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Kamal El-Din

Kamal El-Din is the Editor and Publisher of Unconfirmed Sources. UCS was started in January 2004 and has had over 15 million visitors to date.

Kamal El-Din 's Stories

2013-07-24     #Pope Announces Gamaification of Salvation at the Vatican

2011-12-20     John Boehner and Eric Cantor Abducted by Aliens

2011-10-11     Rick Perry's Skeletons Sue For Larger Closet

2011-10-10     GOP Occupy Wall Street Talking Points Leaked

2011-07-29     John Boehner and Eric Cantor Rushed to Hospital After Late Night Car Wreck

2011-07-27     Goldman Sachs Shares Surge On Announcement of Bitcoin Trading Unit

2011-07-27     Moody's Downgrades GOP to Junk Status

2011-07-22     Massive Bitcoin Strike Shakes Mt. Gox Exchange

2011-07-22     Space Shuttle Trader Magazine Folds as NASA Ends Shuttle Program

2011-07-22     Eric Cantor Hospitalized After Hitting Debt Ceiling

2011-07-21     Kim Kardashian Granted Patent for "Super Hotness"

2011-07-21     Kim Kardashian Clones Threaten Nation

2011-06-17     Wisconsin Governor Mark Walker Charged with Grand Larceny

2011-02-25     Apple To Take 30% Cut On Voice Orders Taken Over iPhone

2011-02-22     Wisconsin Governor Walker Hires Bounty Hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman's to Capture Wayward Democratic Senators

2011-02-21     Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker seeks advice From Moammar Gadhafi.

2011-02-04     Reagan Birthday Causes Run on Rose Colored Glasses

2011-02-03     GOP: It's Ok To Raise Taxes, But Only On the Poor

2010-03-29     Sarah Palin, "I didn't Sleep with Jessie James!"

2010-03-24     White House Evacuated After F-Bomb Scare

2010-03-22     GOP Lawmakers Burn Insurance Cards to Protest Passage of Health Care Reform

2010-02-24     Steve Jobs Admits Apple iPad Rumor Mill Malfunction

2010-01-29     Senator Scott Brown's Assailants Arrested

2010-01-27     GOP to Honor James O'Keefe for Break in at Sen. Mary Landrieu's Offices

2010-01-27     Steve Jobs' Apple Tablet Announcement Blamed for San Francisco and Cupertino Power Outages

2010-01-26     NASA Picks Shuttle Trader Magizine to Sell Off Space Shuttles

2010-01-26     Senator Elect Scott Brown Resting Comfortably After Vicious Mugging

2010-01-22     Supreme Court Approves Sale of United States Government to the Chamber of Commerce

2009-11-13     Modders Launch Attack On Microsoft Xbox Live Servers

2009-11-11     Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN to Join Minutemen Border Militia Group

2009-05-13     Pimps Praise Craigslist Decision to Close Erotic Services Listings

2009-03-29     Microsoft to Replace Dead Xbox 360s with Sony PS3s

2009-03-23     AIG Outrage Dampened By Pitchfork Shortages

2009-01-14     President Bush Tries to Return Tarnished Legacy

2009-01-12     Zero Shortage Threatens Obama Stimulus Plan

2009-01-04     Israeli Sponsored Hamas Recruiting Drive Is a Success

2008-12-19     Blagojevich Pardons 22 Criminals, Including Himself

2008-12-14     Google's New River View Service To Go Live Next Week

2008-12-13     Automakers Achieve Singularity, Detroit Disappears into Black Hole

2008-12-09     U.S. Senators Agree to Give Up $168,500 Salary During Financial Crisis

2008-11-17     Senator Shelby Sponsors "Buy Foreign Cars For America" Bill

2008-10-23     John McCain Continues to Hemorrhage Republican Voters

2008-10-19     McCain Makes Surprise Bid For Ontario Voters

2008-10-13     McCain Campaign Announces New Public Perception

2008-10-07     Sarah Palin Arrested for Incitement

2008-10-06     McCain, The Con-Man, and a Cover Up?

2008-10-05     FUD Futures Soar on News of McCain Campaign Going All Negitive

2008-10-04     Palin Breaks With McCain: Returns to Michigan to Campaign

2008-09-24     Barack Obama Run Down By John McCain's Straight Talk Express

2008-09-20     Bush: "Taxpayers Will Happily Agree to Bailout Financial Fat Cats."

2008-09-17     McCain Backs Bush Decision to Send Troops into Wall Street

2008-09-07     Bob Woodward Arrested for Treason

2008-09-06     John McCain Vows to Clean Out Failed Republican Administration

2008-09-05     Sarah Palin Stripped of Abstinence Councilor Certification

2008-09-04     Sarah Palin To Record Re Mix Of Pretty Hate Machine

2008-08-30     John McCain Leads Air National Guard in Attack on Hurricane Gustav

2008-08-23     Tom Merritt to Replace Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Broadway Run

2008-08-17     McCain Selects Bigfoot to be Running Mate In Surprise Move

2008-08-16     Jerome Corsi Reveals Evidence of Bigfoot

2008-08-10     Chihuahua Edges Greyhound in Blind Taste Test

2008-07-22     McCain Campaign Found Dead

2008-07-01     Newsweek Duped by Fake Osama Bin-Laden Mel Gibson Tape

2008-06-30     Cnet's Molly Wood Fine After Demagnetizing Close Call

2008-06-30     ICAN to Shut Down Email Services World Wide

2008-06-10     Rapper 50 Cent to be John McCain's Choice for VP

2008-05-17     Clinton Continues to Court Trailer Trash Voting Block in Kentucky

2008-05-14     Bush to Push New Peace Plan While in Israel: Nuke Gaza.

2008-05-11     John McCain Defends Role in SwapGate Scandal

2008-05-09     Clinton Accepts VP Slot On Dream Ticket

2008-05-08     Text of Clinton Concession Speech Leaked

2008-04-23     Microsoft's Live Mesh Licensed to Borg for Complete Web Domination

2008-04-21     McCain Capitalizes on Obama Flag Pin Controversy Ahead of Pennsylvania Primary

2008-04-19     Pope Benedict Beats The Dalai Lama in Charity Bowling Tournament

2008-04-17     McCain Condemns Comments by Supporter Rev Jerry Falwell

2008-04-15     Boeing Shares Rise on News of Patents on Gravity and Entropy

2008-04-13     Jimmy Carter Arrested on Terrorism Charges

2008-04-05     Microsoft Withdraws Offer to Buy Yahoo; Buys Three Smaller Companies Instead

2008-04-01     X Prize Foundation Announces Autonomous Killer Robot Challenge

2008-03-29     Google Earth Hour Support Threatens Black Pixel Supply

2008-03-29     Renegade AI Patents Autonomous Killer Robot

2008-03-27     Pentagon 'Punked' by Satire Writers with 'Iraq Fighting Good Sign' Story

2008-03-19     McCain Iran Stumble

2008-03-14     Barack Obama Admits to Having Black Love Children

2008-02-19     Raul Castro Endorsement Helps Obama Edge Clinton in Cuban Primary

2008-02-11     John McCain to Guest Star in Season 2 of The Pentagon's September 11th Show Trials

2008-02-10     Dick Cheney Accused of Cutting Iranian Fiber Optic Cables

2008-02-09     Nintendo Patents Wii Pants

2008-02-06     Cnet Launches Dating Site To Hook Up Buzz Townies

2008-01-27     CNN to air Heath Ledger Special Instead of Bush's Last State of the Union Address

2008-01-26     Hillary Clinton Breaks Nascar Speed Record Leaving South Carolina

2008-01-14     Bush Vows to Continue War; Makes Deal Backing HD DVD over Blu-Ray.

2008-01-13     Scientist Prove Only 62% of What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

2008-01-12     Crack Cocaine Found On Air Force One. Bush Denies Involvement.

2008-01-06     Fox News Withdraws Ron Paul from 2008 Presidential Race

2007-12-13     Hackers Steal Santa's Naughty and Nice List!

2007-12-10     Romney Counters Ron Paul Blimp with Nuclear Submarine, and Takes Aim at Mike Huckabee

2007-11-24     Pardoned National Turkeys May and Flower Found Dead, Eaten

2007-11-21     Dollar Bill Gets Cut Down to Size

2007-11-14     Prince Attacks Pirate Bay Server Facility

2007-11-07     Move Over Guitar Hero, Activision Scores Big With Violin Hero III

2007-11-06     Republicans Vote to Impeach Dick Cheney!

2007-10-29     White House Hires FEMA Spokesman John Philbin To Manage Press Office

2007-10-09     Rush Limbaugh Joins Fight in Iraq

2007-09-29     iPhone Rehacked: iPhone Dev Team 2, Apple, Inc 0

2007-09-29     Microsoft Denies Rumor of Vista Recall

2007-09-27     What To Do Now That Apple Has Bricked Your iPhone

2007-09-26     Blackwater USA's Eric Prince Elected Prime Minster of Iraq

2007-09-23     Steve Jobs Reports Reality Distortion Field Malfunction at Apple

2007-09-16     OJ Simpson Arrested; Releases "If I did it, Again. The Revised Edition"

2007-09-13     Bush Takes 9 Minutes to Conflate 9/11 With War in Iraq During Speech; Sets New Record!

2007-09-12     Bush Announces Troop Cut and his name is Ben Higgins

2007-09-06     Apple iPhone Fanboys Destroy Chicago Apple Store Over Price Drop

2007-09-02     University of Michigan Football Coach Lloyd Carr Resigns after Epic Upset

2007-08-26     Rockstar Games' Manhunt 2 Wins Halloween Release Date and Guliani Endorsement

2007-08-21     Paramount Dumps Blu-Ray and HD DVD Formats in Favor of Carved Stone Tablets

2007-08-15     Rudy Giuliani Files for 9/11 Responder Benefits

2007-07-27     Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and Alberto Gonzales Head to Jail for Career Recharge

2007-07-27     Halo 3's Master Chief Vows to 'Finish the Fight' in Iraq

2007-07-22     White House Plans to Destabilize Pakistan and Undermine Pervez Musharraf

2007-07-17     Video Game Shocker! Microsoft To Release Halo 3 for Sony's PS3

2007-07-15     Rachel Ray Launches Microsoft Xbox 360 Cooking Show

2007-07-12     Michael Chertoff And His Gut Announce Presidential Bid

2007-06-26     How to Get A Free Apple iPhone

2007-06-19     Karl Rove's 'Deleted' RNC Emails Found!

2007-06-17     Apple Launches iTrack. The Next Generation iPod Music Player

2007-06-13     San Francisco City Council Bans Segway Jousting

2007-06-12     Mitt Romney Replaces Fred Thompson on Law and Order

2007-06-09     Bush and Putin Agree to Restart Cold War During G8 Summit

2007-06-09     Paris Hilton Released From Jail With Life Threatening Condition

2007-05-30     Fred Thompson Announces Coming Announcement

2007-05-23     Ask A Ninja, Ninja Dies

2007-05-14     White House Orders Arrest of British Journalist Greg Palast

2007-05-09     Florida Announces New Primary Date in June

2007-05-06     Paris Hilton Agrees to Be White House War Czar To Avoid Prison

2007-05-05     Romney, Giuliani Injured in Waffle Iron Accidents

2007-04-25     McCain Campaign Rushed to Hospital in New Hampshire

2007-04-12     Missing Bush Gonzales E-mails Found on RNC Server at Bottom of Potomac River

2007-04-11     Bush Orders Military Strike on Congress

2007-04-09     Bush Announces new Immigration Plan, Troop Surge and Jobs Program For Iraqis

2007-04-05     McCain Campaign Restates Fundraising Total to -$2 Million After Bill From Baghdad Shopping Trip Comes Due

2007-04-04     Unconfirmed Sources Editor Pulls Own Story: It was Tasteless and Sucky.

2007-04-04     Battle for Second Life Ends as World of War Craft Hordes Drive Halo 2 Troopers Back to Xbox Live Network

2007-03-30     Halo 2 Trooper's Xbox 360 Elite No Match for World of War Craft Fighters as Battle for Second Life Escalates

2007-03-24     Xbox Live Halo 2 Troops Invade Second Life

2007-03-20     Emma Watson Signs Two Film Harry Potter Deal for $476 Million

2007-03-18     George W. Bush Stands Behind Alberto Gonzales

2007-03-11     Bush Rushes Home to Attend Funeral of Captain America

2007-03-07     Ann Coulter to Wed Lewis 'Scooter' Libby in Cell Block Ceremony

2007-02-10     Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Stars in Fruit of the Loom Ad

2007-02-10     Beatles Spurn iTunes, Publish Music Exclusively on Allofmp3.com

2007-02-07     Lewis "Scooter" Libby Announces Presidential Bid During Perjury Trial

2007-02-07     New York To Ban Listening to Ipods,Talking, and Gum Chewing While Crossing the Street

2007-02-01     Google News Servers Goes Down as Traffic Flows to Fake News Site

2007-01-27     Cheney Rushed to Hospital Suffering Delusions and Memory Loss

2007-01-23     Vandals Strike White House During State of the Union

2007-01-14     Condoleezza Rice Threatens Iran and Syria With Mini-Nukes

2007-01-11     Bush Announces Release of IRAQ 2.0

2007-01-03     Elliot Spitzer to Establish a Presidential Exploratory Committee

2006-12-16     Glenn Beck Injured During Penguin Hunt

2006-12-14     Leaked Memo Outlines Bush's Real Iraq Policy

2006-12-13     God Opens Christian Embassy Inside the Pentagon

2006-12-07     Iraq Study Groups Fails to Reach President Bush

2006-12-05     MySpace Unveils New Social Networking Site MyStalker

2006-11-26     Vietnam To Send Troops to Aid Bush in Iraq War

2006-11-26     Swedish Teen Hacks Microsoft Zune's DRM and WI-FI

2006-11-20     Bush Travels to Iraq to Set New Course, Himself

2006-11-19     OJ Simpson, "If I did it, I'm the Sickest Son of a Bitch Alive!"

2006-11-13     Microsoft Zune Crushes Apple Ipod as Teens 'Stick it to The Man'

2006-11-12     Rush Limbaugh to Form Committee To Explore White House Bid in '08

2006-11-01     Why Rush Limbaugh Should Tell Michael J Fox To Go To Hell

2006-10-30     President Bush Joins George Allen at Dixie Chicks DVD Burning Campaign Event

2006-10-29     Rush Limbaugh Makes Tearful Apology to Michael J. Fox

2006-10-29     Bush Stumps For Party of Gay Bashing, Reckless Spending, Corrupt, Big Government Loving, Pickup Driving, Coors Drinking, Rush Limbaugh Listening, Pedophiles

2006-10-25     Republicans Sweep to Victory : Diebold Announces Midterm Election Results Early

2006-10-22     More Troops to Iraq After Midterm Election, Says Leaked Bush Plan

2006-10-15     George W. Bush Signs Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert 08 Petition

2006-10-14     North Korea Backs UN Action Against Nuclear Armed Mad Man

2006-10-06     Bush Orders Arrest of Bob Woodward, Author of State of Denial

2006-09-24     Osama bin Laden Dead After Eating E.coli Tainted Spinach

2006-09-19     George W. Bush Demonstrates Torture Methods to Convince Republican Lawmakers

2006-09-11     Bush Enjoys 5k Fun Run with Fidel Castro After Stressful 911 Anniversary

2006-09-09     Bush To Announce Capture of Osama Bin Laden on 911 Anniversary

2006-08-28     Bush Travels to Alaska to Survey Katrina Recovery Efforts

2006-08-25     Fire Proof IPants are Hottest Apple Laptop Accessory

2006-08-24     Fidel Castro Has Died

2006-08-13     Joe Lieberman's Ego Breaks it's Moorings and Destroys Rural Connecticut

2006-08-10     Air Lines to Sell "Secure Water" by Spensive in Wake of Heathrow Bomb Plot

2006-08-09     Clothing Banned from Air Planes in wake of Heathrow Liquid Bomb Plot Discovery

2006-08-06     Taking Candy From Babies is Good for America

2006-08-04     Bay of Pigs Vets Launch Invasion of Fidel Castro's Cuba

2006-07-06     It's Official: John C. Dvorak has changed his name to Dvorak.org/blog

2006-07-05     Apple Makes Surprise Release of new Ipod: Pico

2006-06-27     Republicans Savage Iraq War Commander General 'Cut and Run' Casey.

2006-06-18     Ann Coulter Denies Sexual Relationship With Terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

2006-06-01     Haditha Marines Ordered to Take Sensitivity Training Classes

2006-05-21     High School Republican Shadow Congress Votes to Impeach Bush Over Tax Hikes

2006-05-15     George W. Bush Orders National Guard to join Delta Force, Navy Seals and NSA Agents in guarding Mexican border.

2006-04-12     Presidential Pants Burst into Flames

2006-04-03     Tom Delay Leaves Congress to Run For Presidency in 2008

2006-03-26     Tom Cruise to Take Over for Saddam Hussein in War Crimes Trial

2006-03-23     We Didn't Take Pentagon Money!

2006-03-15     Katherine Harris Admits to Sean Hannity and That Other Guy- "I Stole the 2000 Election for George W. Bush"

2006-03-14     Bush Takes Break During Mars Trip to Give Positive Assessment of Iran-Iraq War

2006-03-13     Bill O'Reilly Bursts a Vessel and Orders Hit on Keith Olbermann and 'Mike from Orlando'

2006-03-12     Bush Blasts Pentagon Leak of Iran War Plan "The Big Right Turn"

2006-03-07     Rumsfeld Staffer Caught Changing Wikipedia Definition of 'Civil War'

2006-03-05     Bush Approves Sale of Statue Of liberty and Mount Rushmore to Iran in Exchange for Freeze of Nuclear Programs

2006-02-07     Bush 2006 Federal Budget Joins A Million Little Pieces in Fiction Section

2006-01-29     Bush State Of the Union Practice Tape Leaked

2006-01-28     Bush State of the Union Speech Leaked: President Reconsiders Support for Arab Democracies

2006-01-25     Department of Homeland Security Announces 2006 Election Terror Alert Schedule

2006-01-20     Dick Cheney and Osama bin Laden Attack American Democracy

2006-01-15     Samuel Alito Withdraws from Supreme Count Consideration, Bush to Take His Place

2006-01-10     Tom Delay and Jack Abramoff Announce Presidential Bid

2006-01-05     White House Demands Time Magazine Kill GOP/Abramoff Cover Story

2005-12-30     Microsoft Makes Zero Day Exploit Recommendation: Buy a Mac

2005-12-27     George W. Bush Announces Plan to Run for Third Term in '08

2005-12-24     The War On Christmas is Over, Christmas City Falls to Rebel Forces

2005-12-21     Dick Cheney Rushes Home to Cut Spending on Social Programs To Save America

2005-12-19     Unconfirmed Sources Disappoints 1 Million Visitors

2005-12-18     Bush Speaks Candidly about the NSA, Guantanamo Bay and the Patriot Act

2005-12-16     Whatever You Do, Don't Read This Story Which is Critical of the NSA and George Bush

2005-12-14     Presidential Speech Writer Falls Asleep During Bush Iraq Address

2005-12-10     Big Box Retailers Announce Plan to Destroy Christmas

2005-12-09     Rice Welcomed Home by Protesters Angered by Outsourcing of Torture Jobs

2005-12-07     George W. Bush Blames Mom for Troubles in Iraq

2005-12-04     Bush Returns from Secret Visit to Narnia After Meeting with Aslan

2005-12-01     'The Armed Conflict Formerly Known as The Iraqi Insurgency' Rages On

2005-11-30     Iraqis Praise Bush Strategy for Victory in Iraq and Look Forward to a Full Fledged Civil War

2005-11-26     George W. Bush Denies Secret Plot to Bomb Al-Jazeera, CBS, NPR, and CNN

2005-11-22     Congressional Democrats Murtha, Biden, Ried, Pelosi, and Others Grow Backbones!

2005-11-21     White House Releases Approved Debate Topics For Iraq War

2005-11-18     House GOP Seeks Quick Vote on Plan to Recall John Murtha To Active Duty In Iraq

2005-11-18     Vice President Dick Cheney Makes Campaign Stop For Grimm Reaper

2005-11-17     Bob Woodward Exposes More White House Links to Valerie Plame Leaker

2005-11-13     Dover PA Destroyed by God's Wrath Over Intelligent Design Vote

2005-11-13     Bush Defends War for Millionth Time During Veteran's Day Speech

2005-11-07     George W. Bush Launches Global War on Torture

2005-11-06     Karl Rove to Lead Mandatory White House Ethics Refresher Course

2005-11-04     Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito Orders Changes to Court Building

2005-11-02     Secret CIA Detention Facility Goes Missing

2005-10-30     George W. Bush Nominates Dr. James Dobson to Supreme Court

2005-10-30     George W. Bush Announces Rightward Shake Up at The White House; Brings in Dobson, Falwell, and the 12 Apostles

2005-10-28     Dick Cheney Comes Clean to Save Lewis Libby From Indictment

2005-10-27     Fitzgerald Bombshell Rocks Washington, Rove, Libby, and Cheney Are off the Hook

2005-10-25     Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald Announces No Indictments for Rove and Libby in Plame Case

2005-10-24     George W. Bush Refuses to Release Documents or Harriet Miers's Name to Senate Judiciary Committee

2005-10-24     Hurricane Miers Batters George Bush's White House

2005-10-21     Bush and Miers Visit Cancun to Survey Hurricane Wilma Destruction

2005-10-20     Autographed Tom Delay Mug Shot Goes for 56K on Ebay

2005-10-19     Rove, Libby, Meirs, and Cheney appear on Leaked list of Upcoming Bush Pardons

2005-10-18     Lewis "Scooter" Libby Agrees To Take Fall for Dick Cheney Over Valerie Plame Affair

2005-10-15     Karl Rove Arrested, is the President Next?

2005-10-14     Insurgency Ends as Iraqis Vote On Constitution

2005-10-13     George W. Bush Reveals Avian Flu is Iraqi Al Qaeda Plot

2005-10-12     Air Force Bombers called in to Serve Indictments in Washington D.C.

2005-10-11     Real Networks Outwits Microsoft to Become The Official Media Player In Hell

2005-10-10     Rapture Index Spikes as Hurricanes, Bird Flu, Wild Fires, Floods, and Earth Quakes Lash the Earth

2005-10-05     Bush Picks White House Janitor To Run Department of the Interior

2005-10-03     America Loves George Bush's Best Gal Pal Harriet Miers

2005-10-03     Conservatives Flee Republican Party In Protest Over Bush Nomination of Gal Pal Harriet Miers to The Supreme Court

2005-10-02     George W. Bush Gets Tom Delay onto Supreme Court with Recess Appointment

2005-09-28     Framing Tips for Your Copy of Tom Delay's Bill Of Indictment

2005-09-26     George W. Bush Declares Cindy Sheehan an Enemy Combatant

2005-09-22     George W. Bush Leads Texas Air National Guard in Attack on Hurricane Rita

2005-09-20     Tivo Network Gains Consciousness

2005-09-18     Grandkids Agree to Pay For Katrina Reconstruction

2005-09-16     Chillicothe Ohio Gives Up it's Nukes: State and Federal Officials Heave Sigh of Relief

2005-09-13     It's Official: The FBI Reads Unconfirmed Sources

2005-09-12     George W. Bush Returns to New Orleans and Goes Fishing

2005-09-11     George W. Bush Cleans House At FEMA, Fires Top Four Officials

2005-09-09     FEMA Head Michael Brown Rushes to Washington to Organize Sock Drawer

2005-09-05     Al Qaeda Planning Cell Discovered Inside FEMA

2005-09-05     George W. Bush Returns to Gulf, National Guard Mobilizes to Provide Good Pictures

2005-09-04     Bush Awards FEMA Head Michael Brown The Presidential Medal of Freedom

2005-09-03     George W. Bush Blasts FEMA's Response To New Orleans Hurricane Disaster

2005-09-01     National Guard too Busy to Help Hurricane Victims in New Orleans

2005-08-30     Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher Declares Himself King

2005-08-28     Hurricane Katrina Destroys New Orleans, George W. Bush Goes on a Bike Ride

2005-08-26     Miss America Pageant Moves to Iraq as part of FOX News Broadcast Deal

2005-08-24     Pat Robertson Rushed to Hospital

2005-08-23     Pat Robertson Extradited To Venezuela To Face Terrorism Charges

2005-08-22     White House Poll Finds 142% of Americans Support George W. Bush's Iraq War Policies

2005-08-21     A little Thank You Note to My National Security Agency Web Threat Algorithm

2005-08-17     Former Gaza Settlers Find Sympathy for Palestinians in Wake of Forced Evacuation

2005-08-17     Ohio Governor Bob Taft Locked in Armed Stand-Off With Police

2005-08-17     Chuck Terzella Got It All Wrong Again

2005-08-13     U2 Will Play Free Concert in Crawford Texas to Honor Cindy Sheehan

2005-08-12     George W. Bush Joins Cindy Sheehan to Protest Iraq War

2005-08-10     Cindy Sheehan Wounded During Arrest By Bush Secret Service Team and FBI

2005-08-05     News Flash: Bob Novak Video Clip Shows His Cuddly Side

2005-08-04     My FBI File Is Thicker Than Yours!

2005-08-03     NASA Pulls the Plug: Space Shuttle Program Cancelled

2005-08-02     George Bush Excommunicates Senator Bill Frist From Republican Party Over Stem Cell Research Reversal

2005-07-30     World Welcomes Bush's Recess Appointment of John Bolton to The United Nations

2005-07-28     Great White Shark Lunches on Mythbusters Host Jamie Hyneman

2005-07-27     Ranchers Use Sensitivity Training to Fight Mad Cow Disease

2005-07-26     White House Quietly Launches Karl Rove Legal Defense Fund

2005-07-24     Christopher Cox is an Excellent Choice to Head SEC

2005-07-22     House Renews Patriot Act

2005-07-18     George W. Bush Raises Ethical Standards in Wake of Karl Rove Valerie Plame Affair

2005-07-17     George W. Bush Fires Karl Rove Over Plame Affair

2005-07-14     George W. Bush Names Karl Rove V-VP

2005-07-10     Karl Rove Comes Clean on Valerie Plame Affair

2005-07-07     President George W. Bush Rushed to Hospital During G8 Summit

2005-07-06     Blair Blames Self for London Bombings

2005-07-04     Karl Rove Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom For Defending Identity of Valerie Plame

2005-07-02     America Needs more Bullies!

2005-07-01     George W. Bush Appoints John Bolton to Replace O'Connor On Supreme Court

2005-06-29     U.S. Army Smashes Records as Young Republicans Rush to Enlist

2005-06-28     George W. Bush Says Iraqi Troops are Better Than Ours

2005-06-27     Draft of Bush Iraq Speech Leaked

2005-06-26     Iraqi Insurgency Crippled By High Gas Prices and Used Car Shortage

2005-06-23     Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows Presidential Potential as His Approval Ratings Fall to 37%

2005-06-21     Dick Durbin Apologizes to Nazi, Soviet, and Vietcong Torturers

2005-06-20     California Earthquakes Caused By Republican Party Operatives

2005-06-19     Jeb Bush Launches Probe into Schiavo Collapse and President Lincoln's Assassination

2005-06-16     George W. Bush Needs a Place to Do Illegal Things for God and Country: He Needs Guantanamo Bay

2005-06-15     Angelina Jolie Is Most Requested Father's Day Gift

2005-06-14     Michael Jackson Celebrates Acquittal By Having Sleepover With Members of Jackson Juniors Fan Club.

2005-06-07     Newsweek Retracts Retraction of Quran Desecration Story, George W. Bush Renews Subscription.

2005-06-05     George W. Bush Announces Arrest and Deportation of Anti-US Iraqis. All 26 Million of Them.

2005-06-01     58 Billion Deep Throat Jokes And Counting

2005-05-29     Scrapbooking Popular Among Iraqi Insurgents

2005-05-28     Geezer Sex, Viagra, and Pre-Marital Sex Cause Blindness, Duh!

2005-05-26     Department of Home Land Security Declares Washington D.C. "Irony Free Zone"

2005-05-22     George W. Bush Fires Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld Over Leaked Saddam Pictures

2005-05-20     Newsweek Shatters Bond of Trust Between George W. Bush and Arab World

2005-05-17     George W. Bush Signs Quran Protection Act and Blasts Newsweek

2005-05-15     More Good News From Iraq: American Torture Chambers Much Better than Saddam's

2005-04-25     Ann Coulter to Play Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith: Hayden Christensen Is Just Not Mean Enough.

2005-04-23     Republicans Go For 'Nuclear Option' and 'Final Solution' in Senate

2005-04-21     Connecticut Legalizes Civil Unions for Gays and is Immediately Destroyed By Fire and Brimstone

2005-04-20     Bush Signs Bill Outlawing Bankruptcy: Poor People Rejoice

2005-04-19     John Bolton Sings Micheal Bolton to Senators At Nomination Hearing

2005-04-18     Satire Sites Stock Prices Surge as George W. Bush Holds More Press Conferences

2005-04-15     White House Insider Leaks President George W. Bush's Autobiography: The Power of Denial, The Life of George W. Bush

2005-04-12     How to Overthrow The U.S. Government In 5 Easy Steps

2005-04-08     43% of Americans Believe that Tom Delay is an Evildoer

2005-04-07     George W. Bush Belatedly Orders Flags to be Flown at Half Staff for The Ayatollah Khomeini.

2005-04-04     Thanks Pope John Paul, Now Lets Buy Some More Tanks and Bombs

2005-04-01     John Ashcroft is on Short List to Be The Next Pope

2005-03-30     Congress Passes Teri Shavio's Law Outlawing Death

2005-03-30     Get Your Own Living Will For Free and Tell Tom Delay to Take a Hike

2005-03-26     George W. Bush and Top Republicans Apologize for Exploiting Schiavo Family's Suffering for Political Gain

2005-03-24     National Rifle Association Demands Tighter People Control Laws in Wake of Red Lake High School Shootings

2005-03-22     North Korea Has Nukes That Can Reach New York and Los Angeles

2005-03-19     Congressional Leaders Vow To Continue To Meddle in Schiavo Case: Tom Delay says "We have absolutely nothing better to do."

2005-03-16     George W. Bush Appoints Charles Manson to Lead Office for Victims of Crime

2005-03-15     Why Did We Bother to Liberate Italy From Hitler Anyway?

2005-03-14     Karen Hughes and George W. Bush Host Pig Roast For Arab Leaders

2005-03-12     Syrian President Bashar Assad Demands George W. Bush Pull Out of Iraq.

2005-03-10     Why Torturing, Beating and Disappearing People is Good For America.

2005-03-09     MythBusters Accidentally Annihilate Southern Ohio!

2005-03-02     The Real Ten Commandments From the Mighty Hands of George W. Bush

2005-02-27     Academy Awards Results Leaked: George W. Bush Wins Best Actor!

2005-02-25     George Bush And Vladimir Putin Agree: Democracy is for Losers!

2005-02-17     Fox News Sues White House to Get $200 Million in Payoffs!

2005-02-13     Chillicothe Ohio Gets The Bomb!

2005-02-09     Why Nuking Iran is a Very Good Thing

2005-02-05     Government Printing Office Runs Out of Red Ink While Printing 2005 Budget!

2005-02-02     The State Of The Union: Translated

2005-01-31     NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Feature Four Nuns Playing Canasta!

2005-01-26     New Alberto Gonzales Terror Memo: "Don't Get Caught, Ya Big Dummies!"

2005-01-22     Text of Bush Inauguration Speech Leaked: Freedom in the Fine Print.

2005-01-20     Big Business Renews Lease of US Government As Inauguration Day Festivities Kick Off!

2005-01-19     Florida Judge Orders Bibles to Carry Anti-Creationism Sticker!

2005-01-18     CBS News' Reputation Now As Good As Fox's!

2005-01-16     Middle East Calms as George W. Bush Denies Accountability For The Iraq Mess And Blames The American People!

2005-01-15     President Fires Spokesmen Scott McClelland, Hires Avery Ant!

2005-01-11     White House Installs Presidential Medal of Freedom Vending Machine!

2005-01-09     Rumsfeld Iraq Memo to President Bush: Failure is an Option- But Don't Worry It's Not Your Fault.

2004-12-30     George W. Bush Cancels Inauguration Day Festivities to Donate Money to Tsunami Relief Efforts!

2004-12-24     Santa Claus Gets GPS For Christmas, Fires Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, And Pays For It!

2004-12-22     "Iraq is a quagmire and we are never getting out!" Admits Donald Rumsfeld.

2004-12-22     Widespread And Pervasive Prisoner Abuse By U.S. Military Found to be Isolated Events!

2004-12-21     George W. Bush Awards Scott Peterson With Presidential Medal Of Freedom!

2004-12-20     Time Magazine Named Corporate Suck Up Of The Year!

2004-12-19     "Merry Christmas! Or We'll Give It To You In The Neck!"

2004-12-13     Sponsor a U.S. Military Humvee For Only $1395 a Day!

2004-12-09     Donald Trump, You're Fired!

2004-12-08     Bob The Builder Is Missing In Iraq, Presumed Dead!

2004-12-06     George W. Bush Appoints the 12 Apostles to His New Cabinet!

2004-12-03     Drunken Sailors Run Amok on Capitol Hill: Pass Budget!

2004-11-29     Stuart Smalley to Aid CIA!

2004-11-28     Sears and Kmart Try To Corner The Failing Retail Stores Market!

2004-11-25     George W. Bush Hires More CIA Analysts To Ignore and Blame!

2004-11-22     Tom Delay Makes Plans to Telecommute from Texas Jail!

2004-11-12     George W. Bush and Dick Cheney Star in Remake of Thelma and Louise!

2004-11-11     New Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Promises to Investigate Himself and George W. Bush!

2004-11-08     American Troops Entering Fallujah Iraq Are Showered with Flowers and Savory Middle Eastern Treats!

2004-11-06     Cheeky Frogs Demand Return of Statue Of Liberty After Re-election of George W. Bush!

2004-11-04     George W. Bush Victory Sparks Crisis at Mexican and Canadian Borders!

2004-11-01     Osama Bin Ladin Campaigns With John Kerry During Final Push To Defeat George W. Bush!

2004-10-31     Dick Cheney Appears in Video Remix Of Eminem's Mosh!

2004-10-30     Post Election Strategy Leaked: George W. Bush Will Refuse to Concede Election!

2004-10-29     CIA Confirms: Karl Rove is American Al-Qaeda!

2004-10-28     Gallop Releases New Battle Ground Poll: John Kerry Wins Dog Vote by 34%!

2004-10-27     Terrorist Fighters Loyal to Dailykos Captured in Iraq!

2004-10-27     George W. Bush Begs United Nations and Carter Center to Monitor Florida Voting!


Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.