolton in Resignation, Bush Announces Miers as First Woman VP

2006-12-04     Louisiana Announces Worst Serial Killer in State History

2006-11-30     Karl Rove in Serious Condition, Victim of Suspected Poisoning

2006-11-30     Fox News Announces Saturday Morning Cartoon Show for Kids

2006-11-30     Bush Compliments Iraqi Prime Minister for doing a "Heck of a Job"

2006-11-29     Jong Il Challenges Bush over Ipods and Segways

2006-11-28     Bush Eases Travel Restrictions on Elbonians

2006-11-26     Cheney Makes Surprise Thanksgiving/Hunting Visit to Iraq after Departing Saudi Arabia

2006-11-22     White House Pardons Turkey, Executes Bird

2006-11-20     Bush Assaulted With Reality Upon Return from Pacific Conference

2006-11-20     Michael Richards In, John Bolton Out as New Bush Ambassador to UN

2006-11-18     Galactic Confederacy Ambassador Attends Cruise Holmes Wedding in Italy

2006-11-16     Vietnam the Latest to File Lawsuit Against "Bushrat"

2006-11-13     December Playboy Cover featuring Nude Ann Coulter

2006-11-12     Commission Accomplished! Baker-Hamilton Study Demands Immediate Pullback

2006-11-11     Lindsay Lohan Calls Paris Hilton a "Grunt", Apologizes

2006-11-11     Windows Vista, Discovery Approaching Historic Launch Ahead of Schedule

2006-11-09     Bush Breaks Wind with Democratic Leaders

2006-11-08     Britney Admits Split with K-Fed over Rumsfeld

2006-11-07     Democrats Win House and Senate, Declare "VB Day"

2006-11-05     Ousted Evangelical Haggard Signs on to Promote/Model Wonderjock

2006-11-04     "The Last Super-Half Decaf-Mocha-Latte"

2006-11-03     Early Voting Craze Sweeps Nation Unifying Democratic Opposition to Bush and Iraq War

2006-11-02     Breaking : Haggard Admits Influencing Bush to Making Public Iraqi Nuclear Weapon Plans

2006-11-01     Bush Defends Rumsfeld and War in Iraq to Limbaugh and Supporters

2006-10-31     Bush Teams with Limbaugh to Press Attack for Fox/Kerry Apology

2006-10-30     Happy Halloween!!! The October Surprise...

2006-10-29     The Nightmare Before the Elections

2006-10-28     Campaigning Bush Seeks to Halt Democratic Firestorm

2006-10-26     Limbaugh Insists Internet Video of Tics was just Imitation of Fox

2006-10-25     Defiant Maliki Refuses Timetable

2006-10-24     Nelson Ends up Mostly Eyeing Harris

2006-10-24     Breaking: Bush Checks into Political Detox

2006-10-22     Ken Mehlman Arrested, Charged in Second Recent Terror Hoax

2006-10-22     Cheney Urinal a Hit in DC Area Bars

2006-10-19     Bush Campaigns Hard for Allen, Sherwood during "National Character Counts Week"

2006-10-17     Breaking: Mark Foley Names His Past Abuser from the Clergy, Fred Phelps

2006-10-17     Skilling Considering Death after Overturn of Lay Conviction

2006-10-16     Bush Signs Interrogation Legislation, Issues Signing Statement

2006-10-15     Bush Declares State of Hawaii Disaster Area

2006-10-15     Hawaiian Quake Triggers North Korean Security Alert

2006-10-15     Fox Inc. Acquires Google and You-Tube in Stealth Takeover

2006-10-12     Bush Crucified in New Book, "Tempting Faith"

2006-10-12     Angry Bush Announces Sanctions against Brits over Threats to Withdraw Forces

2006-10-10     Bush Finishes Third behind Clinton and Hastert in Annual DC Husband Carrying Competition

2006-10-10     Suspected Second North Korean Nuclear Test Not Linked to Quake

2006-10-08     USS George Bush Sent Back to Dry-dock after Allen Political Stunt

2006-10-07     Oh Denny Boy

2006-10-05     Karr Child Pornography Charges Dismissed, Tapped to Complete Foley's Term

2006-10-04     Hastert Unhurt after Freakish Bus Accident outside of Capitol Building

2006-10-01     Videos Shows 9/11 Defenders Months before Attacks

2006-09-29     Florida Representative Foley Arrested on Return to Palm Beach

2006-09-27     White House Pronounces Musharraf, Karzai, Bush Dinner Meeting a Success

2006-09-26     Cheney Wrests Control from Bush in Bloodless Coup over Concerns of Rampant Defeatism

2006-09-25     Allen Campaign Pushes Back Aggressively against Racism Charges

2006-09-25     Bin Laden Niece Demands Access to His CIA Pension Plan

2006-09-24     Clinton Detained by Fox Security in Wake of Wallace Interview

2006-09-22     Bush Confirms Death of Osama Bin Laden

2006-09-07     ABC Announces Last-Minute Cartoon Intermission for "Path to 9/11"

2006-09-06     Paris Hilton Ticketed for DUC in Los Angeles

2006-09-06     "The Path to 11/07/06"

2006-09-05     Couric Debuts With CBS News Exclusive: Arrest of Keith Olbermann

2006-09-05     Musharraf Announces Bin Laden Safe Haven in Pakistan: Bush Declares VT Day

2006-09-04     Republicans Pleased With New Bush Gas Policy

2006-09-03     Song: The Bush Jeer and "We're All Gonna Fry Rag"

2006-08-30     Coming This November to a Touchscreen Near You : D2

2006-08-30     White House Reveals "Flat Leader" Program

2006-08-29     Bush Kneed in Groin on First Anniversary of Katrina Disaster

2006-08-27     Experimental Plan D Released as Over the Counter by Mistake

2006-08-24     The Invisible President

2006-08-23     Cruise Announces Lawsuit against Paramount: Cites Religious Persecution

2006-08-23     Bush Congratulates Katrina Victim on One-Year Anniversary

2006-08-22     Ann Coulter Finishes Fourth in "Pole-a-Palooza"

2006-08-22     True Identity of Ramsey Murder Suspect Karr Questioned

2006-08-22     Inactive Marines Called up: Murtha Apparently in the First Wave

2006-08-21     Bush: If We Leave Them Now...

2006-08-20     Bin Laden Sees Terrorism "For Years to Come"


Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.