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Chuck Terzella

Senior Writer for Unconfirmed Sources.......... Some Reader Comments:............... BB wrote: Is this really satire or is it the manifestation of an uncanny ability to glimpse into the collective mind of those who unknowingly raze this country under the guise of MCROW (my country right or wrong) patriotism?........... Harry Vélez Quiñones wrote: Wish the mainstream media were calling it like you are........... I only wish this (article)was TRUE! Thanks for the moment!............ San Franciscan wrote: You're a computer illiterate, MILDLY funny, Eastern liberal. Stay away from our affairs!.......... Linda Wiedmann wrote: I'm also from San Franciso (sic.)… do us a favor. DON'T move here. We are a city of thinking and talented people. You have all but two of those qualities................. mickey wrote: Now ya got it, W :) too funny ................ Joe Legnard wrote: Your site…. is devisive (sic.) and toxic to this country. ............ An-nudder-udder reader wrote: R u a acting like a dumbass or are u a natural? Did u even go 2 community college?...... A. Reader wrote: If you can't say unfunny, just say Terzella.

Chuck Terzella 's Stories

2012-06-30     John Roberts: I'm Sorry I Said That

2012-06-25     SCOTUS Immigration Law Decision Inadvertently Gives Entire State Of Arizona To Cesar Millan

2012-06-25     OMG, It's An Election Year!

2011-11-01     GOP Election Update- Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011-10-30     Election 2012 Updates: Herman Cain To "Dial Back" Campaign- Rick Perry To Avoid Future Debates

2011-10-21     Harold Camping's Family And Followers Show They Have A Sense Of Humor

2011-10-19     Candidate Conspicuous By His Absence From Las Vegas GOP Debate. (Update One- 10-19-11).

2011-10-18     New GOP Candidate Rises Past Cain And Romney In Latest Polls

2011-09-06     America Under Two And A Half Years Of Barack Obama- What Went Wrong?

2011-09-05     The GOP 2012 Line-up- Ya Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard

2011-08-24     Welcome To The Westcott Nation, Syracuse New York

2011-04-05     Martin Luther King And What His Death Meant To Me...Lessons Learned

2011-03-30     Ronald Reagan Shot On This Day Thirty Years Ago

2011-03-25     Raidometer for Sale (Batteries Not Included) Or Not

2011-03-23     Tweets You Should Be Following In The Middle East

2011-03-23     Guinea Attempts To Confiscate Wener Karl's Money- Rafi.q.Musa To The Rescue!

2011-02-27     Charlie Sheen's Unclean, Moammar Gadhafi's Mean And The Madison, Wisconsin Scene- Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011-02-20     High Winds, Middle East Wins And Billy Ray's Chagrin- Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011-02-05     Ronald Reagan At One Hundred...Crowds Gather To Witness The (Second) Coming

2011-02-03     Welcome To The Domino Principle And The End Times, Arab Style.

2011-01-27     Discovery Of Stone Age Tools Pushes Human Migration Back 100,000 Years

2011-01-25     State of the Union Address- Fistfights Break Out Over Seating Arrangements

2011-01-25     Rahm Emanuel Off The Ballot: The Cook County Machine Is Alive And Well And Living In Chicago

2011-01-14     Barak Obama, Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh...A Compare/Contrast

2010-11-07     2012 End Of The World Debunked! Buy Your Christmas Presents Early

2010-11-05     Candidates Begin To Stake Out Their Positions in 2012 Elections

2010-11-02     Election Day 2010- Welcome To Politics, Italian Style

2010-10-25     Ten Things

2010-10-24     Elections: Hey, Did You Know You Can Change The World Next Week?

2010-10-22     Whenever I See Juan Williams In An Airport I Get Nervous.

2010-10-21     Christine O'Donnell, Glenn Beck And CERN- Proof Of Parallel Universes Uncovered

2010-10-19     Mid-Term Election Up-Date. How We Got Here

2010-10-18     "Welcome back to Facebook! Let your friends know what you've been up to."

2010-10-17     Mid Term Election Update- Sunday, October 17, 2010

2010-10-11     Barack Obama And The Chamber Of Commerce Butt Heads On Hidden PAC Contributions.

2010-10-10     Meg Whitman And Carl Paladino By The Numbers

2010-10-08     There Is No "Tea Party Advantage" For Democrats

2010-10-06     Christine O'Donnell and Carl Palladino- Mid Term Campaign Updates

2010-09-15     Sarah Palin's Candidates Win Big, But Can They Use Use Her Winning Formula?

2010-09-14     A New Plan For Peace In The Middle East, Kashmir and Johnsburg, New York

2010-09-11     Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck Say Vote. Well, So Do I.

2010-09-10     Sarah Palin, Glen Beck And Terry Smith (Or How To Win The Mid-Term Elections)

2010-09-07     Let's All Help Barack Obama Fail

2010-09-06     Only You Can Prevent Barack Obama...Or Not

2010-08-27     God Says, "Don't Build The 'Ground Zero Mosque'...No, Wait A Minute..."

2010-08-04     Spinning California's Props (Or When Smart People Do Stupid Things)

2010-07-30     Florida's Charlie Crist Has The Right (And Left) Idea

2010-07-27     Afghanistan Leaks The Fog Of War

2010-07-26     Thank You, Daniel Schorr

2010-07-20     Some Prison Advice For Lindsay Lohan

2010-07-10     The Perfect Citizen Commits the Perfect Crime- Or, A Response To Ross Wolf

2010-07-09     Creating A Perfect Citizen

2010-07-07     Climate Change Investigation Really Proves Global Warming Isn't Real (UPDATE- 1)

2010-07-04     Twas The Night Before Independence Day- A Fourth Of July Love Story.

2010-07-02     Google News Changes Format- User's Ecstatic!

2010-07-01     RV News- One Man's Motorhome Is A Woman's Nightmare

2010-06-30     New Report Confirms Conservatives Are Responsible For Runaway Health Costs

2010-06-28     Sarah Palin Speaks At Norfolk Event

2010-06-27     How We Can Stop Illegal Immigration.

2010-06-25     Night Thoughts Re-dux. (Irving Plaza)

2010-06-23     Stanley McChrystal Learns A Lesson

2010-06-22     Late Night Thoughts

2010-06-20     Only You Can Stop Illegal Immigration...But You Won't.

2010-06-19     Election 2010- Deciding Who's Lying To You Less

2010-06-18     I Agree With Rep. Joe Barton's Apology To BP And Tony Hayward.

2010-06-07     Dilbert Creator Scott Adams Proudly Reveals What A Real Jerk He Is.

2010-06-03     Gulf Spill Update- BP Explores The Nuclear Option

2010-06-01     The BP Spill In The Gulf And Other Disasters. It's All Our Fault.

2010-05-31     Thirty Years CNN: On The Downfall Of Hard News

2010-05-30     Life During The Second Great Depression...Maybe Not So Bad.

2010-05-29     Barack Obama's Forty Days And Forty Nights

2010-05-21     Rand Paul Explains His Remarks To Rachel Maddow.

2010-05-11     Pope Benedict XVI Travels To Fatima To Address The Faithful

2010-04-30     Charlie Crist Shows An Independent Streak

2010-04-26     South Park- America's Last Bastion of Free Speech, Gets Redacted

2010-04-23     Tea Party Patriots Rebut Liberal Writer

2010-04-22     The Tea Party's Goal- Maintain The Status Quo

2010-04-19     GOP Reveals It's Strategy For Battling Racism And Barack Obama.

2010-04-18     Fox News Has A Tea Party- Your Reader Comments

2010-04-17     Fox News Warns President Obama - "Don't Squeeze Our Tea Bags"

2010-04-16     The New Protest- Would You Some Tea While You're Waiting For The Doctor To See You?

2010-04-14     The Centerist/Leftist/Marxist/Socialist/ Right Wing President (Or- How Obama Became So Well Loved)

2010-04-12     The True Cost Of Obama Care- In This Case, A Profit.

2010-04-11     Tea Party Members Issue Manifesto.

2010-04-03     Pedophilia and the Jewish Genocide- A Papal Comparison

2010-04-02     Ten Questions Every Good Conservative And Tea Party Member Must Now Ask Themselves. (By Wegman Waterhouse)

2010-03-31     Patriotism? How Dare You!

2010-03-30     Large Hadron Collider Smashes Protons, Universe Is Destroyed- Your Reader Comments.

2010-03-23     Healthcare Reform- Kill Bill, Volume Three

2010-03-18     Pope Benedict XVI's Open Letter Regarding The Sex Abuse Scandal

2010-03-14     Daylight Savings Time Begins Today, Spring Ahead

2009-10-15     Stepping Up (And Falling Down) On The Health Care Debate

2009-04-06     Quitting Cigarettes- Day 6 . The Leader Of The Pack

2009-04-02     Cigarette Taxes Smoker

2009-04-01     Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette...No Wait.

2008-12-21     Santa Claus Arrested In Giant Ponzi Scheme

2008-12-18     Travels With Chuckie

2008-12-02     Travelogue: Syracuse, New York

2008-11-26     Thanksgiving Travel...Step One

2008-11-25     The Cure For The Winter Blues is...Well, Winter.

2008-11-19     Hillary Clinton Wins By Losing

2008-11-14     Business News- Sun To Lay Off 15% Of Workforce (Update 1)

2008-11-13     Six Things That George W. Bush Wasn't Responsible For

2008-11-12     Sarah Palin- "It's amazing that we did as well as we did".

2008-11-11     Barack Obama Denied Security Clearance By White House

2008-11-08     Fixing The Financial Crisis- Kids Will Be Kids

2008-11-05     Barack Obama Makes America Proud, California Shames Itself.

2008-11-05     Testing Obama In Six Months? Try Six Hours- Russia Announces Missile Deployment.

2008-11-04     In A Letter Home, George W. Bush Reflects On His Presidency

2008-11-03     Election 08- The Final Day

2008-11-01     Obama, McCain Campaign Planes Collide - Ohio Still Up For Grabs.

2008-10-31     Today On The McCain Campaign Trail

2008-10-30     Pundits Applaud Sarah Palin As A "Player In 2012"

2008-10-27     I've Solved Your Financial Crisis. You Can Thank Me Later.

2008-10-24     McCain Says If His Grandmother Was Alive, She'd Be Sick Too.

2008-10-24     Barack Obama Makes Surprising Gains Among Former Bush Voters

2008-10-23     Sarah Palin's Campaign Clothing To Go To Charity After Elections.

2008-10-21     John McCain Jumps On Joe Biden's "International Crisis" Comment

2008-10-20     McCain Alleges Voter Fraud

2008-10-19     Ted Stevens And Santa, Tina Fey And Sarah Palin and Bush Gets A Backbone- Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs 10/19/08

2008-10-17     What If John McCain Wins?

2008-10-15     Counting Out Paul Krugman

2008-10-14     GOP Strategists Upbeat About McCain's New 'HOWDIK' Strategy.

2008-10-11     William Ayers: It's Time We All Come Clean

2008-10-08     Obama/McCain- Debate Two

2008-10-07     The Sarah Palin Show

2008-10-06     Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- Monday- October 6- 2008

2008-10-03     Sarah Palin...A Heartbeat Away?

2008-10-02     Sarah Palin, John McCain's Answer To Hillary Clinton, Debates Tonight!

2008-10-01     John McCain Blasts Results Of Surge, Obama's Prediction of Victory

2008-09-30     Rescuing The Economic Bus

2008-09-29     Crashes, Asses And No Passes- Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- Sunday, September 29, 2008

2008-09-27     John McCain Quietly Replaces Sarah Palin.

2008-09-26     John McCain Vows To Battle Budget Crisis Till After Friday's Debate...No, Wait.

2008-09-25     Judging John McCain

2008-09-24     Can John McCain Chew Gum And Work On The Mortgage Crisis At The Same Time?

2008-09-24     The Mortgage Crisis- Phase Two.

2008-09-23     Morgan Stanley As A Bank- How It Works

2008-09-22     Ben Bernanke Emails To George W. Bush Hacked From Sarah Palin's Yahoo Account

2008-09-19     Sarah Palin's Husband Practices For Washington By Stonewalling Probe.

2008-09-18     The Stock Market Crash...Would You Like An Umbrella With That?

2008-09-09     Sarah Palin, German Citizenship or Suicide- Tough Choice.

2008-06-17     Chuck Terzella Endorses Barack Obama

2007-12-23     SUNDAY NEWS ROUNDUP- December 23, 2007

2007-12-22     Yes Virginia, There Is A Real Mitt Romney

2007-12-22     Santa Claus Answers Your Letters

2007-12-21     I Support Mitt Romney For President, Figurative Speaking, Of Course.

2007-12-16     Hillary Clinton, Maybe No Longer Inevitable, But Still Preferred

2007-12-14     Rachael Ray's Recipe For Christmas Madness

2007-12-09     Transcript Of George W. Bush's Letter To Kim Jing Il Released

2007-12-08     George W. Bush Meets With Northern Irish Leaders-Fighting Immediately Breaks Out.

2007-12-04     In The Wake Of NIE Report, White House Adjusts It's Threshold For War.

2007-12-03     Russian Elections- Everybody's Got A Mandate.

2007-03-21     Barak Obama Denies Involvement With Hillary 1984 Video.

2007-03-16     GOP Issues New Racial Epithet Glossary

2007-03-15     Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses To Planning Pearl Harbor Attack, Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ, Mt. Vesuvius Eruption.

2007-03-14     Responding To General Peter Pace's Comments, George W. Bush Openly Endorses Gays In The Military

2007-03-12     The Unconfirmed Sources War Pool...Pick Your Date For The Invasion Of Iran. (An Interactive Article)

2007-03-11     Global Warming, Nuclear Attack And Alberto Gonzales ...Is America Ready For Crisis?

2007-03-09     In Response To Gingrich, Giuliani Affairs, GOP Issues Candidates New Questionnaire.

2007-03-08     Under Pressure, Ann Coulter Issues Apology For The F-Word

2007-03-07     I. Lewis Libby Email To George W. Bush Leaked

2007-03-07     I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby Detained at Dulles Airport.

2007-03-06     Finally, A Way To Win In Iraq

2007-02-27     Is America Ready For A Black Or Woman President? Wrong Question.

2007-02-27     Wall Street Tumbles After Writer Cuts Up Credit Cards.

2007-02-26     Dick Cheney Held As Material Witness In Kabul Bombing

2007-02-24     Sunday Fashion Report: How About A Little Hair Of The Dog?

2007-02-21     Barak Obama Becomes A Real Politician

2007-02-19     Russia Repossess Nuclear Reactor After Iran Fails To Pay On Time.

2007-02-19     Financial News: Al Qaeda Worldwide LLC Emerges From Chapter 11 Reorganization Stronger Than Ever.

2007-02-18     Ralph Fiennes Admits Being Victim During In-Flight Sexual Encounter

2007-02-18     Breaking His Long Silence, God Admits Responsibility For Iraq War

2007-02-17     Non-Cancerous Moles Removed From President's Face, But Protests Continue

2006-12-29     Saddam Hussein Is Dead- Another Special Day In Iraq

2006-12-24     Santa Claus Issues New Rules And Regulations Regarding Christmas Gifts

2006-12-17     The Christmas Letter 06: Seasons Greetings From Our Family To Yours!

2006-12-15     George W. Bush Recites 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'

2006-12-11     Seasons Greedings: Let's Keep Christ Out Of Christmas

2006-11-15     American Television Star Killed While Vacationing In Japan.

2006-11-11     White House Transcript of George W. Bush Phone Call Released: DATE: Wed., Nov 8, 5:00AM EST.

2006-11-08     Election News Roundup- (Post One)

2006-11-07     The 2006 Mid Terms...The Day After

2006-10-25     George W. Bush: "I'm Not Satisfied With The Job I've Done." But We Are.

2006-10-23     George W. Bush: I Never Said, 'Stay The Course, That Would Be Crazy.'

2006-10-16     Lynne Stewart: The Terrorist Ma Barker?

2006-10-15     George W. Bush Confidently Predicts Wins For GOP, Iraq and NY Yankees.

2006-10-12     George W. Bush: "Thank God, It's Not Our Fault."

2006-10-06     Does Mark Foley Represent Another Chance For Democrats To Screw Up?

2006-10-02     Is God Punishing The Republican Party?


2006-09-27     Afghanistan Declares War On Iraq: George W. Bush Orders United States To Fight Itself.

2006-09-23     Osama bin Laden Questions Report Of George W. Bush's Death

2006-09-23     George W. Bush Questions Reports Of Osama Bin Laden's Death.

2006-09-18     The Pope And The Prophet, A Cool Drink Of Water and Gang Warfare: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs 9/19/06

2006-09-16     George W. Bush And The World's Most Dangerous Game

2006-09-15     Unconfirmed Sources: "We Support George W. Bush On Terror Tribunals"

2006-09-03     Thank You, Steve Irwin.

2006-09-01     Scooter Libby: "What, You Mean I Lied For Nothing?"

2006-08-28     Taxing Native American Sellers...As Usual, Whites Want A Piece Of The Action.

2006-08-27     In The Wake Of British Airline Plot, Homeland Security Dept. Issues New Terror Alert List

2006-08-26     Increasingly, Americans Demand Bush Give A Timetable For Withdrawal.

2006-08-25     Texas Air National Guard Recalls George W. Bush To Active Duty: White House Says He's Missing.

2006-08-23     George W. Bush: His Upcoming '06 Mid Term Tour and Career Reviewed

2006-08-21     Today In Sports

2006-08-19     George W. Bush Finally Admits: "Iraq War Just A Joke Gone Bad"

2006-08-18     Satire And George W. Bush's Iraq: Sometimes It's Just Not That Funny

2006-08-17     British Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott Denies George W. Bush Insult.

2006-08-16     Nun But The Best

2006-08-14     Please Go Back On Vacation Mr. Bush

2006-08-10     A Look At The Terror Of George W. Bush

2006-08-10     Joe Lieberman: "Terror Plot Proves Ned Lamont Hates Our Freedoms"

2006-08-08     Joe Lieberman To Run As Bull Moose Party Candidate

2006-08-07     New Harris WMD Poll: 50% Of Americans Still Stupid.

2006-07-28     Why George W. Bush Should Stay The Hell Away From Tony Blair

2006-07-25     The GOP Songbook: George Bush Sings "My Favorite Things"

2006-07-21     Stem Cells, Terror Cells And The NAACP Is A Hard Sell: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs 7/22/06

2006-07-18     White House Embraces George W. Bush's Trash Talk On Syria

2006-07-15     I Took Your Civil Rights Away

2006-07-04     Kim Jong-Il Disappointed By United States Tribute Failure.

2006-07-03     Joe Lieberman: "If I Lose The Primary, I'm Going To Try And Destroy The Democratic Party."

2006-07-02     Childhood Obesity: An Unconfirmed Sources PSA

2006-06-27     White House Issues Warrant For New York Times Arrest On Treason Charges

2006-06-26     George Bush To Democrats: "You Cut And Run, I Declare Victory!"

2006-06-18     Senate Surprised To Find They've Voted Texas Out Of The Union

2006-06-17     Sunday Travelogue: San Francisco

2006-06-14     New Details Of George Bush Iraq Trip Released

2006-06-11     George W. Bush Elects To Bring Home Certain Troops from Iraq By November.

2006-06-10     Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Autopsy Results Released

2006-06-02     Gay Marriage Ban-President Says: 'No Gays For This Bush'

2006-05-24     The News On Pot Isn't All Black, Congress Fights For A Black and The Dixie Chicks Are Blacklisted: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs: May 25, 2006

2006-05-23     Citing Iraq Victory, George W. Bush Begins Troop Withdrawal.

2006-05-21     Alberto Gonzales Travels Back In Time To Fight Terror

2006-05-20     George W. Bush Fights Illegal Immigrants At U.S. Border.

2006-05-18     White House Announces New Additions To Bush Team

2006-05-17     Business Update: George W. Bush Signs Tax Cut Into Law, DOW Tumbles 214 Points.

2006-05-15     GOPTV Announces New Program

2006-05-14     What's An Archy Anyway?

2006-05-08     White House Releases Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Letter

2006-05-07     Border Collie Days

2006-05-05     Welcome To America: We Hate Your Guts.

2006-04-22     Hu Owns America, Scott McClellan Quits and Karl Rove's New Job...Weakened Review 4/23/06

2006-04-17     George Bush: Donald Rumsfeld Still In Office Due To Simple Mistake.

2006-04-15     Immigrant Memories

2006-04-14     Al Qaeda Issues Statement Of Support For Donald Rumsfeld

2006-04-14     Generals Plead: "Support Our Troops-Dump Rumsfeld."

2006-04-10     James Tobin Phone Jamming Case is Linked To White House- (Update One)

2006-04-09     George Bush: "Maybe It Was Iran After All" - Update One

2006-04-08     Ford's J. Padilla Steps Down, The WHO Steps Up and The New Face Of The NFL: Unconfirmed Sources Weakend Review- April 9, 2006

2006-04-08     George Bush's Role In Leaks Revealed...A Long Time Ago.

2006-04-07     Scooter Libby, Brian Doyle, Claude Allen and Tom DeLay…The White House Scorecard (Page :Four)

2006-04-06     Thoughts On Being A Good Republican

2006-04-05     After Resignation, Tom DeLay Prepares To Depart On Spiritual Retreat

2006-04-04     George W. Bush Occupies Wisconsin After Iraq Pullout Referendum

2006-04-03     Saddam Hussein to Seek Tom DeLay's Congressional Seat

2006-04-03     Americans Bemoan Tom DeLay Resignation

2006-03-25     After Hurricane Katrina, Ray Nagin's Plan For A New...uh, Orleans.

2006-03-24     George W. Bush Calls For Reasoned Discourse On Immigration Bill

2006-03-23     Bush's Plan For Victory: "Stay The Course- Head For Those Rocks."

2006-03-19     George W. Bush Admits: "Mistakes Were Made, And They Were Mine."

2006-03-17     George Bush Pushes Beef With Rice, The Bills Pile Up, Tom Cruise Balks Over South Park and Gray Wolves Are Blue...Unconfirmed Sources Weakened Review 3/18/06

2006-03-12     Senator Russ Feingold To Put George Bush Censure Resolution Before Congress

2006-03-10     Dubai Ports World To Take Over Management Of Abu Ghraib Prison

2006-03-09     New Buyer Emerges For Ports Control In Wake Of Dubai Pullout

2006-03-07     Tom DeLay-Texas Republicans Celebrate The Victory Of An American Hero.

2006-03-04     The Patriot Act, A Patriot Acts And Gets Sent Home, Bush Acts Patriotic and Gets Away With It...Unconfirmed Sources Weakend Review- 3-5-06

2006-03-01     Hurricane Katrina Claims Another One, All That Gary Glitters Is Not Gold, Anna Nicole Smith and The Troops Take A Poll…Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs: 3/2/06

2006-02-27     George W. Bush Trip Cancelled Due To Security Concerns

2006-02-25     Ken Livingstone Offends The Standard, The Sex Pistols Offend Everyone and Barney Fife Offends No One: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs-February 26, 2006

2006-02-24     United Arab Emirates Irritates, Katharine Harris And Bigamy, Small Of Utah: Unconfirmed Sources Weakend Review- 2-25-06

2006-02-23     Crazy Brits, Cute Chinese Girls And The Arabs Are Coming…Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs February 23, 2006

2006-02-21     Abortion and South Dakota: Will Roberts And Alito Legislate From The Bench? Republicans Sure Hope So.

2006-02-20     The White House Unveils It's New Drive To Show It's Support For Dick Cheney

2006-02-20     In A Strong Show Of Support, George W. Bush Assigns Dick Cheney An Important New Mission.

2006-02-17     Quail With Rice, The Olympics And Feverish Birds- The Weakend Review: 2/12/06

2006-02-16     In The Wake Of Dick Cheney Shooting, Republicans Close Ranks On Domestic Spying, Patriot Act.

2006-02-15     American Bar Association Asks, Is Dick Cheney's Shooting Of Harry Whittington Retribution For It's Stand On Domestic Spying?

2006-02-14     In The Wake Of Cheney Shooting, Gunfire Erupts In Halls Of The White House

2006-02-13     In A Bi-Partisan Gesture, Dick Cheney Invites Democrats To A Weekend In Texas

2006-02-12     Cheney Shooting The Opening Salvo In The Program To Keep Conservatives In Line.

2006-02-12     Phrases You Shouldn't Hear Much Anymore

2006-02-10     George W. Bush Drops A Bomb On Los Angeles

2006-02-08     George Bush At Coretta Scott King's Funeral: "Black Folks Still Love Me!"

2006-02-07     Phrases You Don't Hear Much Anymore

2006-02-05     Jason Robida, George Bush and Hillary- The Good, The Bad And The Angry: Unconfirmed Sources News briefs:

2006-02-03     In Speeches, George W. Bush Clarifies State of the Union Policies

2006-01-31     State Of The Union: George W. Bush Issues A Stern Warning To John Roberts, Samuel Alito.

2006-01-30     Chuck Terzella Editorial: Thoughts on Hamas

2006-01-28     George W. Bush's State Of The Union Speech: Domestic Agenda Released

2006-01-25     Donald Rumsfeld Disputes Latest Pentagon Report

2006-01-23     Preventing Terrorism: Public Questions Domestic Spying

2006-01-19     Wilson Pickett's Dead, The WHO's Back and Bin Laden Sings Again...Unconfirmed Sources Newsbriefs 1/20/06

2006-01-18     George W. Bush Disappointed By Supreme Court Right To Die Descision Saying: "I Feel Like Killing Myself"

2006-01-16     (Un) Managed Care: A Trip To The Doctors.

2006-01-15     Republican's Tap Former President Abe Lincoln To Lead The Party's Moral Rehabilitation

2006-01-12     When I Was The Hammer (The Tom DeLay Song)

2006-01-10     George W. Bush Decides The Best Defense Is To Be Offensive

2006-01-09     White House Editorial- Unnamed Source Speaks Out

2006-01-07     Why Are Britons Drinking Themselves To Death? It's The Money, Stupid.

2006-01-05     The Reverand Pat Roberstson Condemns Prime Minister Ariel Sharon To The Fire.

2006-01-04     Abramoff Plea Exposes The Lonliness Of Washington Life

2006-01-03     Revealing Himself To Be A Closet Democrat, Jack Abramoff Pleads Guilty.

2006-01-01     The George W. Bush White House: Flooded With Illegal Leaks

2005-12-30     Unconfirmed Sources 2005 Year In Review

2005-12-29     Inside The Bush White House: Aggression And Apology In Equal Measure

2005-12-28     Tom DeLay: The Hammer Refuses To Get Nailed

2005-12-26     Gas, Cash, Sticky Buns and George W. Bush Reads Your Emails: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs: 12/27/05

2005-12-26     Chuck Terzella Editorial: Thank You

2005-10-28     T. M. Elmo on George W. Bush's Short List For Supreme Court.

2005-10-25     White House Abandons Nuclear 'Bunker Buster' In Favor Of A Bigger And Better Bomb.

2005-10-24     White House Admits Hillary Clinton Is Source Of Valerie Plame Leak.

2005-10-21     Citing George W. Bush's Policies, Satire Writers Admit They're Superfluous.

2005-10-19     Rumsfeld Worries About China Nuke Build-up, Everyone Worries About Rumsfeld

2005-10-18     Tom Delay Atty: Evidence Of Guilt Is Proof of Innocence And Vice Versa

2005-10-16     Scooter And The Brain: Libby, Rove Still Targets

2005-10-12     George W. Bush's Iraq: A Cleft Stick Of His Own Cutting

2005-10-09     Citing Rift, God Says He's No Longer On Speaking Terms With George W. Bush

2005-10-07     Islamo-Fascism? George W. Bush Tries Out New Five Syllable Word for Terror.

2005-10-06     George W. Bush: "God Told Me To Veto Anti-Torture Bill"

2005-10-04     The Hammer, The Hammered, Harriet Miers and Sickly Grossbeaks: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- Oct. 5, 2005

2005-10-03     Chuck Terzella Editorial: Hi To The Guys In The FBI!

2005-10-02     White House Scorecard: Page Three

2005-09-30     White House Scorecard: Page Two

2005-09-30     Shocked Unconfirmed Sources Editor Kamal El-Din Admits: "It's All Lies!"

2005-09-29     Bill Frist, Tom DeLay and Treasonous Behaviors: White House Issues New Scorecard System

2005-09-27     Is Tom DeLay Guilty? Who Cares!

2005-09-22     George W. Bush Accidentally Stranded in Galveston As Hurricane Rita Approaches

2005-09-21     Fashion World Bands Together To Support Kate Moss

2005-09-18     Chuck Terzella To The Rev. Scratch Messiah, re: Hugo Chavez

2005-09-16     Despite George W. Bush's Sinking Katrina Polls, Hope Floats.

2005-09-15     Chuck Terzella Editorial: Terrorists Beware!

2005-09-11     Chuck Terzella Editorial: The Time Has Come

2005-09-10     Laura Bush Finally Admits: "I Married A Dope"

2005-09-06     George Bush Opens And Closes Hurricane Investigation: "It's No Ones Fault"

2005-09-02     In The Wake Of Hurricane Katrina,George W. Bush Addresses Trent Lotts Loss

2005-09-02     In Katrina's Wake, George W. Bush Vows To Fight Natures Terrorism

2005-09-01     An Open Letter To My Editors At Unconfirmed Sources

2005-08-31     George W. Bush Finally Admits: "It's The Oil, Stupid."

2005-08-30     Bush To Head New Orleans Rescue- Weren't Things Bad Enough?

2005-08-26     Republican Led Congress Refuses To Investigate Pat Robertson For Embezzlement

2005-08-24     Pat Robertson Stays Mum On Homosexual Charges

2005-08-23     Pat Robertson Advocates Assassination But Still Denies Cross Dressing Charges

2005-08-21     Japanese Get Diplomas, Bush Is Committed and Intelligent Design For IDiots: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs 8/22/05

2005-08-19     How Dare You Cindy Sheehan: An American's View

2005-08-17     Why George Bush Isn't Worried About Cindy Sheehan

2005-08-16     Chuck Terzella Editorial: Cindy Sheehan Loses The Battle But Wins The War

2005-08-15     Cindy Sheehan Update: Texas Patriot Drives Pickup Truck Through 1,000 Memorial Crosses.

2005-08-12     George W. Bush Makes Peace With Cindy Sheehan, Kim Can Kill Too And Albert Pirro Plugs His Wife: Unconfirmed Sources Newsbriefs 8/13/05

2005-08-11     Chuck Terzella Editorial: A Love Letter To Cindy Sheehan- Update One.

2005-08-10     Cindy Sheehan Scares George W. Bush, Kathleen Harris Scares Me, And Jerry Falwell Scares Everyone- Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- 8-11-05

2005-08-09     Chuck Terzella Editorial: A Love Letter To Cindy Sheehan.

2005-08-08     Cindy Sheehan Digs In As Feds Mull Over Attack On Camp Casey.

2005-08-07     As Cindy Sheehan Waits, Media Begins Search For The Perfect Gold Star Mother.

2005-08-06     George W. Bush Refuses To Give Up Vacation Time To Meet With Cindy Sheehan, Slain Soldiers Mom.

2005-08-03     Shuttle Adventures, Death Takes A Holiday, Intelligent Design For Idiots And Flour Bombs: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs-8-4-05

2005-08-01     George Bush Is Gods Fault, Bill Frist Is Sane Again And Tom Cruise Isn't: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs 8/2/05

2005-07-31     Doctors At Bethesda Naval Hospital Find Worrying Anomaly During George W. Bush Physical

2005-07-30     Chuck Terzella Editotial: A Trip to the Market

2005-07-28     Nothing Much Happened Today

2005-07-26     On Surprise Visit To Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld Kidnapped By Insurgents, Immediately Given Back.

2005-07-25     Evangelical Republicans Outraged at Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Knoll's Compassion

2005-07-24     White House Releases Complete Dossier on Supreme Court Nominee John G. Roberts

2005-07-22     Valerie Plame Grand Jury Calls Unnamed White House Source To Testify- Update One

2005-07-21     Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts Calls On George W. Bush To Fire Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

2005-07-20     George W. Bush, Cross-Dressing Low Moral and John Roberts: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs: July 21, 2005

2005-07-19     Liberals Delighted, Conservatives Dismayed At George W. Bush's Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts

2005-07-17     Scooter Libby Leaks As Well- Update One

2005-07-14     Homeland Security To Terrorists: It's Okay To Bomb Trucks And Trains, But Not Planes.

2005-07-13     A Liberals Plea: Don't Indict Karl Rove or George W. Bush...Yet.

2005-07-11     Karl Rove Calls Me

2005-07-10     Chuck Terzella Editorial: The Bias by Us

2005-07-10     George W. Bush Points To London Bombings As Proof Of Success, God Comments on Hurricane Dennis and Judith Miller Jailed: News Briefs- 7/10/05

2005-07-08     In The Wake Of London Bombings White House Issues New Terror Alert: Update 1

2005-07-05     George W. Bush Clashes With Protesters At G8 Summit And Is Arrested. But That's A Good Thing.

2005-07-03     Valerie Plame and the Politics of Cooking: Update 1

2005-07-01     US/ Terrorists Talks: Insurgents Agree To Leave Iraq, America Will Use New Eminent Domain Laws To Re-Locate Them To Billings, Montana.

2005-06-29     Americans React To George W. Bush's Iraq Speech At Fort Bragg

2005-06-28     Editorial: Why We Must Listen To George W. Bush And Stay The Course In Iraq

2005-06-26     Western Leaders Express Concern Over New Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

2005-06-25     Army Invites Lawmakers To Surprise Visit To Guantanamo. Result: Surprised To Find Conditions Improving...What A Surprise.

2005-06-24     Editorial: Why Karl Rove Is Right

2005-06-21     George W. Bush Calls For Cash For Christians

2005-06-21     Go to Starbucks if you want a cup of coffee...and leave me alone.

2005-06-20     George W. Bush Asks: "Why Can't We All Just Get Along Together?"

2005-06-16     Editorial: Summer- A Time For Hot Dogs, The Beach and The Impeachment Of George W Bush

2005-06-16     George W. Bush, Brain Dead and Blind and The Downing Street Memo: News- June 17, 2005

2005-06-14     George W. Bush Unveils New Iraq Stability Plan

2005-06-12     Gulags, Organics, Horticulture and Walter Jones: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs, June 12th, 2005

2005-05-20     Editorial: What I'll Do On My Summer Vacation

2005-05-11     Bush Administration Takes Credit For "Curbing" Gang Violence

2005-05-03     Evangelical Sex, No More Wars and Hymen Occupied: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs, May 4, 2005

2005-05-02     Italian Bigotry Exposed in Checkpoint Shooting

2005-04-30     The Runaway Bride, Dead Italians and Social Security: Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs- May 1. 2005

2005-04-26     Bush Turns Down the Heat on His New Energy Policy

2005-04-23     George W. Bush Quietly Mulls Over Gasoline Rationing

2005-04-13     Unconfirmed Sources News Briefs: April 14, 2005

2005-04-04     Millions Mourn The Passing of the Pontiff...Mostly

2005-04-02     George W. Bush Gives Thanks As Deaths Of Terri Schiavo and Pope John Paul Move Attention From Rising Fuel Prices, Weak Stock Market And Intelligence Failures

2005-03-31     Support For George W. Bush's Social Security Changes Seen To Be Slipping

2005-03-29     GOPUSA Is Back In Business! Reporters Breath a Sigh Of Relief


Unconfirmed Sources political satire and news story parodies as represented above are written as satire or parody. They are, of course, fictitious.