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Yeah, and what EXACTLY are you going to do about it?

Walid 's Stories

2012-06-02     Trump Pad Tablet set to take on Apple iPad

2012-06-02     Trump wins trademark law suit, The Donald claims "Bloviating Ignoramus"

2012-06-02     Romney Blasts Obama Jobs Number "more Proof wealthy Americans need to pay lower taxes!"

2012-05-28     Romney Campaign Plans Pre-Election Military Strike Against Iran

2012-05-27     Mitt Romney Fires Homosexual Landscapers over Political Concerns

2012-05-27     Wind Turbine Spews Radiation as Wind Energy Crisis Escalates

2012-05-27     Romney Campaign Claims He Created about 23 Jobs

2012-05-27     Is Grover Norquist Losing His Grip on GOP Jewels?


2012-05-27     Romney to sign Norquist's Anti-Masturbation pledge

2011-03-06     Charlie Sheen Vows to Free Libya "I have the Blood of Freedom in my veins!"

2011-03-05     Sarah Palin Visits Angola Border to Aid Libyan Refugees

2011-02-06     California Family Council Releases Bullying Guide for k-12 Kids

2011-02-06     Conservatives Celebrate Reagan Legacy : Dead Fags

2011-02-05     GOP Introduces Bill To Ban CFL Light Bulbs and Solar Calculators

2011-02-05     Texas Education Cuts lead to Massive Student Lay offs

2011-02-05     Palin Wins Trademark Lawsuit

2010-12-19     Nude Photos of Sarah Palin Released by Wikileaks

2010-12-19     Family Research Council joins with KKK in Anti Gay rally

2010-12-19     WikiLeaks John Boehner's plan to Bankrupt America and Kill Off Social Security

2010-12-11     Osama bin Laden embarrassed, Julian Assange WikiLeaks Al-Qaeda Documents

2010-12-05     Tension grows between Calif. Christians, FBI after informant infiltrates church

2010-12-04     Senate Republicans vote to raise taxes on middle class

2010-12-03     Julian Assange Promises to WikiLeak Obama's Birth Certificate from Kenya

2010-12-03     Senator Jon Kyl, if I had a Nuclear Missile I would Aim it at You.

2010-12-03     Senator John McCains's DADT Policy "Dirty Fags Not American Enough"

2010-10-10     Tea Party Candidate Sharron Angle promises to Invade Nuclear Capable City of Dearborn

2010-10-09     Naked Cowboy President Promises to shake his Ass at the Economy

2010-10-09     Naked Cowboy, Christine "The Witch" O'Donnell Join The Village People, Tea Party Patriots

2010-10-08     Sharon Angle Suspends Campaign to Save Dearborn Women from Sharia Law Stoning

2010-10-04     Senator Jim DeMint Urges Concentration Camps for Gay Teachers

2010-10-03     John Boehner and Michele Bachmann announce Rape and Incest Reproductive Freedom Act

2010-10-03     INS Raids Meg Whitman Campaign Office ; 16 Workers Arrested

2010-09-06     Newt Gingrich Blasts Plan for Starbucks Coffee House near Ground Zero

2010-07-17     iphone 4 reception boosted by Power Balance Hologram Bracelet : says Steve Jobs

2010-07-17     Power Balance Hologram Bracelet Blamed for Stroke : Under FDA Review

2010-04-03     UCS Trend Report #645

2010-03-28     Teabagger Mike Vanderboegh Admits "I'm Paid to Eat by US Government"

2010-03-27     UCS Trend Report #643: Obama Keeps Promise : Sarah Palin Reloads : Tea Bagging Terrorist : Republicans Ready HCR Repeal : Jessie James Meet Tiger Woods

2010-02-09     Sarah Palin Admits she had "Plam Prompter" installed before Tea Party Speech

2010-02-06     Sarah Palin Tea Party Keynote Blasts Republican Senator Richard Shelby

2010-02-06     Senator Richard Shelby Demands Earmark Cash in Unmarked Bills

2010-01-30     New York City Cowards Step Aside - Chillicothe Ohio to host KSM trial and Lead USA War on Terror

2010-01-30     Orrin Hatch Declares War on Heath Care Reform and Uninsured Americans

2010-01-26     Mitch McConnell Arrested : Senator Caught Filibustering Underage Girl

2010-01-25     Sarah Palin Vows to Continue McCain's Legacy of Campaign Finance Reform

2010-01-24     Goldman Sachs Memo Leaked: Hit List of US Senators Made Public

2010-01-24     US Supreme Court to Announce New Corporate Sponsor.

2009-11-08     Hewlett Packard admits printer Ink "grossly overpriced" raises price to double Kodak

2009-10-25     New U2 Song Rose is a toilet bowl not good , Says Bono

2009-09-16     Patrick Swayze becomes one with "the Force" Star Wars fans Shocked

2009-09-12     John Boehner enters Maryland rehab facility

2009-08-30     Wal-Mart to Sell Foreclosed homes

2009-08-30     The Dead Kennedys Welcome new band member - Senator Ted Kennedy

2009-08-29     Jackson death ruled as Pathetic

2009-08-29     John McCain to Honor Kennedy Legacy By Blasting Healthcare Reform

2009-08-28     Death Star Closed for Asbestos removal : Storm Troopers launch class action lawsuit

2009-08-28     John McCain the Coward Flees from Mob of Uninsured Senior Citizens

2009-08-27     Senator Tom Coburn Offers Heath Care to Uninsured : Thousands Apply For Help

2009-08-26     Yoda Indicted : Kickbacks Taken from Death Star Salvage Contracts

2009-08-21     Fantasy Player Strike Cripples Imaginary Baseball League

2009-08-19     Republicians Seem Set to Go It Alone on a Health Bill

2009-08-18     Robert Novak is Dead : World goes on with one less mean old jerk

2009-08-16     GOP Sponsored Healthcare Town hall Meeting Ends in Violent Bloody Riot

2009-08-16     The GOP Health care Promise: 47 Million uninsured to remain uninsured

2009-08-07     Goldman Sachs to Use Front Running Strategy to Reduce Health reform Costs

2009-08-01     Lou Dobbs admits : Obama Birth Certificate is real but Questions Hawaii Statehood

2009-07-31     Sen. Dodd has prostate cancer: Insurance Policy Canceled

2009-07-28     RNC commits nearly $1 million to insure your Healthcare Sucks

2009-07-18     Walter Cronkite Dead : Rush Limbaugh Takes place as Most Trusted Man in Media

2009-07-18     Nasa Budget Cuts : Fake Mars Landing Mission Canceled

2009-07-16     Rush Limbaugh demands Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions Apologize for "bigoted remarks"

2009-07-16     Sotomayor picks up key endorsement from Alabama Klan

2009-07-12     Goldman Sachs Launches Hostile Takeover of Bankrupt California

2009-07-12     Michelle Bachman Admits Extramarital Affair and Alien Abduction

2009-07-12     Al Franken sworn in : Disrupts Senate to read new book into Congressional Record

2009-07-12     Jackson Funeral a ratings success, NBC bids 15 million for rights to Paris Hilton's death

2009-07-08     Sarah Palin Blasts Out Going Governor of Alaska

2009-07-03     Billy Mays Inks Deal to Represent Jesus Christ

2009-07-03     Three Americans killed while filming Japanese Game Show

2009-07-03     Michael Jackson's Critics Celebrate Death of Pop Icon

2009-05-16     GM Dealer Looks Forward to Selling High quality Used Imports

2009-05-16     US National Park Rangers Support New Concealed weapons Law

2009-05-09     Antonin Scalia blasts President Obama "gay justice...worse than CIA waterboarding."

2009-05-03     GOP Leaders Try to Improve the Republican Party's Image : Professional Turd Polishers Wanted

2008-12-23     Britney Spears Appointed to Obama Economic team

2008-12-21     Blagojevich vows bring more shame and embarrassment to Illinois

2008-12-21     Chinese Lead Contaminated with Toys

2008-10-28     Proposition 8 Revenge : California Gays plan attacks on Utah LDS Mormon Church

2008-10-28     Sarah Palin Drops Expensive cloths : DURING RALLY!

2008-10-26     Mormons and LDS church withdraw support for Proposition 8 and apologize to gays

2008-10-25     Alan Greenspan admits "I screwed up"

2008-10-23     Sarah Palin to drop puck at Blues Game in $6600 Dior Pant suit

2008-10-21     Republicans react as Joe the Plumber reveals that he's gay

2008-10-21     Sarah Palin Accuses Democratic Voters of Stealing Election

2008-10-21     Apple Inc. Stock Surges as Steve Jobs Gets Seasonal Flu Shot

2008-10-20     McCain Robo Calls Halted : Battle Droid R2D2 Claims Responsibility

2008-10-19     McCain Surging ahead in "Real America" 55 to 40

2008-10-16     Terrorists to help Raise $8.4 Million for Prop. 8 Fight in California :Al-Qaeda Leader Osama Bin Laden agrees with Mormons

2008-10-16     John McCain dumps Sarah Palin : Joe "The Plumber" Wurzelbacher takes VP slot

2008-10-15     Mormons Join with Ku Klux Klan to Raise $8.4 Million for Prop. 8 Fight in California

2008-10-15     California Prop 8 : Adolph Hitler would be Proud

2008-10-15     California Prop 8 supporters are Vile Scum: (my neighbors included)

2008-10-11     California Proposition 8 : Creepy Polygamists join fight against Gay Marriage

2008-10-11     Breaking: Sarah Palin Arrested - Candidate to face Ethics charges in "Trooper Gate"

2008-10-11     California Proposition 8 "Marriage Protection Act" to Ban Sexy Young Secretaries and 60 inch LCDs

2008-10-11     Sarah Palin Field Dresses Deer During Rally : McCain Supporters Riot

2008-10-09     Hockey Moms Put Sarah Palin in the Penalty Box

2008-10-09     Following McCain Rally: Mayor of Strongsville Ohio admits "We are morons"

2008-10-08     Sarah Palin Hockey Mom From Hell : McCain Post Debate Free Fall : Red States Bleeding Blue : Unconfirmed Wisdom #700

2008-10-08     Sarah Palin Blasts McCains Weak Debate Performance

2008-10-07     Trash Talking Sarah Palin tells supporters "I would kill to win Florida!"

2008-10-07     Barack Obama and William Ayres, What Every Voter MUST Know

2008-10-06     Sarah Palin Continues Vicious Attacks on Barack Obama

2008-10-06     Sarah Palin Blasts John McCain for Keating 5 Fiasco

2008-10-06     Charles Keating Fired from John McCain's Economic Team

2008-10-05     Joe Sixpack files suit against McCain/Palin Campaign "False Statements must stop"

2008-10-05     "Brawling" Sarah Palin Loses Key Endorsement : NASM to support Obama

2008-10-03     Sarah Palin Survives Debate : McCain Abandons Michigan : Bacon Wrapped Bailout gets bailed out

2008-10-01     Wall Street Stunned by Massive UCS Collapse

2008-09-28     Letterman's Rampage : McCain's Suspension : Palin impaled : Katie Killin' it : Bush's next war Unconfirmed Wisdom #721

2008-09-26     McCain Torpedoes Bush Bailout : Republicans Battle Republicans

2008-09-23     White House Bailout Plans 18-Month Long Occupation of Wall Street

2008-09-21     John McCain Losing His Grip on Christian Evangelicals

2008-09-20     New Group Protests the Bush Wall Street Bailout Plan

2008-09-20     John McCain Better Prepared To Lead During Our Nations Coming Hardships

2008-09-20     Financial Collapse: Bush tours Wall Street Devastation

2008-09-20     Barack Obama Suspends Campaign due to Bank Failures

2008-09-20     Sarah Palin missing in Bank Collapse : The Bush Legacy : Ike Irony : Phil Gramms Banks Fail : October Surprise comes Early : Unconfirmed Wisdom #493

2008-09-20     Former Republican Senator Phil Gramm Dragged From Home : Beaten by Angry Tax Payers

2008-09-15     Lehman Brothers Purchase a Rare Opportunity says Waste Management Inc.

2008-09-15     Wall Street Collapse makes it Official! Bush 2nd Term a Complete Disaster

2008-09-14     Rove: McCain "not lying enough in attack ads"

2008-09-14     Osama Bin Laden Video message released: McCain Attack ads went "too far from the truth"

2008-09-14     McCain/Palin Campaign Causing Lobbyist Shortage

2008-09-13     John McCain Gambles with Our Future

2008-09-12     Experts Predict 28% Chance John McCain Will Die in First Term

2008-09-12     Evangelical Christians Stunned : Atheist Tapped to Run Saddleback Mega Church

2008-09-12     Troublesome SPORE DRM Cracked by German Teen

2008-09-12     Apple Releases McCain Edition Ipod Nano

2008-09-12     Harvard Endowment To Fund John McCain School of P.O.W. Studies

2008-09-12     Election Bomb shell: George W. Bush and John McCain are BOTH Republicans

2008-09-11     McCain / Palin Blast Obama for campaigning on "issues"

2008-09-10     Paris Hilton and Sarah Palin Hospitalized After Late Night Crash

2008-09-10     Sarah Palin Seizes control of McCain Campaign Organization

2008-09-09     Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews Leave NBC to Join Staff at UnconfirmedSources.com

2008-09-08     Palin's Press Pass : Bristol's "Choice" : Fannie and Freddie Fail : Cheney's Rusty Saber : McCain shoots down Olberman : Unconfirmed Wisdom #824

2008-09-07     Saudi Arabia Announces Plan for Future Energy Dominance

2008-09-06     Cheney: Russia's actions an 'affront' : Launches Invasion of oil rich Venezuela

2008-09-06     John McCain : "I will ask Sarah Palin and Antonin Scalia to lead nation womb registration program"

2008-09-05     Levi Johnston : Very Lucky to be alive

2008-09-04     Griff Jenkins' Mother to Address Republican National Convention

2008-09-04     History Channel Launches New Series : Gay Ice Road Truckers

2008-09-03     Terrorist Osama Bin Laden to Address Republican National Convention

2008-09-03     McCain's Palin Problems : VP and abstinence counselor : Levi Johnston Score! : Unconfirmed Wisdom #654

2008-09-03     John McCain injured during RNC "Mishap"

2008-08-31     Evil Democrats Pray that Gustav will flood New Orleans

2008-08-30     Republicans scramble to evacuate Minneapolis ahead of hurricane Gustav

2008-08-30     Paris Hilton more qualified than Sarah Palin for McCain VP Slot

2008-08-30     Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Consecrative Evangelical Christian Female Democrats flock to Sarah Palin

2008-08-29     McCain VP Scandal widens : Who is the Leaker?

2008-08-29     McCain VP Choice Leaked by AP : Tim Pawleny

2008-08-29     Nation Morns the Tragic Loss of Fox News Reporter Griff Jenkins

2008-08-27     Missing Fox News Reporter Griff Jenkins Killed During Daring Denver Recuse Operation

2008-08-27     Rudy Giuliani : Former New York Drag Queen To Give Keynote Address at Republican National Convention

2008-08-26     John McCain "Thank God Liberals don't shoot people"

2008-08-24     Fox News Correspondent Griff Jenkins missing presumed dead after Bloody Denver Riot

2008-08-24     Wal-Mart Agrees to Fund Labor Union Votes in US stores

2008-08-24     Microsoft Hires Jerry Seinfeld to Patch Vista Code Base

2008-08-24     McCain Counters Obama VP Choice : Master Chief to face Joe Biden

2008-08-18     Denver Police Raid "Operation Chaos" Training Camp Rush Limbaugh Wounded and Arrested

2008-08-17     John McCain is witness to Ellen DeGeneres / Portia de Rossi wedding

2008-08-17     Olympic Swimming Champion Michael Phelps Demands Bigfoot Investigation

2008-08-15     John McCain Begs Republican Supporters to Stop Murdering Democrats and Liberals

2008-08-15     Michael Phelps Pleads To US Government "Please Release my family"

2008-08-09     Tetrahydrogestrinone, (THG) Named Official Steroid of Beijing Olympics

2008-08-09     Russian planes attack Georgia : John McCain vows to defend Atlanta

2008-08-09     Olympic Sprit Crushed by Russian Tanks : Beijing Officials demand Vladimir Putin leave China

2008-08-08     McCain Slams Obama over Lake Michigan Oil Drilling Plan

2008-08-08     Beijing Olympic Knock-offs contain Lead, PVC

2008-08-06     Exxon-Mobile Announces the Purchase of John McCain

2008-08-06     United Airlines to Charge for Water, Coffee and Bathroom Use

2008-08-06     Nation Supports off shore Drilling : California and Florida backing Yucca mountain project and Mountain top removal in West Virginia

2008-08-05     Paris Hilton Withdraws Support from John McCain

2008-08-04     Tearful Barack Obama admits- "John McCain's Attack ads are all true"

2008-08-04     Three Olympic Athletes Test Negative For Performance Enhancing Drugs

2008-08-03     Beijing Smog Chamber gives US Olympic Athletes the Competitive Edge

2008-08-01     Barack Obama Invited to Dinner with John McCain's First Wife

2008-07-31     Barack Obama Admits to Love Affair outside of Marriage to Michelle

2008-07-31     McCain: Offshore Coal Mining is 'Something We Have to Do'

2008-07-31     Army Develops New Combat Uniforms for Gay Soldiers

2008-07-30     Ben Stein recommends McCain hire Scum bag to help campaign

2008-07-30     Unitarians prepare for Jihad

2008-07-28     McCain Energy Policy : Drilling for Oil will reduce our dependence on Oil

2008-07-27     McCain Gives Dalai Lama "Straight Talk"

2008-07-27     Bush Refuses to Set Timeline for Withdrawal From White House

2008-07-26     Ford to Convert Truck Factory into Money Burning Plant

2008-07-26     GM Delays Chevy Volt Hybrid Production .......Again

2008-07-02     Mona-Vie Active Recalled By FTA

2008-06-28     Pro-Life Groups Protest 2nd Amendment Ruling by Supreme Court

2008-06-26     Hand Gun band Lifted : Washington D.C. Criminals Rejoice!

2008-06-26     John McCain Demands Resignation of Key Obama Staffer

2008-06-20     al-Qaeda To Close Its 527 In Response To Obama's Candidacy

2008-06-18     John McCain Rushed to Hospital For Examination

2008-06-17     John McCain Seeks Labor Union Support

2008-06-17     McCain Calls For Drilling Off the Coast of Florida and Montana

2008-06-15     McCain Campaign Leads Relief Efforts For Unemployed Lobbyists

2008-06-15     McCain blasts Obama's Flood Relief Efforts "Phony Political Posturing"

2008-06-15     John McCain Sex Video Yanked From YouTube.com

2008-06-14     iphone iPfreaks already lined up for new 3G iphone weeks ahead of launch.

2008-06-14     Obama Campaign Issues Stadium Challenge to John McCain

2008-06-14     McCain Slams US Constitution on Release of Terrorist Detainees

2008-06-14     Tim Russert celebrated : Survival of Bill O'Reilly Mourned

2008-06-12     Andre the Giant Joins John McCain as Surprise VP Choice

2008-06-12     Barack Obama: "You can have my 3G iphone when you pry it from my cold dead hands."

2008-06-09     John McCain Joins the Keating Five Reunion Tour

2008-06-08     John McCain Signs Exxon Mobil Corporation as Lead Campaign Sponsor

2008-06-08     High Gas Prices Strand Shuttle Discovery in Orbit

2008-06-08     McCain Refuses to Discuss Obama Debates without preconditions

2008-06-07     Ashamed Big Brown Admits He Was Hung Over

2008-06-06     Record High Crude Oil Prices Cripple Grand Theft Auto 4 game play

2008-06-06     Barack Obama Picks Vice President

2008-06-05     Joe Lieberman: "Barack Obama hit me!"


2008-06-05     GM's Hummer Being Considered for U.S. Endangered Species List

2008-06-04     Hillary Clinton Offers Barack Obama VP Spot

2008-06-03     Bush Blasts McCain : "Not up to the Task...."

2008-06-03     Bush endorses Obama as Democratic presidential nominee

2008-06-03     Critics Make Obama's Age An Issue In Presidential Race

2008-06-02     Missing Candidate John McCain Found Safe

2008-05-31     McCain demands Democrats seat all delegates

2008-05-31     John McCain Lists Top Ten Bush Administration Accomplishments:

2008-05-31     Scott McClellan Attacks George Bush and George Lucas

2008-05-30     Scott McClellan Arrested for White House Criticism

2008-05-25     Hummer plans to introduce a Hybrid in 2009

2008-05-25     John McCain For Sale on Ebay

2008-05-24     John McCain's Troubles : More Lobbyists Fired From Campaign Staff

2008-05-24     Hillary Clinton Assassinates Her Own Political Career

2008-05-22     American Airlines to charge $15 for fat people, others may follow

2008-05-22     American Airlines to Eliminate Customers, others may follow

2008-05-19     McCain : More Than Just Straight Talk? : Viagra found on campaign bus

2008-05-18     Arab Leaders Press Bush on Reform

2008-05-18     Disappointed Rush Limbaugh Calls Off Kennedy Death Watch

2008-05-17     Rush Limbaugh : "Americans are sexist bigots"

2008-05-17     Space Aliens admit Roswell crash was a Hoax

2008-05-17     John McCain Blasts California Courts Gay Marriage Ruling

2008-05-16     New poll finds Chelsea Clinton leads John McCain nationwide

2008-05-15     New poll finds Chelsea Clinton leads Hillary Clinton nationwide

2008-05-15     McCain Continues Green Tour : "I Support Natural Gas Powered Wind Turbines"

2008-05-14     Lost season extended by two hours : John McCain Makes Guest Appearance

2008-05-10     John McCain "I promise to invade your vaginas."

2008-05-10     Barack Obama Strikes Back! "If I'm linked to Hamas....John McCain is linked to Stupid"

2008-05-07     McCain Says He Would Put Judge Dredd on Supreme Court

2008-05-07     McCain Says He Would Put "Hanging Judges" on Supreme Court

2008-05-05     PETA requests that Eight Belles jockey Gabriel Saez be euthanized

2008-05-05     Rush Limbaugh Announces Progressive Pro Growth Tax policy

2008-05-05     Confident Obama Halts Indiana Campaign

2008-05-04     Microsoft withdraws bid for Yahoo : "Will focus on existing monopolies."

2008-05-04     iPhone Hi-Jacked : Grand Theft Auto 4 on the Streets of Cupertino

2008-05-03     Lexus to Launch "Micro Luxury Economy" Car E750-G

2008-05-03     John McCain "Grand Theft Auto 4 is a sin against God"

2008-05-03     Superdelegate Yoda to Support Barack Obama

2008-05-03     Obama's Guam Victory Proves Obama Can't Win : Says Clinton

2008-04-30     Large Hadron Collider buys Black Hole Insurance Policy: Says Lloyds Of London

2008-04-30     Cindy McCain admits she voted for Barack Obama in New Mexico Caucus

2008-04-30     John McCain Denounces Barak Obama's Denunciation

2008-04-27     Jeremiah Wright Endorses John McCain : Arizona Senator Too Extreme for America?

2008-04-27     Obama snaps up 4 more delegates: 2 from Clinton : 2 from McCain

2008-04-27     John McCain Taps Osama Bin Laden as Running Mate

2008-04-27     PETA protests Large Hadron Collider on behalf of Hadrons

2008-04-27     Barack Obama Punches Out FOX News' Chris Wallace

2008-04-27     Rush Limbaugh Calls For Violet Uprising : Breaks down on the air

2008-04-25     Rush Limbaugh Placed on Denver's most wanted list

2008-04-25     McCain Criticizes Iraq Response as 'Disgraceful'

2008-04-24     McCain calls North Carolina GOP Tactics "Sleazy" and "disgraceful"

2008-04-24     Obama criticized for "Hopeful" remarks

2008-04-24     McCain : New Orleans Response 'Disgraceful' : Promises Withdraw

2008-04-23     John McCain kicks Lilly Ledbetter in the crotch

2008-04-21     Barack Obama wins Ku Klux Klan Endorsement

2008-04-20     Obama Campaign Admits $2500 Spent on Bowling Lessons

2008-04-19     John McCain defends Passion Fruit Mousse "Recipe is not elitist, it's delicious."

2008-04-19     McCain Injury Not Serious "Accidents Happen"

2008-04-17     NRA Sponsors Virginia Tech vigil

2008-04-17     Pope Benedict Reminds U.S. Catholic Priests to stop Diddling Young Boys

2008-04-13     Stephen Hadley :US Considering "all options" in response to Beijing Olympics

2008-04-12     McCain Gaffe: "Threat to U.S. linked to Hummus"

2008-04-12     Charlton Heston's will calls for Support of Moderate Gun Control

2008-04-09     Gun finally pulled from Charlton Heston's cold dead hands

2008-04-07     Obama campaign Falters : Barack did not vote for Martin Luther King Holiday

2008-04-06     Accordion Players Seek their own "Martin Luther King"

2008-04-06     Secret Service Awards McCain Security Contract to Blackwater USA

2008-04-02     Sharper Image Shakes Off Bankruptcy : Wins Beijing Smog Contract

2008-03-31     GM Leads Ford in Sales of Imaginary Hybrid Vehicles

2008-03-31     More Straight Talk from John McCain : "Battle of Basra just went tits up"

2008-03-31     Olympic Torch Tours Sites of Famous Chinese Massacres

2008-03-30     Battle for Basra : George W. Bush "US Troops are Winning the War"

2008-03-30     McCain Blasts Bush Administration for not catching Osama bin Laden

2008-03-29     Department of Homeland Security Releases 2008 Terror Alert Notice

2008-03-29     McCain Attacks Obama Economic Policy

2008-03-29     McCain experience as War Hero Qualifies McCain to be a War Hero

2008-03-29     Boston Big Dig Plagued with Expensive Feng Shui Errors

2008-03-28     John McCain Announces Solutions to Sub Prime Mortgage Crisis

2008-03-26     Rapture Delayed : Gods Work Still Incomplete

2008-03-25     3G iPhone II prototype sells on Ebay for $7500.00

2008-03-25     4000 Dead : McCain and Bush Honor Iraq Wars Grim Milestone : Soldiers Families Receive Cake

2008-03-24     Apple Shocks Windows Vista Users: Steve Jobs to offer Service Pack 1A for Microsoft's Troubled OS

2008-03-24     Osama bin Laden blocks Al-Qaeda personnel from reading and posting blogs

2008-03-22     Chinese Officials promise : Blood to be cleaned off streets before Olympics

2008-03-22     Chinese Olympic Skull Crushing Team Trains in Tibetan Revolt

2008-03-21     George W. Bush Approval Ratings Plunge to Record Lows : Laura Demands Separation

2008-03-17     Osama Bin Laden Announces Result : John McCain Wins Al-Qaeda in Iraq Caucus

2008-03-15     Ashley Alexandra Dupre reminds nation that we are still at war in Iraq

2008-03-15     Tax payers bail out high flying Bear Stearns

2008-03-15     John McCain Resting Comfortably After Minor Surgery

2008-03-15     Blu-Ray Nintendo Wii sighted in Tokyo

2008-03-15     Master Chief Super Hack : Halo 3 ported to Nintendo Wii

2008-03-13     John McCain Taps Dick Cheney for VP Spot

2008-03-12     Clinton Campaign Returns $15,000 "Donation" to New York Governor Eliot Spitzer

2008-03-11     New York Governor Demands Spitzer Resignation

2008-03-10     McCain campaign Bombshell : Vietnam invasion plans leaked!

2008-03-09     Tucker Canceled by MSNBC: Host Found Dead

2008-03-08     Obama rejects Clinton offer : "I have no interest in being Hilary Clinton's Vice Presidential house boy"

2008-03-08     Florida, Michigan Democrats consider poll tax to pay for primary revote

2008-03-08     McCain Campaigns with Jeb Bush In Florida; Says VP Spot Still Open

2008-03-08     John McCain enters 6 month vegetative hibernation

2008-03-03     White house holds McCain Straight Talk™ campaign event in Somalia

2008-03-03     America's Stars and Stripes most Popular flag to burn

2008-03-02     Tucker Carlson: "I question John McCain's loyalty to the GOP."

2008-03-02     McCain launches new campaign "Fear We Can Believe in"

2008-02-25     Clinton tells Obama: 'Shame on you'; Obama admits carrier landing was "pure political theater"

2008-02-24     John McCain Proves His Foreign Policy Skill : "Drop Dead Castro"

2008-02-23     Mythbusters Buster resigns to join cast of Smash Lab

2008-02-23     Microsoft VISTA SP1 : 16 DVD set now on Sale

2008-02-23     George W. Bush Joins Obama Supporters in Texas

2008-02-22     McCain Immigration plans change : Extend Border Fence to Cuba

2008-02-16     John McCain Fights Back Against Conservative Group 'Swift Vets and POWs for Truth'

2008-02-16     Swift Boat Veterans backer Bob J. Perry Faces Imaginary Child Pornography Investigation

2008-02-14     Massive Terrorist Car Bomb Attack Kills Terrorist Imad Mughniyeh : Terrorist Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah has no sense of Irony

2008-02-14     Swift Boat Mastermind Bob J. Perry preparing attacks on Obama and Clinton

2008-02-14     Condoleezza Rice : "We could be winning the war in Iraq for the next 15 Years"

2008-02-13     John McCain : "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Must Resign"

2008-02-12     McCain Campaign Blasts Barack Obama for Dodging Vietnam Service

2008-02-10     Republican-funded Group Attacks Barack Obama's Gulf War Service Record

2008-02-07     McCain Supporter admits Super Tuesday Mistake

2008-02-07     Sylvia Browne Critically injured While Channeling

2008-02-03     Mythbusters fans demand Smash Lab be smashed

2008-02-02     Nation Morns the Tragic Loss of Britney Spears

2008-02-02     Wake up Starbucks! Dunkin' Donuts Launches Coffee War!

2008-01-31     Church of Scientology's Launches Denial-of-Service Attack

2008-01-30     John McCain is on a Roll

2008-01-29     Rudy Giuliani stays in race despite finishing 3rd

2008-01-29     Tony Rezko linked to Whitewater scandal

2008-01-29     Evolution Gains Momentum in Florida Church Court Case

2008-01-27     Mythbuster Adam Savage quits to join cast of Smash Lab

2008-01-26     GM Makes a Comeback: All Electric Cadillac Escalade EXT out sells Toyota Prius

2008-01-26     UCS Trend Report #473: Giuliani Gambles : Huckabee Stumbles : Stimulating Debate : GOP TAX CUTS AGAIN!?

2008-01-26     Mike Huckabee Wins key Florida Endorsement

2008-01-26     700-megahertz Wireless Spectrum Overshadows other Government Auctions

2008-01-25     Rudy Giuliani Wins Hero of 911®™ Trademark Lawsuit

2008-01-25     Church of Scientology slammed by Sub-prime Crisis

2008-01-23     Study Links Puff Adder Genetic Defects To The Church of Scientology

2008-01-22     Fred Thompson quits race : Mitt Romney reaches out to supporters

2008-01-21     John McCain to Chuck Norris: "Bring it on whipper snapper!"

2008-01-19     Paris Hilton Offers Her Own Stimulus Package

2008-01-18     Romney's Campaign admit to "Push polling" and use of Mitt-botts in South Carolina

2008-01-18     Unconfirmed Sources Raided by Ohio Office of Homeland Security

2007-12-15     Democrats Pray for Mike Huckabee

2007-12-13     Romney to divorce 2nd and 3rd wives ahead of Iowa caucus

2007-12-13     George W. Bush Vetoes Children's Heath Insurance and strangles puppy

2007-11-23     Wal-Mart shopping frenzy : 4 year old accidently purchased

2007-10-27     China Space Probe Recalled to Earth : Moon Mission Delayed

2007-10-27     Larry Craig Makes Constitutional Argument : Airport bathroom sex is protected Right

2007-10-25     San Diego Fires : Real-estate agent charged with arson

2007-10-24     FEMA Responds: New Orleans flood waters will be pumped to San Diego fires

2007-10-18     Republican Party Found Dead on Airport Bathroom Floor

2007-10-18     Super Hack : Halo 3 ported to iPhone

2007-10-08     Sen. Larry Craig chosen for Idaho Hall of Shame

2007-10-04     George W. Bush Leads the Fight Against Poor Sick Kids!

2007-10-02     Apple, ATandT sued over iPhone E.coli contamination

2007-10-02     Chinese beef recalled: 42-million pounds contaminated with lead

2007-08-16     Barbie recalled : 500,000 Chinese made dolls effected

2007-08-14     Karl Rove Resigns to Join Darth Vader: Dark Side of the Force Plans Comeback

2007-08-14     Karl Rove Resigns to "Spend more time with legal defense team and family"

2007-08-12     President Bush Okays French Fries

2007-08-12     Bridge Collapse Prompts Review of Safety Inspection Standards

2007-07-31     Dick Cheney to Guest Host Larry King Live

2007-07-31     Noted Skeptic Steven Novella attacked by Creationist Space Zombies

2007-07-30     US Attorney General Moves to impeach Alberto Gonzales

2007-07-29     Subprime Troubles Crushing Second Life Real-estate Values

2007-07-29     Nasa Shuttle program inks deal Anheuser-Busch's Marketing Department

2007-07-29     Alberto Gonzales denies allegations that he told the truth

2007-07-28     NASA Officials Confirm : Space Shuttle Used for Beer Runs

2007-07-27     Lindsay Lohan Demands Refund : Promises Staff Botched Her Rehab

2007-07-25     Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Expelled From Liars Association

2007-07-25     President Safe: Colon Polyps not linked to al-Qaida

2007-07-19     Senate Republicans Win Fight to Continue Losing Iraq War

2007-07-17     Your Home Town Braces for Al-Qaida Terror Attacks

2007-07-17     McCain Tumbles : Presidential Campaign Fires Arizona Senator

2007-07-17     New Bush War Plan To Include September Troop "Splurge"

2007-07-15     Apple Nano Iphone Stock Rockets : McCain Down the Drain : Iraq on the attack : George W. Bush STILL out of touch : Sanjay Takes 2 Apsrins


Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.